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  1. my understanding was that Ortega was from the early 80's / dutch grown
  2. Yah I got a large ass, only if i were a girl Id make use of it........all it serves me now is constant wedgies
  3. I heard that Nippie.....I lost my grandpa 10 years ago, my uncle 5 ago and now my aunt in hilton head is almost gone from it.........I try to be positive but what it does to the body is unreal, hard to watch happen to someone you admire I understand your feelings Nip, keep in mind the good times, peace man
  4. heres a video of my setup, any questions ask away http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0vN9oS0pCc&context=C42a9862ADvjVQa1PpcFPq6FRCHQ2j3vCYBTz-5bm6VpLbBZ0Z6Uw=
  5. Sux broski...........I know you guys are working hard, keep it goin and keep your mind right, theres always good to come when the bad rolls past Cant wait to run some new gear.............be safe
  6. I meant the old Ortega was from Neville not the lui
  7. Lemonberry by Fusion seeds, same as the lemon thai my dude
  8. support from all sides and allows a total scope of use for the light instead of having useless places where light goes and has no positive effects
  9. I personallt think its easier to cool for me and my setup, others may argue that ..... Yes I was one of the beta testers and USELESS sent me i think 14-18 beans of LT and LB sup man? This is the first time ive done a sog type grow so ill be learning from here on in...
  10. Its strait up LUI...which is (not Mr.Nice) ORTEGA x SWEET TOOTH, its only available by clone these days unless you have some old beans from 06' or back
  11. Yes sir, its a eye hort 1k, just hanging out.... and thanks for the words and views everyone
  12. it moves slightly but not really (bulb) As for the smoke, to me its both......I have the Dab so I know her well and shes a good friend but the LT is a new friend and i like her alot these days.......I ran my LT for a while and gave her aay to an old head but still have 6beans left of the LT and LB.....from what I understand ill be getting some new Fusion gear to test any day now
  13. BRUTE trash cans, 10 gallon size http://www.google.co...ved=0CG8Q8gIwAA# I think im going to go this route.....they are 10 gallons each, im going to use 1inch ebb n flow fittings with 1inch line obviously, use 3.5 gal buckets for my pots, cut the lids out and slide em in...drilled out and filled with hydroton, should be able to do some trees!!!!!!!......Im thinking I can fit 3 in my space @ about 30-36inch on centers, im going to run atleast 2k in the room possibly 2-600s on the ends at about week3 of flower to the end to aid in weight....go with a 1000gph pump and use a 32gal BRUTE can as my ressy/control tub, all told should be about 55-60 gallon system, ill run the GH 3part USELESS formula as always!
  14. Here is my LUI at 5.5 weeks .....shes a stinky girl, like rotten sour flesh
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