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  1. Good to see you back, i hope in the best of health.
  2. Dont panic its organic Sure thing, every season has its reason.
  3. Thanx Cris received your mail
  4. Yes and surely already mentioned but look at my search results ;
  5. Feel so much more secure now ;_) thanks and yes the colours are getting used slowly..... Big up for more easier adding media herb in Kashmir Wild and free
  6. Thanx Chris up to 2018 year of the Ouzbekis
  7. Sure, but is a pity these 4 angola roja beans did not sproud any males in this case then.
  8. Brachypelma, this is some great news!
  9. No worries will work out fine, how harder the battle, sweeter the victory ;-)
  10. Haha maybe, but i rather hang my harvest to dry instead ;-)
  11. Sannie, any change for a return of the almighty K.O.k ush ?
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