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  1. Awesome to see you Buck! Happy Easter everybody.
  2. What up San, happy holidays my brother! Hope all is well with you and your family. Your generosity is always an inspiration. So guys the SFV78 was something I had made for personal stash. The truth is those seeds were made in a solo cup hempy. I ended up getting way more than expected and after talking to my friend in Australia I decided to send in some freebies. I didn't want someone to buy a pile of them for a fridge and figured if I made them freebies more people would get a chance to grow them. I thought the flavors and effects would complement each other beautifully. Some nice but strong citrus satty leaning plants I could dig through, enjoy, and possibly breed with in the future. I am most likely going to cross the SFV78 to Colombian Gold, and Oaxaca Gold lines. Maybe even hit it to the Mox, and some of the old Haze cuts if I get lucky hahaha. So many directions to go. Webeblzr, I can't thank you enough for the grow and show plus awesome reports. You made the journey worth the work!
  3. Killer thread my friend! San always kicking out great gear.
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