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  2. Hey GreenAngel, Im glad your doing a Kolossus grow along side mine. If you have any input as our grows mature please comment. Grow well GreenAngel. Hey what's up Santero thanks for the props on my grow. I'm new to this Grow report thing but I'll be as detailed as possible. I've learned quiet a bit from other grow reports so I hope I can pass on some knowledge as well. If I leave anything out don't hesitate to ask. AWS1 I just checked out your Kolossus pics and wow man good stuff. If my colas don't come out that big ill just use your pics LOL. Joke. Thanks for checking out my ongoing report, man. ReverendMaynard what's up man I'm actually a fan of your man before I bought the Kolossus seeds I checked out your report and dude gosh dam those ladies looked amazing. I'm glad you found a keeper out of the 3 pheno types. Im very excited as well man, not only to be growing again but to have the privilege to grow this amazing plant. Stay high Rev. Kamut how's it going man? Kolossus sounds like a beast and I hope I do her justice. I have yet to try the Killing Fields and Sugar Punch but I hear great things. Thanks to everyone who checks out my report. This OG report is a work in progress for me which is fitting cuz I'm a work in progress as well, as grower and as a person. Ok now for a little update. I germinate 7 more Kolossus seeds 2 days ago and they are now in soil. Two seedlings have popped. Soon I will be setting up my grow tent 32''L X 32''W 63''H.
  3. Justcanna


    Wow. Those colas are huge man. You did a good job. Very nice grow.
  4. Those Girls are looking good man. I plan to follow your grow. Im sure you have good medicine coming your way with all your hard work. Stay Up OG.
  5. These are my Ladies (Kolossus). These Ladies are 12 days of age.I have them in an organic composted soil and a little bit of worm castings.70%to 30% ratio.I put them out in the sun in the morning. To get that Cali sun Shine.Then bring them in under a UFO LED light. Its as good as a 400 watts MH/HPS. I have grow under it before and it is as advertised, for veg. I have yet to use it for flowering. For Flowering ill be using a 400 watt HPS. If temps in my grow tent were to get too hot, ill try out the LED and see how it performs in flowering. That's further down the road tho. I plan to germinate 7 more Kolossus. Ill give them about 3 weeks veg then 12/12 time. Here are a few pics..
  6. Thanks for all your hospitality. Its nice to be among like minded individuals. .Thanks OG community.
  7. Nice looking grow. I hope to get mine started soon.
  8. Hi my name is Justcanna, I'm new to growing but I have been honing my craft for years now. I love to acquire as much information as I can on thing that Im passionate about. I started growing fruits and vegetables when I was sixteen with the thought in mind that it would be excellent experience and practice to growing cannabis and it was. Growing have me a since of fulfillment knowing that i helped raise these wonderful plants. The fruits of my labor also motivated me lol. Anyways I plan to start a couple of Kolossus and hopefully share my progress with u guys and girls.
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