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  1. Thanks for stopping by everyone. I know the pro mix has a few but it won't keep a plant alive much long then a week or so Bob. Mine has a biofungal in it also. I didn't get a good picture from the last time there but I did the nuke with the "Beast" on the 24th and on the 26th I had some curled up crispy leaves on my plants. But the ones not treated are stretching much more so far. Bring your camera with batteries next time you come down Bob, I hope it before Christmas or at least around the time of the 5th week so you can see the foliar spraying I do and that way you might want to test some on the Dalat you have Here is a very lousy shot of the flowering room without the panda curtain that is going up soon. 3 600 hps air cooled. On the closest end are the control plants without any foliar spraying of any kind. In the middle are my water farms I testing some things out in and at the other end are the 3 plants I sprayed. You can't see those very good but they did not stretch as much as the control ones did. I will get some side by side this week and by week 5 will really show some differences if there are any. Bad camera work center bottom is what was curled up and dead from spraying. I removed to much for the picture but the rest of the plant looks good so far.
  2. Hashcraver

    UK Cheese Test

    UK Cheese being tested with "The Beast" A growth inhibitor
  3. I'm also running 600's HPS with hortilux bulbs. My rooms are 11ft x 15ft each. I have 3 lights in each with scrubbers and ducted out of the building during summer and ducted inside for winter. My room temps are pretty steady at 70-74 all the time. I was so comfortable with my 1 1k in a small room. Now a big change with all new stepping stoned stones to step around and over. This is going to be a long process so that is why I haven't do a thread on the "Beast" yet. But It's going to rock one way or the other..... I have some great friends, and I hope I am one too. So you know if any thing I can do for others, just pm me Mav. Pro mix has nothing in it but a coco and perlite mix and no ferts or other things good or bad.
  4. Mon are you quick bro I have am using straight up Pro Mix and just adding the nutes for now. I did a few other plants in some pro mix with bone and blood meal and earth worm castings. Not enough for the long run so I just am going with the pro mix and add my ferts with every watering. I use alot of earth juice products and add some catalysis and mircoblast for some goodness every now and then too.
  5. I have been wanting to and needing to put up a thread with my test of this product that I was gifted to test. I have to tweek my rooms yet as this is a new place for me. My water is at 8.1 I use PH down I use Ionic Grow and Bloom for my ferts I use some super thrive every now and then I use Earth Juice as a bonus every now and then during the veg stage These are 10 UK Cheese that were gifted to me. After the killing of their sisters from my ph problem. They are being grown in double 5 gallon Lowe's pails with the insert pail having holes drilled in them for drainage. I sent them into the flower room on Sunday afternoon. The "Beast" say's to use in in the 2nd and 5th week of flowering. So sometime next week. Not to long from now Some were topped and some not. I sure do like this plant so far. Thanks mon I will being up dating this as often as I can. I am very busy right now with the holdaze coming and all. And a big thank you for letting me test this out. I hope it show some promise for those the need it.
  6. I do believe that the lawyer should give a good general amount for w's problems. Others are now involved too so maybe we just have to sit back and wait. Maybe that lawyer fund is already done like UB said is should be. And I agree with him on that one. I know I consider him a good friend and will help out when asked, so far, I have not been asked by those in the know. I too like ND will open my wallet and not just for beans, I have beans and I'll make them. W was a smart guy from what I gathered at our meeting. I think he is a gene life guard for a reason . Lets hope anyway. Whab offered up some goodies in his place and I'll match him if you have a good safe addy that your willing to give after this shit storm. Lets hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  7. I believe he had firearms on the property also and that is making things worse. I have a donation also. Hope things work out soon. I hope he helped out a med patient or 2 so the defense can get some extra grounds to help him with. I know he helped me online so would that count in a court of law?
  8. I have to agree with Saxo that the weasel looks good mon. I still haven't heard from Capt and I sure hope he got some goods this year. We lost alot but with the "Plant far, Plant wide and Plant deep" We got our jars full for the year and a little extra. Now I have a bunch of moldy (PM) bud that I'm working on for an oil run. I'm not sure if Powdery Mildew will go through the bubble bags or not, anyone know if I should do water extraction or alcohol for the PM problem? Looking good Stoner, have fun
  9. This should be good, Thanks for taking up the job JA.
  10. Very sorry to read the hit on ya GM. Fuck the rippers. I have some of those left for ya and a mixed bag of goodies to just play with. A beauty four shore CK . I'm glad your liking the crosses too. I'm not going out to see anything till I take the crop home with me. I don't know what we have this year, should be fun soon. Nice bush Pro P . very frosty already :tup
  11. Nice looking outdoor grows going on. I'll be out tomorrow to see what if anything is growing this year. Lets hope so. Anyone seen Capt around? Could ya have him get with me if ya'll do.
  12. I'll be ready in a month or so. I have popped the Amnesia Haze and got 4 of 5 and none of the Dalat x Columbo x Bang came through so I'll start some more of those tomorrow. Where would you good folks like me to put my thread up? This section or in the indoor grow section ? Thanks
  13. Thanks for letting me in on this And I'll get a thread up and going soon. I still have a lot of work to do to get this going.
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