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    Marijuana Horticulture, high altitude backcountry skiing, motocross/ motocross hillclimbs big sky hillclimb freak, old 500cc two stroke KX 500's, giant tuna fishing, surfing Northern Baja Mex, walking for miles stoned, not working, pain free days and of course "Moby Dick".
  1. Oscar Levant would be proud!!
  2. Chaco


    Part of my poppy garden this morning, place is banging out flowers.Hot and sunny weather are bringing on loads of blooms...
  3. Chaco

    Killing Fiels et All

    Killing Fields , Chem DD and MNS SSH in various lights....
  4. She goes about 80 days and grows real big!
  5. Chaco


    Yeah, they're hard to start up and they took a considerable time to really move out but once they're growing, they're beautifull plants.I have about 6 more flowers this morning from the same plant, just fantastic.Def nort as easy as growing and starting zinnias or maryjane but if you're patient you can grow lovely flowers.When the sun comes up they'll be just like a sunflower standing at attention.
  6. Been awhile since I've been around, I figured I'd come back swinging with this plant I just cut down.I've re-invented my grows to mostly vert and I'm doing another KF run this fall.We had such a huge run last summer with our cut, we're bumping her into a fall run.We had colas like license plates, but you all know that and you all know I'm a straight up fanboy of all Sannies work.I have friends I met here from the States I still keep in contact with via e-mail( and usps) This is an example of buds from our KF cut.It's one of the monster purple phenomenons.I searched 3yrs for this one.It'll compete with any high yielding plant while maintaining AAA quality.Smells like red wine and Jack Herer...
  7. Chaco

    Nevilles haze

    Number 1 Nevilles Haze fan checking in, very nice!! A good Nevs will cut through whatever you've been smoking all day, just when you thought you couldn't get high another time, hit the Nevs.
  8. Chaco


    I've some crazy poppies in my backyard, I started them from seed back when it was still frozen in March.Every damn one came up and now I have, well lets say quite a few.The seeds were totally easy to get and had about 100% germ rate. I have Danish Flag, Persian Blue, Persian White and Gigantum.I'd be stoked if anybody had any advice about how to handle all these things, they're beautifull, 1st flower today and many more to come.
  9. Nice work Bro, that chem shot , the 1st pic is beautifull.She is a killer, I like to roll her up in a joint mixed with KF, just sends ya' right to bed.Expertly done indeed!!!
  10. I think I hear Beck saying "Hell yes!!"
  11. Nice work Carper, the whole garden looks great.A few nanners never hurt anything really, most of the time they're sterile.Some of the best plants I ever grew from seed popped sterile nanners and she's still running strong, I just watch them dry up nowadays.Great grow and tons of buds in that nice tight space.Bravo!! How's the extrema, the bomb or what? I believe that cannabis in a natural environment produces herm plants in many indigenous varieties, most of these traits have been washed out by years in human hands...I could be wrong but cannabis will herm quite naturally if conditions warrant, yours is just a nanner spitter and that's nothing, I bet the plants are fantastic.I've grown many of Sannies stock and all were excellent to unreal!!
  12. She is a frosty one, does she smell like wine or berries?
  13. It's the D ya'll were right!!!
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