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  1. I don't care about hush one way or the other, but this post reminds me why I drifted away from this board. This is a pretty ridiculous post from a moderator, in my opinion. I could do without the unnecessary vulgarity, but threatening someone? Really? Are there rules for this board or what? Is this behavior that would be tolerated in a regular board member here, or are moderators above the standards of conduct? A brief moment to reflect on the word from which 'moderator' is derived... In the Jamaican Patois tradition of telling it like it is, I propose that OG Moderators be henceforth known as Immoderators... What I wouldn't give for a forum without tough guys.
  2. I forgot I started that thread here as well, I can post some finishing info and pics in my thread. Long story short, I preferred the Xocolope as a much more vigorous plant than the Haze cross according to my three of each. Neither cross particularly impressed me in terms of taste/smell. I did get some bananas and a seed or two off most of them. I did have overly high temps at points (stupid summer) and also a minor light issue once or twice during the grow. The (end-of-grow) bananas were fairly ubiquitous throughout that grow but there were other plants that jumped out in the taste/smell department, such as USC's Sour Kush. In my opinion/experience, the bananas that I had were due to a mix of genetic and environmental factors - but I'd say that about most things. I wouldn't call these plants hermie-prone, not that anybody actually has.
  3. Still posting and still a huge fan of the Cheesetral. The purple is my feel-good herb of choice right now. Shared it with a couple buddies and they're loving it too. The Sour Kush are looking good so far. Due to take some new pictures. Cristalin, I'm selling packs here - Send your testers this way!
  4. Mulch is a great way to help keep moisture in longer.
  5. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Mine get pretty dirty, it's never been a problem. Minerals, fungi, whatever. I have both in my soil and I am glad of it. Vinegar is a great cleaning option for this situation, should you go that route...
  6. Mexi-Haze #3 #4 #5 Xocolopes #1 #2 #4
  7. So glad you guys are enjoying the show. It's a good time on this end. Here the girls are in their natural environment... Haze cross... Xocolopes (more stretch)... Detail shots to follow.
  8. Sour Kush has never been stocked here, although Chessetral was recently added so I suppose that may change. I just added some (relatively unexciting) pics of mine to my USC thread, by the way.
  9. I've finally got around to flowering out my 4 Sour Kush ladies. Here they are at Day 4 of 12/12... And here they are at Day 18 of 12/12... Some more in-depth shots of three of them from Day 4... #1 #3 #6 Really looking forward to these.
  10. They're doing great! A little overdue for an update but it's been a busy weekend. They're getting some tea this evening, so maybe today is the day for more pictures. I will count my leaf blades!
  11. I know what you mean. I do have some of the larger ones outside caging tomatoes right now. The green ones I use for these girls are actually a small size - not even the regular ones. Total joke for tomatoes.
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