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  1. Hey guys any ideas/knowledge/help would be greatly appreciated. So I currently have 7 plants (tagged above) in a veg room that is supposed to be 18/6 and am about to turn to 12/12 The power connection from the timer to the outlet is incredibly suspect, old outlet that almost any power prong will just fall out if plugged in. Although I have been growing in this room for a while, in the past 2 days the light has not turned on at the correct time due to this suspect connection (if i push the prongs in deep or move them around you can see the contact occurring, but if you let go it usually turns off). it should be turning on around 8 AM but yesterday it wasn't on until 10:30, and today 11:30. I tried taping it and it seems to work somewhat but not really. My main question is: Will this hurt my plants with the whacky timing errors? if so like what? they are all healthy except one that was neglected earlier on, but I don't know if this will make them hermi or what. Thanks
  2. hey thanks guys, using a 400watt CMH so may just let them grow straight up
  3. Hey guys so I live in colorado and recently (its pretty f-ing awesome) pot has been legalized. I will be able to legally grow some plants outside this summer so I was curious what are some of the best methods? should I try a gigantic scrog? plant them directly in the ground or use pots? specific nutrients? I am a pretty rookie grower so any info will help thanks!
  4. So I am about to start up again and am interested on the idea of scrogging but I am not sure if the strains I have would be the most lucrative grow. I have never scrogged before but I have a friend doing right now, and I have some pretty good ideas on how to implement it. I am going to grow blueberry sativa, vanilla sky and a kf backcross thanks to the freebies. I am not sure if they would grow better as stalks or whatever. I will be using a 400 watt CMH in a tent 4'X4'X6'. Using organic sannies nutes and probably in 3 - 5 gallon pots. the last grow I had was in very horrible climate and was sufficiently nute burned but hoping that this round goes a little smoother. Any advice is much appreciated!!!
  5. oglongnut

    POTM APRIL 2012

    Killing fields fem ^^ right after clipping
  6. oglongnut

    POTM APRIL 2012

    when does the voting begin/can I still submit a photo? I was thinking about just submitting a pic next month but if this one is still open..
  7. oglongnut

    1st OP

    Killing Fields, Shackzilla, Sugar Punch
  8. sounds like an excellent strain. I love those sativas that hit you right in the face. looks like a decent amount of foxtailing too.
  9. wow cob looks a lot better, good job man. you'll be very pleased with the killing fields, it is some great bud if you haven't had it before
  10. K thanks, yeah I am jumping the gun on the nutrients - first grow so I really had/have no idea what I'm doing. I have learned a bit and still have a LOT to learn. I have high hopes for the future!
  11. cloning gel does help quite a bit, nice warm moist environment and they should do well. basically what hillcrest said lol! -hang out wang out
  12. I'm glad you remembered the budporn - looking real sexy I would definitely like to watch this grow, thanks for having it -ogln
  13. I would probably agree with Hillcrest just on my limited knowledge, however I guess it would make sense that if you had a terrible looking seed the bud that would come out of that would be of lower quality and vise versa
  14. MhhmM! that looks like a nice crop, and they are looking good so far. I like the huckleberry flowers tagging along, I was thinking about putting a little bonsai tree in my room. I'll definitely follow along this grow!
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