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  1. Are you planning to introduce these Sannie or is it a limited type production, something from a while back? Thanks.
  2. The sativas are somewhat related so probably not going to be definite which plant you have but the indica mix is three quite different breeds so I think those will reveal themselves.
  3. First off, brilliant idea. All of your sativas especially are virtuous- beautiful, powerful, enticing. But the difficult thing has always been which one or two to pick up. This offering from you removes that guess work and provides a nice sativa array. Your selection of indicas in the Indica Mix is great also and from all smoke reports gives the grower some real indica power medicine too. What amazes me about this offering is that for literally $100 with shipping any grower can have a full spectrum Sativa-Indica harvest of some of the most thoughtful and effective medicine on the planet. In my opinion, and I do study a lot of sites, this has to be one of the best offerings in the marketplace. A lot of other breeders sell some kind of mixed pack but they don't tell you which seeds are which. Are yours separated by strain or mixed in a single pack? http://www.sanniesshop.com/sativa-mix-p-752.html http://www.sanniesshop.com/indica-mix-p-751.html I really really hope to grow out my Anesthesia in the near future.
  4. Eskobar covers it on here somewhere and if I find it I will link but it is the elite Exodus x DJ's Blueberry and I believe around 100 Blueberry plants used in selection for the cross. Can't go wrong and might want to order the Cheeseberry Haze with it. Unbeatable genetics on this site.
  5. I am looking forward to hearing how the water cure turns out.
  6. Fuzz, your Cheeseberry looks fine. Is that Esko's? If so, please give smoke report on effects and feelings. Thanks.
  7. I bet it is DJ's Blueberry. As for which strain to choose, unless you absolutely have to make the choice between the two, my suggestion would be to invest in both plus a middle or slightly indica leaning stone like Madonna. CHBH has that up rocket fuel effect most likely, Cheeseberry might lean to the moderate sativa, and Madonna is just a nice solid stone from what I hear. In US dollars those 3 strains ship for under $120 and that is a steal, plus you get freebies... What a haul.
  8. Esko did use DJ's Blueberry in Blueberry Sativa and my impression is he was just telling us where the Blueberry line came from originally but did not mean the cut of DJ's BB used is Temple Flo.
  9. If you started flowering even as early as July 8th(first picture?) harvest this time next week aren't you at about 64 days? I was thinking your girl looks like she needs more and I thought LC is a 10 week strain. Maybe your plant is just so trich covered that it looks young?
  10. Sannie, is there a thread you talk about new arrivals? I would love to know. Thanks.
  11. I love The Seedfinder. Just out of curiosity, does The Seedfinder have all of these listed: http://www.onlinepot.org/grow/800straingentics.htm How do you continually find strains and accurate information about them to add or link to.... that is, what makes you decide that a strain should be added?
  12. Just received order #3, Star Kush f2. I'm actually happy they are the f2s so maybe they throw off distinct Bubba and Sensi Star phenos as well as the mixed. I've always wanted Bubba and SS anyway. This one should be good. Order #2 was Esko's Cheeseberry Haze!!! On shipping, I have noticed my orders arriving from Sannie faster than orders from Canada and Great Britain. Even when I send them to Sannie he receives them and notifies me they are on their way back significantly faster than other sites. Several times I've mailed same day to Sannie and other seed companies and Sannie's has been smoother and faster. Not to mention, it's a treat to receive Sannie's packaging- so cool. Thanks Sannie. the freebies are awesome. VH
  13. Need some soil recommendations because unfortunately I have very limited selection of soil or soil ingredients in my area. I want to use the buffer tabs so I only have to add water and not worry so much about ph. Does anyone think Fox Farms Happy Frog would be too strong a soil to use along with the buffer tabs? It is pretty hearty, not light. http://www.foxfarmfertilizer.com/products_soils2.html Light Warrior is pretty much peat moss and perlite. If I added only some worm castings and buffer tabs would it be enough? http://www.foxfarmfertilizer.com/products_soils3.html Happy Frog would be my first choice because I know it has so much nutrients but I am concerned it is too much especially if I am adding new soil every time I transplant to larger pots. I could use Light Warrior IF peat, worm castings, and perlite is a good full cycle medium. Thanks.
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