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  1. Here, follow this from SKunkpharmaresearch, I do all steps except the decarb process, I want shatter consistency so I skip that step. If you want oil, like RSO, then decarb. http://skunkpharmresearch.com/qwet-extraction/
  2. It's amazing how dumb people in America have gotten to release butane in the house for it to explode. I have some bubble bags that I have used a few times, but I guess I haven't gotten great quality from it yet. I got an oil rig for smoking it so I don't waste any. I smoked some of the dried bits that fell off while drying it, I must say it is something special, definitely had me in the clouds flying high and daydreaming. Couldn't really follow along with what was on tv. Ya'll are right, it's hard to put your finger on it, but I definitely like it. Can't wait to try Golden Tiger and Malawi now, since this is supposed to be the most "up" of the three.
  3. Sure can't compare the two, and most hybrids have been developed for fast flowering and high resin content. I hit a bowl of Zamal this morning, it certainly has potential, and can't wait to see how it is in two weeks. It caused a fair amount of pressure in my head and got me pretty high considering this is the first day it is staying around 60% rh. It was around two hours ago and I still feel it fairly well. I usually don't get this high from something that's just dry enough to smoke, it's at least as strong at this point as the Jack i'm smoking that has been in the jar about two weeks. I'm hoping that the Double Jam turns out better, out of three females, at least one should finish in a manageable time frame. One of them appears to be the JBM pheno, shorter and more of a christmas tree structure with wider leaves, the other two are thinner leaved and more stretchy. I have read many threads that the pure long flowering sativas sometimes need a few months cure to get past the hay smell and taste. This destroyer was smelling like wet grass or hay a day after chop, but quickly getting it under 60% in 3 days brought a more pleasant smell to it. That is a lot of hash to get. I have been making hash with pure grain alcohol, getting shatter consistency with skunkpharma method, and without the butane.
  4. Yes I have tried C99, not the Esko freebie yet, i made two orders so I have ten c99's, but I have done Female seeds c99 which says it comes from the bro grimm stock as well, and it is very good, most certainly in my top smoke of all time (especially when you factor the 7-8 week flower time, and I tried the X-line c99 they have which I like better (it has nev haze and something else in there. As Smilestyle said, C99 can't be compared to a pure sativa, although I haven't tried the Zamal yet, that Destroyer had an amped up feeling I've never felt before from bud, super clear headed but amped. I love C99, and will always do at least one a year, if not keep one around all year, and can't wait to have the room to start all ten Esko C99 at once to breed with.
  5. You're right, there isn't much on the commercial market that you can find with that trait in it, I have tried many that claim to be energetic, but weren't like that to me really. I believe that is what causes the get up and go trait is mainly a lack of cbd, but not completely. The Destroyer has a for sure get up and go quality. Will try the zamal in the morning if it is dry enough to break up and burn well.
  6. So do I, it's so hard to find some that gives you that kind of energy though, especially in something that doesn't take 18-20 weeks flower. The Destroyer I chopped went about 10-11 weeks, I was surprised as airy, gangly, and as many weeks as it took to show sex (took about 8 weeks) I thought it was going to be one of the 16 weekers I read about. The Zamal took another week or two longer than the Destroyer did. The Jack I started at the same time was finished just a few days ahead of the destroyer. I do have the Double Jam going also, had to start more because the first three were all males, now I see a confirmed 3 females of 5 more I popped. That energy weed is addictive, kinda gives me that opiate feeling rush of euphoria and energy that I love.
  7. Oh I can't wait months to smoke something. I can barely get have a few grams of one a couple months later if im lucky. I have been using my dehydrator to dry it out, found out after a couple years of trying to cure the way you read it should be (with the jar being opened a few minutes a day for weeks to months to regain the terps) because the humidity is too high to get a consistent dry. I have found that drying it quicker in the dehydrator keeps more of the terpenes in it, and doesn't get the hay or grassy smell to it like it did when I used the traditional method. So, basically now I have almost 2 week cured bud 2 weeks after the chop, which is where I have found is the point that I can truly get near full potential of the smoke. I have some Jack, Chernobyl BX fem's that I made, and a little cindy to hold me over until the Destroyer and Zamal get about two weeks in the jar. One of the few times I am lucky enough to have something to smoke while I wait a week or two, so I'm not wasting any by smoking while it is low potency. I have read that many of the strains from Ace need a good cure to bring out the best in them, I'll have to stick a few g's back of each one to test and see. I have the golden tiger and malawi ordered now.
  8. Just chopped my zamal a couple days ago, almost finished drying and into the jar now, cant wait to smoke it and see how it is. The Zamal i have is from Ace and the regular line, also have a zamal male, which when revegging a cutting threw out pistils, so that means i have a zamal dom male that I am using to pollinate the Destroyer and Sannies Jack f8. I chopped a destroyer a week ago, and smoked the pistils and bits that fell off in the drying process, it was really energetic and strong to be scraps compiled mostly of pistils.
  9. Can't wait for the website, and the Col Gold 72. Hope you have the lambsbread available too, I'd love an S1 of that purple LB
  10. I never soak mine in water, so I'm not sure about the smell. I always germ mine in paper towels in a ziploc that I check a couple of times a day, and watch for any smells of mildew or off odors and change the towel and bag (don't worry about changing bags when doing vegetables though); or I just put them directly in the soil, either seed starter or final pot if autoflower. I rarely have issues this way, I prefer the paper towel method if I have time to check it often, if not it goes straight in soil.
  11. Joints or a fresh cleaned glass piece. I think the fresh cleaned glass gives the best flavor, but I hardly clean them as often as I say I'm going to when I'm in the middle of cleaning it. So, I usually go for a nice J. LIking the way it tastes in the Hemp papers I just got in. I rate them all equally that I recieved, Hempire, Raw, Pure Hemp, and Bob Marley. T
  12. Thanks a lot for the response Jahgreenlabel, I am pleased to hear the effects and believe I will get the ColJam shortly as well. Can't wait to get this 6 month adventure on the road.
  13. I want to fill my box with Jack!! Can't wait for them to get here. Can't wait to get my Double Jam either. May start three of each. Hoping for high potency. I did the Killing Fields a year or so ago for a few runs, it was good, but wasn't what I was looking for. I have decided through smoking, that I really don't feel the inidca's a lot, and I much prefer sativas, STRONG sativa's (both daywrecking and super strong clear highs, as well as racey paranoid inducing weed) My favorite strain to date is C99, hope these 13, 15, 17+ strains give me what I am looking for.
  14. Wow, that is insanely high. I will never pay that. I thoroughly enjoyed my subcool freebies I got from the Tude special, except the Dairy Queen. I thought it wasn't very good, but I only had two fems. No taste, poor pootency. The Chernobyl was awesome, both phenos I got. I kept one for about 2 years, then it died, my fualt. I did self it, and make fem crosses of the two.. I am germing a few hundred pepper and tomato seeds, and I think i will throw a few selfed Chernobyl into germ when I finish typing this. I love ordering from Sannie's, very good prices. Kinda the poor mans seedbank for people who love to get a pack of seeds rather paying for the pick n mix, and the selection is deep enough that somebody can find somehting that will suit their taste. You can bet you get a somewhat consistent product, whether it is a strain you like or not, and it isn't going to be a super poly-poly-hybrid strain that pop out more phenos than seeds you can sprout. I will definitely rep Sannie for trustworthy-ness and not trying to gouge the market to make a killing off trying to charge outrageous prices. I like the getting to pick your own freebie too. I'd love to have enough to send in of some special cross I made for freebie's if I ever got enough in a run (LIke maybe some Malawi and Sannie Jack . I can't knock the Attitude personally either, I've never gotten an order snagged from them and always got what I ordered. That being said, I hate that I have to drop another $20 on top of $15 just to get a guarantee. I will only order there when they have a really nice promo, like getting to try the Humboldt Seed gear. I just placed and order with Herbies a week ago, hope it all works out, because if so, I have many that will fill my box as soon as they arrive on the next order.
  15. Say rev, I'd like to hear more about that Hashplant... I scoured the web for a good review on a Hplant, and couldn't find one. and the only HPlant I smoked was a Blue Hash, and I haven't a clue who the breeder was for that.
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