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  1. The first picture is the SSH bagseed. Second picture with red crate is the SROG x4. 3rd pic is MOB, Skwalker ,GG4 in flower. 4th pic is a bunch of clones of all these 6TH PICK is a bunch of mob clones in cloner. Picture of seedlings are 2 x Starfihgter F4 from LEDSEEDZ and 4 x Alien Rift. The 3 5 gallon pots against the wallk are 2 Super lemon haze and 1 x MelonGum.. Mandeale 1 is mixed in also. Im also missing the northern lights crimson, forgot to take a pic. Oh also, i started to flower 5 x silverfields , 3 are females 2 are male. "Lucky" (the seedling i snapped in half but rerooted) was a female and is in a 5 gallon pot, the other 4 are in 1 gallon pots.
  2. So i was thinking of buying a 1000w kit to add to my 600watts i already have. I have an air cooled xtrasun reflector 6 inch. Is there much difference from the generic xtrasun 6 inch reflectors (kind of boxy) to the wider lower profile xxxl or raptor type air cooled reflectors? I only ask because the price difference is large,almost 100 bucks difference. Heck, the 1000 w kit with 2 bulbs hangers timer ballast and a batwing cost only $127. This would probably be my last equipment purchase for a while, unless i decide to try LED again.But with HPS so cheap i don't see that in the next couple years for me . Thanks for your time!
  3. Ill get some pics up this weekend. Been really bust lately. started flowering 5 of the SF and the 3 freebies in the title. Ive also got x6 salmon river ogs i popped. My rooms loaded!
  4. Sounds like a jumping spider.
  5. Can someone remind me what parents are in Jack Candy ? Whats it smell like? TY
  6. I think i will try this next time. I really liked the spongpots from sannies, but i dont have instant access to them like would the rockwool blocks.
  7. Me too. If you dont saturate them enough to start, you can get hard pack, making the seed grow in the wrong direction. Then if you overwater them its not easy to get the water out after the fact. I really liked the spongepots i got as a freebie my last order, those were great. Maybe Jiffy should make their cubes more cannabis friendly, hold less water to start
  8. Nice buds. Living in Maine, i finally just got some MOB also. When she gets old enough ill post some pics. I did just pop 6 salmon river ogs and 7 silverfields. I dont know much about the SROG.
  9. I think he gave them out almost a year ago
  10. I had read about a doctor in WV who prescribed Marinol to a trucker with a bad back for just that reason. The Marinol was way too powerful and not effective, but it gave him the cover he needed to beat the test. The unfairness of it all, that the most innocuous of "recreational" drugs takes the longest to get a clear test. Most of the nasty ones are out within a couple of days to a week at most. Wait till they start making it like dui for alcohol, ots already heading in that direction. From personnel experience i think there is a huge huge difference from ebing intoxicated from alcohol or from marijuana. I wouldn't even have to think, id jump into the guy that just got done smoking over the guy that had only 2 beers. But police wan t to be able to use this as a tool to trash peoples cars and people people voer for frivolous stuff. They dont want ot make weed fully legal without a prescription because it gets rid of the low hanging fruit of " I smell weed" they use for search warrants. ...pretty baked and im ranting! Have a good night. Great thread,ty Ill post later how an army recruiter (no joke) helped me pass a test when i was a teenager
  11. Couldnt you just shave and then wax your head (make it shiny)? Pretend you had a lice or something from a relatives kid.
  12. Thats probably a safer way than using fingers.
  13. Awesome! Any news on Sugar Punch? sannie Breeder Admin 3106 posts Gender:Male Interests:Strong creepy sativa dominant hybrids Country: Posted Today, 02:27 AM Herijuana feminized is back in stock again. Germ tests did great and I am sure lots of customers are waiting for this strain, enjoy ! It looks like the regular version will be ready in around two weeks. The SSH is looking good and the Sugar Punch needs another 3 weeks to finish, Sannie's jack is showing flowers and should be ready to pollinate in two weeks, Male SJ is showing first signs of flowering so everything looks good sofar. greetz sannie Ty OverLord!
  14. corners


    What kind of fabric pots with handles are those? Brand name? Ty Id like to try Bluniverse or salmon river og, or even pineapple fields some day Nice grow 1taproot. Just a safety tip, you should try and have your ballets not on the ground. A good rule of thumb is water below the waist, electricity above the waist. A little bit of spilled water could ruin your gear and possibly kill you.Sorry, didnt mean to go all morbid on you Gorgeous plants!!!!!
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