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  1. This is from Christmas of 2007......enjoy and stay safe! THE EVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS by Captain Skunk 'Twas the eve before Christmas, when all through the houses The stoners were high, including Dude’s mouse’s The lamps cast a glow on long sticky flowers, and Stoner misted his plants, simulating summer showers, The clones were nestled all snug in their beds, While Haxixe and Stone Cold, tended Panama Reds, I sat in my chair hitting my bong, Knowing that winter wouldn’t last long, When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the chair to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, Thinking that LEO was here for my stash. The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below, When, what through my bloodshot eyes should appear, My grow friends from PG, and they all brought beer! They cluttered my lawn like a bunch of Ravers and leading the pack was the famous Hashcraver They laughed and they chuckled and called me by name, As they pulled out their pipes and put them to flame, The faces were new, but the names all well known, They wheezed, coughed and sputtered, as they passed a rolled cone. It was Little Ma, Deej and Virgin Bud Grower, Who were laughing so hard, they nearly fell over, Wpw and Headyhillbilly, were so fricken high, They were both acting silly, Fat Freddy and Mole engulfed in a cloud, as River pointed out, we’re getting too loud. We shared milk and cookies and I started to shutter, thinking how high we’ll be, after eating that butter. We passed one more joint under the moonlit sky, and I couldn’t remember, ever being that high! Like a dream, they came and they went, four hours later, I was still toasted and spent. The following morning, as the sun shone brightly, I found a new package, wrapped very tightly. I ripped it wide open, and what should I find, A jar full of hash, and a pipe left behind. I don’t know if Santa is a stoner or not, But he ate all those cookies, loaded with pot! Along side the plate, I found a note, It said, next year, pick out the stems, They get caught in my throat! Happy Holidays to all my friends at PG!
  2. Sorry to hear Lil Ma passed. You could alway count on a lenghtly response to your messages.....Sweet Dreams Deb.
  3. CK, let me know if you need more UC's. Mine are old but I am still getting good germ rates. Dude I am out of room in the garage. Seedlings have grown into plants the last few weeks . I can't even get the truck inside anymore, and I had to add every light I could find. My weasels are abundant but I had some problems with Stoners Schnazz. it doesn't like ferts, even when diluted 50%. I'm still nursing a few along and everything else looks great. The one thing I have noticed is the 400W HPS makes a far better plant than the flouros did at the seedling stages.....some plants, I can't even count the nodes they are so tight and short. I'm on a quest for 6 inch pots today. I need about 100 for up potting. I hope the garden center has some cheapies. Ms skunk noticed a glow coming from the roof vents last night so I need to block some light leaks too without eliminating the ventilation. The weather has broke here and I'm just waiting for long enough days to start planting. My lowryders are flowering and I'll be moving them out into some real sunshine during the days. I'll try and post some pics up today stay safe...happy weed day!
  4. Diesel ryders look good Dude. We hit the mid 70's here finally and my seedlings are finally starting to look like they are growing. Evening temps in the garage were getting down into the 50's even with the HPS light on the little ones 24/7. I've weeded out a few of the really slow growers and replaced those with some fresh seedlings. We've made some space in my partners space and have started another 50 seedlings also. Ms skunk is dragging me to the garden center today for her annuals so I can pick up more soil mix for myself as well....every little flower pot she empties today will get some fresh soil and a seedling for my guerilla grow...it's good to recycle...LOL! I'll get some pics up when I start moving the little ones out into the daylight for thier dose of real sunshine. I don't think I'm going to force flower the little ones this season. I have enough time to let them show on thier own before they get moved to the locations in the swamp. When they do, I'll take cuttings for replacement clones. It make the paranoia a little more manageable. It good to see everyone...stay safe
  5. Yes dude we need more green pics in this thread! I'm glad to see some of the previous strains appear to be doing well. I think many growers get caught upp in the flavor of the month strains that seem to pop up every new season. Most of my starts are still in the seedling stages. This is the first time I've used the 400 watt hps for little ones but with my new set up in the cold garage the lamp is used to heat the space as well as provide light. I ihave noticed I have zero stretching of the little ones with the larger lamp and the mainstems are quite a bit thicker than I'm used to seeing in the early stages. I still have a sandwich bag half full of Weasel seeds if anyone is in need. The weather has been typical March here in the midwest US....Damp, chilly, and 30 mph winds off the lake make it just miserable enough to remind me that planting season is still 6 -7 weeks away. The good news is the snow is gone and the water levels are starting to drop but that couls change with April showers next month. My new grow partner is enthusiastic and learning fast. She also hauls 5 gallon pails of water like they were empty....gotta love those roller derby gals!
  6. The spring thaw and rain has my grow areas under two feet of water already, which is normal for this time of year....hopefully I can catch the tail end of the water dropping and haul my supplies into the swamp by boat and save a lot of hard work...we are due for a hot and dry summer and I'll admit now, that I would rather haul water than find my plants under water in mid summer. I'll be eating those words about the third trip into the swamp with a 5 gallon pail in each hand later this year!
  7. Great pics D.....I love the bow saw hanging on the tree. I also picked up a rusty old machete from WW2 for a buck. I have it soaking in Navel Jelly right now to derust it. It may not be worth anything (as a collectable) after I polish it up and put an edge on it, but It is heavy enough to easily whack down those climbing vines that alway try and choke my plants in mid summer......Ms Skunk already anticipates that I will need stitches in some body part, before summers over
  8. Hey Deej. The lemon chemo X fruitbowl is another of Mole's creations. I can't believe there are still some around! I germed 20 of mole's seeds from 06 and all but one popped. I announced somewhere that my grapefruit X Northern lights hasn't cracked after four days between the towels. I haven't given up on them yet. I will leave them between the sheets until they turn to mush if I have to. I think I still have a few left so I'll be trying the rest if these don't pop. I also found some AK-47 from 05 that I had to buy from Serious Seeds....those will get germed with the next round. I picked up a real nice industrial timer at a garage sale for 2 bucks this weekend. I powed it up and it works so I just need to hard wire it up in the garage and it should run my 400 watter plus whatever else I plug into it. CK if I get a good mix of boys and girls from mole's UC, I will attempt a seed run before I get too busy this spring/summer...we need some fresh beans and the next generation of UC to keep things moving. I just love the gnarly plant structure of that strain....until it's time to trim anyway....LOL. SCB dust off those strains and find an outdoor spot. The UC clones easily and you can take cuts for years to plant outdoors and still have the security of your inside garden. One good outdoor harvest and you'll be hooked. there is a big difference in the taste and potency of the UC inside and out.....and you can put them out late if you're worried about them getting too large.....the UC was the easiest "do nothing" strain I have ever grown!!!
  9. With a new season comes a fresh start. This was the first winter I did not keep plants indoors so I am starting everything from seed this season. It was a fair harvest last fall and I managed to get through winter with enough jars to keep me smiling. I've dug down into the seed stash and made some initial strain choices for the 2010 season...some are old, some are new, some are borrowed and some are blue....I doubt this is all of my choices but it's a start. In no particular order: Berlin Freeze Blue snow Rogue Hey Zues Deep Chunk Matanuska Thunder Fuck Grapefruit X Blueberry Derailed Blues Deep Chunk X Blueberry Stoners Schnazzleberry Uranium Cranium X Chronic Lemon Chemo X Uranium Cranium Early wonder skunk Toxic Blue Weasel Grapefruit X Northern Lights AK 47 Lowryder for shit's and giggles DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to add additional strains at any time in the future....
  10. It's good to see some old outdoor faces and some new guerilla growers. Dude is always on top of the game and when he starts loading the bunkie, I know I'm running late for spring starts. Well here I am and I've got a few seeds germinating and some ready for small pots. CK glad to hear you and Cric are trying the Uranium Cranium. I have no doubt you won't be disappointed with our old friend Mole's strain. I wasn't going to post the picture but at ND's request I will post the old dog eared photo that hangs in my grow room to motivate me.....it has sort of become a spring tradition with each new seasons thread.
  11. Well, Well, Well, the bunkie sure is looking cozy for March already....As usual, I am way behind but your pictures have given me some additional motivation!
  12. speedy trimming is okay and I'm sure the schnazz has some sticky bud leaves
  13. where is the scnazz after harvest?.....no trimmed bud shots?
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