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  1. Greetings from the other side, Wiet. That delectable looking picture has me fiending for a taste of your grow. Keep up with the excellent work. You have clearly learned your lessons will over the past two years. Stay well, Chupa
  2. Thank you for your prompt response, OW. I apologize for not being more specific. Trust me. When I say that I DUG today- it may not have been quite as strenuous as your herculean dig, but it was 2.5 hours of straight shoveling. For this aging physique, that was enough. I'm not sore enough to crave soaking in epsom salt, yet, I'm too tired to budge from this comfortable seat. It may not be feasable for stealth, (I do not know, that's why I am asking) but I was considering using the seed which we already have - regular indoor/outdoor seeds. Early last year, I grew low ryder 2, auto ww, auto ice, auto bb and a couple more autos that I cannot think of presently. They were all grown inside and flowered fine. However, as you correctly stated, the yields were dissapointingly small. That is how they are made, but I want my pie, cake and ice cream - if possible. So, if I cannot become more creative, and if I commence the grow, I will use LST in combination with your suggested use of other plants or some other camouflage method. Thank you very much for your suggestions. @ Maverick - I certainly concur with both your olfactory senses and your note of the unusual and increasing spates of natural disasters The 'authorities' have definitely made a macabre mess of our environment since the dawn of the Industrial Age. After less than 160 years, we are reaping the harvest from avaricious money-mongers. I suppose in another 10 or 20 years, we will be purchasing bottled air. It sounds laughable, but so did the concept of wholesale purchases of drinking water only 30 years ago. I have the distinct impression that the 'authorities' believe that once they've obliterated life on the surface of the earth, they will colonize the oceans, Moon, Mars and beyond. Now that's a really disturbing pipe dream. Chupa
  3. I just got back in from digging, OW. However, it wasn't my guerilla grow, it was a community garden - 100' X 75'. I have an abundance of fenced land, but have a bit of trepidation because my two neighbors may just snitch if they knew. One of the neighbors are a houseful of MY relatives! Sad, because I have the perfect set up, and over 300 days of sunshine. If I decide to place a few or more outside, it will have to be low profile, perhaps some type of LST. OW, do you, or anyone else reading this, have any suggestions as to how I might go about creating a stealthy backyard guerilla grow? Chupa
  4. You're certainly not lacking any nutrients, GB. My girls and I LOVE molasses My Chocolate Rains have been growing HUGE! I topped them at one month. I will top them again in a week or two, then it's 18/6, 12/12, 10/14! You grow looks superb! But that is surely nothing new wtih your skills. Thanks for sharing, Chupa
  5. That will be a "dirty" grow, Mr. Dirt. I also look foward to experiencing it. I appreciate your (along with the Good Reverend) sharing it with us. Chupa
  6. Very nice work and set up, Dude! Please! Share EVERYTHING,especially the blue print for your set up! The first thing I noticed is how simple and clean it appears. It is s lovely ebb & flow setup TD, lovely. Keep up the excellent work. Your plants are looking OUTSTANDING! Chupa
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