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  1. Any update? I want to put an order in, but I am waiting on the Heri
  2. I see some plants labeled Herijuana. Gogo Sannie! Kinda sad though. I feel the show is put together badly and is actually a good deterrence to medicinal marijuana. I personally think the whole thing is silly and it should just be regulated like alcohol. All the people on the show are obviously full of shit most of the time. I feel this whole "movement" is going to backfire badly. It is awesome that it helps some people, it helps extremely with my PTSD but it is obvious that there is a lot of lying going on here. Although the people against medicinal marijuana so far are idiots as well. I dunno I just look at these people and they all look fake as fuck and remind me of Kim Kardashian some how. That is a bad thing lol. **I felt I should add something in case one of those fellas from the show reads this. It's not a personal attack, I just think the acting they have you do is stupid.
  3. They all have a different smell, but it is strong. If I did not have a carbon filter you would be able to smell it outside.
  4. Hello everyone. It is getting close to harvest time About to be eight weeks into flowering. I have four different phenos which makes my first grow.....fun lol. Since it seems like all four phenos are amazing I am going to crack one seed and just clone that and learn that pheno until I get it down perfect. Due to the fungus gnat issue(I have under control I believe) I want to make sure they are completely gone before I do anything else. The plan is to feed them nothing but PH 6.5 Water. Any opinions and advice is welcome as you can see there are some issues. The first issue being I overfeed and over watered them. I will use less nutrients, and I am using root pouches next time. I am debating using a different medium next time due to the FFOF having Gnats. My choices are FFOF, Just Right. I am going to add dolomite lime next time as well possibly. SP1 A little nutrient burn. The bushiest of the group. Smells Dank. Green. SP2 The purple/fruity lady. Sorry for the bad picture. I can not explain how much I want to just start eating this plant lol. It is amazing, and will quite possibly be the best smoke I have ever had. I am very, very, very, very big on my smoke tasting good. It can be super strong and have no taste, and I will not like it. As someone said in a previous post I think this is going to taste like cotton candy, it truly is the best way I can describe this plant. However it seems to want a large amount of Calcium and Magnesium due to the rust spots I dealt with through flowering. I have another purple pheno SP two weeks into flowering already exhibiting the same symptoms. I will post a picture when I can there is no good light to show the damage on the leafs. The buds look fine. SP3. The CLAW! It needs some support on side branches, I am hoping this is due to bud wight and not week stems. Probably both. That dark green is gone from the leaves. SP4 She smells a little fruity like the purple pheno, but she is a light green and coated like I rolled it in sugar literally. She has given me issues as well.
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    Vis SP

    Visidious's first grow. SP & Kol
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    From the album: Vis SP

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    From the album: Vis SP

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    From the album: Vis SP

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    From the album: Vis SP

  10. That's no bud that is a green light saber quit trolling us.
  11. To clarify I feed them 400-500 PPM's of nutrients this last round. Close to 420 I picked up Fox farms Sledgehammer and microbe brew. Ill do a flush with this next round I am thinking and add a little of that microbe brew possibly. I am not using this soil next time or if I do I am certainly not feeding it anything till I see signs of deficiency.
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    Fuzz you made my licks pucker.
  13. They have had those burnt tips forever. I have not feed them in 13 days, and when looking at them they seem hungry to me. I flushed them previously before that last feeding very much which I assumed took out the nutes already there(most of them) then I feed at 50% strength. This time I feed at 30% strength. You think I should stop feeding them this late in the flowering stage? Like the only nute burn I see are those tips, and the Nitrogen overdose from before, but the rest of the plant looks hungry, especially on that tall green one, lower leaves are turning necrotic and falling off. They are about 4-5 weeks. Right now it just seems I never should have given them 100% of the nutes, that and over watering early on seem to be the issue. I have never watered them the wrong PH. I use a meter and the test vial every time. I am afraid to let them go without nutes Especially knowing that I flushed them two weeks ago. Ill keep this updated. As always I really appreciate your input. Plus there is also the Cal mag issue that I wanted to stop before it takes its effects on the buds. I will give them straight water next time as I am suppose to, then the big question will be what to do after that. I will post pics and discuss it with you fellas/ladies. I have 4 kolossus and 1 SP a week into budding I will post another journal for that. I need coffee!
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    Frosty sexiness. Sugar Punch 4-5 weeks flowering.
  15. Sexy update time. I used the Mosquito Dunks and I have seen a huge reduction in gnats, and gnat larvae when I look through the soil. I just watered/feed them an hour ago. I used 1/3 of the recommended FF schedule and 1/3 of the Cal Mag plus. Things are looking good I think. My arms smell amazing just from moving branches so I could water them. I am very big on good tasting, strong marijuana and I am very picky and forward about it. This is the most amazing smell ever! I am very excited to smoke this. I just stopped feeding them Beastie Blooms and I am now using Cha Ching in supplement to Tiger bloom, and Big Bloom SP1 I just want to turn my head and start gnawing on this. I am so very tempted to pick a lower useless bud to get a taste, but I assume its useless to do so for a couple weeks. SP2 SP3 SP4
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    From the album: Vis SP

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    From the album: Vis SP

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    Plant3 distance

    From the album: Vis SP

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    From the album: Vis SP

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    From the album: Vis SP

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    Plant 4

    From the album: Vis SP

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    Plant 1

    From the album: Vis SP

  23. After close inspection I want to say my tall light green plant is a bright green pheno and my short darker one is a purple pheno. Not sure what the other two are yet. Only the purple and light green pheno have this same exact issue. I will be able to have better input in a week or two when pheno's are more pronounced.
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