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  1. Jackberry X Mad Scientist (freebee)
  2. Link420

    Mad kush

    Grüatsi Saxo, been on the down low here but still growing strong. Hope that you are safe. That they would start cracking down on us growers here in Switzerland, I had seen that one coming for a while, that's why I've not been on here sharing my work with you. Watch out with the seed orders right now, they are actively looking for it and wont hesitate to knock on your door. But on a more cheerful note, some more MK porn!!
  3. Haven't been posting much on here as of late, but just had to chime in to this topic, since I've been experimenting a bit myself with the Rosin Technique. So far I have only tried the hair dryer method with cured bud, but intend to sacrifice a few fresh Huckelberry Buds come harvest time. I agree with everything that you say. There are huge differences in yield depending on strain, with the density of the bud being the biggest factor. Dense buds do the best, but strangely, for whatever reason, some strains, even though dense, will produce almost no resin at all. I have squeezed the following strains: Mad Kush, Chuckys Bride, Sugar Punch and Candy Kush. Chucky, Sugar Punch and Candy Kush produce almost nothing, a total waste of good bud. The Mad Kush however....now this is a different story, I get surprisingly big amounts of resin, a great strain for this technique. I have found that there was no advantage to using bigger buds. I got the best results with about .25 grams, thats about size of an american dime. I do 3-5 squeezes at 160°C (320°F), the first two squeezes about 5 seconds and the rest a little a shorter. One MK pheno produces shatter resin, very hard to remove from the silicone sheet without it flying in all directions. Another prodces much more gooey hash. Both are very tasty, I would say it can easily keep up with some of the good BHO I had in Colorado last summer. Is it worth it? Only if you find the right strain, just like Organic mentioned, don't get decouraged just because you got bad results from certain strains. Had I only tried to do this with the Chucky Bride or Sugar Punch, I would be claiming it a waste of bud and time...but the Mad Kush proves the opposite. With cured buds you are 5 seconds aways from a fresh, quality dab. But I hear ya Indi, when the jars get low, there is no way that I am squeezing my precious buds between a damn hair straightener. Would also love to squeeze me some fresh dabs right now, almost there...harvest is close
  4. Link420

    Mad kush

    On two phenos cold temperatures induced just a hint of purple in some of the buds, the leafs on these went a deep red/purple. Grown two packs now and have encountered a bunch of phenos, all amazing and keepers in their own right, but have never encountered the real purple pheno. The pics are from a while back, so beautiful this strain, my favorite of the shop
  5. Thank you man, I have no doubts that I will like the SP, just a few more days to first samples. The AH X CR is a beauty with some nice phenos. I had grown out a few of them before and wasn't that impressed, so I'm glad to have given these another shot. To think that this strain was a freebee, is just insane. You are getting an rare elite strain (Amnesia Haze), crossed with an amazing strain well on its way to becoming a "classic" (Chocolate Rain) for free. Only at Sannies, I tell ya. Here's what Esko had to say about the Amnesia Haze: These seeds are 3 years old, never have been for sale. I know what i give u. Everybody want this old soma amnesia haze cut from me, some offer lot of money. To bad, some things in life are not for sale. In all these 15 years, Soma lost his own cut, and did two new selections from later generations. This first cup cut he lost, he never found it back again. Some of these later cuts are drifting around with growers and also some breeders. So some speak the truth they use the Soma cut, but they dont tell everything, the year of that cut selection. The first cup cut is one of my most precious clones, it yields superb in a 8 week commercial cycle. The taste and smell is concentrated, comparing to all later versions. The indica is still in the genes. The extreme sativa some call Amnesia is a big joke. Amnesia without haze, came from Cananda, is mainly indica.
  6. fuck yeah, it loos great bro
  7. Another grow complete, with the Sugarpunch and the remaining Amnesia Haze X Chocolate Rain also harvested and hanging to dry. Both were taken down on new years, which makes it a total of 85 days,or 12 weeks, of 12/12. The Sugarpunch is probably at 11 weeks of actual flowering, while the AH X CR took longer to kick into flowering, putting it at about 10 weeks of actual flowering. Let me tell ya right now, every day and week that these girls needed was worth it, they are both heavy yielders with incredibly frosty buds. Enough talk, here's the photos just before harvest... Amnesia Haze X Chocolate Rain, with mostly cloudy and very few amber trichs. It could probably use another week of flowering, but I'm not about to run the 600w hps just for one plant. Besides, the yield is already great. The "beast" has very dense buds and will easily be the heaviest yielding plant of this round. Its trich production is also very impressive, only the smell is disappointing. Its mild, sweet, musky, and all together boring. Lets see how she progresses during curing... Sugarpunch! She way most definitely ready for harvest now, with mostly cloudy and some amber trichs. Yes this plant is impressive in every way, definitely something special. As seen in the pictures, it has massive buds, but they are not very dense. The smell on the other hand, its simply delicious. Hard to describe, but generally very sweet, a hint of fruit and god knows what else. Can't wait to cure and smoke this stuff, I'm already sure that it will live up to the hype.
  8. Happy New Year!! Sugarpunch to kick off 2015
  9. Merry Christmas everybody! Chocolate Cheese
  10. Thanks Madmaster, I hope that you can enjoy your holidays as well. The show goes on, another one bites the dust. The Chocolate Cheese at 77 days of 12/12
  11. Sugarpunch is a beast at 76 days of 12/12! She is a very impressive specimen, with huge buds, which aren't very dense, but still very heavy. A lot of branches can't handle the weight anymore. Checked the trichs and its mostly cloudy, some clears, no ambers. When you take a closer look with a magnifying loupe, it becomes pretty obvious why this strain is claimed to be so damn potent. The trich density is off the charts, really I've never seen so many trichs stacked together. Can't wait to smoke her, just one more week until chop.
  12. You're gonna be trimming for weeks! Very nice haul dude
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