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  1. I am just starting from seed a group of Sannie sativas like Jack, Shackzilla, Herifields, Silverfields, Sugar Punch, and 1 Motherlode (stretchiest of the bunch). I have either never done these, or did Sugar P and Shackzilla 10 years ago. How much do these things stretch in general? How tall should they be for 12/12? Are any of these good or bad to top if they get too tall (I’m usually more of a bender than a topper). I have a 7ft tall grow room. I’m more of an indica guy branching out and fear a cannabis jungle in my home.
  2. I have one baby Motherlode vegging with a group of Sannie sativas like Jack, Shackzilla, Silverfields, Sugar Punch. All just starting from seed and it is the stretchiest of the bunch, which I did not expect. Don’t know if that is typical. It has more rounder, indica-style leaves compared to the others. Growing in soil, vigorous and healthy. Thats my sample of one baby. Not sure what’s gonna happen next. I’m excited to try something new.
  3. So what are the more narcotic/indica USC strains available in sanniesshop now? I am interested in Ouzbek and Turkish.
  4. I have enjoyed Elements, various Raw products, and Bob Marley brand, with Raw tips. I like the idea of smoking hemp papers because the whole joint is cannabis, but I can't say I can tell too much of a difference there. The only place I've been able to tell much difference is that some thicker rolling papers seem harsh on the first, mostly paper, hit. I feel like after that first hit, I'm getting something a little more harsh. I just try to go with thin, smaller papers i.e. less paper, more pot. .3 gram seems a little small for a joint rolled by a grower, but just play with it-whatever works for you. I use a rolling machine. I used to roll ones that were about .9 grams, but now that some of the length is taken up by the Raw tips, and I use some shorter papers sometimes, it's probably around .6 grams maybe. Good luck getting off the tobacco. I think it's worth it for health.
  5. My understanding of cotyledons is that they feed the plant during a time when it does not feed from soil/nutes. Does ph matter when the plant is feeding from the cotyledons? With the wrong ph, can you cause nutrient lockout from the cotyledons? I grow my plants in coir with hydro nutes. I have not checked ph when watering the babies with plain water from the tap. However, I have had slower growth during this period and I'm wondering if ignoring ph is creating sub-optimum conditions. My tap water is higher ph than pot plants want.
  6. Great input, y'all. This definitely opened mind and put a spotlight on the actual growing vs. curing process. I've noticed that a lot of ganja issues go back to the fundamentals: nutrients, water, air, medium, temperature, etc. There are many junctures at which I could up my game.
  7. In the past year, I have traveled to a couple of legal recreational states, Washington and Colorado. The pot there has been great, if you pay $14 plus per gram in my experience. Potency-wise, I have been able to somewhat keep pace with sanniesshop genetics, which is great. The areas where these states are crushing me is smell and flavor. When I grew organically in soil, it was definitely better, but I ain't goin' back. Hydro is just too easy for me, just seems to work better with my overall approach to growing/life. Is it just curing practices? I started working on my curing recently, using hygrometers, and I did improve a lot. I live in the desert and pot dries very quickly here. Are these states just curing really well. How are these states getting their bud so stinky? I'm assuming they all use hydro. Maybe they're organic?
  8. I just got Jahlicieus in the mail today. It sounds, well, jahlicieus. Can't wait to grow it. If it's relaxing, got some blueberry genetics, I'm down.
  9. I just got a shipment from sannie to the Southwest US in about a week from the Netherlands. Stealth method was killer. These are the fastest shipments I have gotten in my whole sannie career, which is years. My area is known for slow mail, so things will sit at my local post office for a day or two, it seems. Dude is definitely back in the saddle.
  10. Update. i just got another shipment from sannie, in a similar, but slightly different stealth method. Also got here in less than a week. That's the last two shipments, with the new method, getting to Southwest, US in under a week. I would say it's game on. I'm gonna order like crazy as usual. One of my orders took 3 shipments to get here. Sannie was really cool about reshipping. I was kind of hanging back from new orders because I was waiting on 2 or 3 to get here. Now everything's here. I have been through this cycle a couple of times over the years with sannie. The shipments start getting taken, he switches methods and then it's cool again for a long time. Anyway, I would not worry about deliveries getting to the US at this point.
  11. That kind of list is always interesting to me as a purely seed grower. I do not grow all year, and stop for 4 months a year, so I am always starting over with seed. A lot of that list is clone-only, which is the opposite of me because I can't keep clones. A clone might be great, but its progeny are inherently questionable until they're tested. Getting these genetics crossed with something else-or selfed-is getting somewhat dubious if you're seed-only like me. Muhammad Ali was a great fighter, and I think 2 of his daughters were pro boxers, but not every kid of Ali went pro. If you want that Ali mojo, you're probably better off cloning him than trying to breed it from him, crossing him with other individuals. I guess my point is that these strains are relevant to us growers if a. We can get these actual clones and not fakes (I can't in my medical, but lame, state) or b. We are willing to explore the quality of their offspring, and accept the consequences. Another annoying thing about trendy clones: you know there are guys all over the planet (many of these guys and gals are opengrow members) who have clones that are every bit as good as anything on that list. Some guy in Indiana probably has some cut that could crush that whole list, but Indiana is not the environment where that clone is going to achieve any kind of fame.
  12. kamut

    Mad Scientist?

    I would agree with the above. It does seem like you need to veg longer. I've never gotten too much yield off it, probably for lack of veg. White widow is a big yielder, but herijuana not so much. The effects are as advertised.
  13. I grew this with shackzilla and the shackzilla yields were like double those of strawberry blues. I experienced the SB yields as solidly average on 2 plants I grew, a small sampling admittedly. I love the high. Me, my wife, our friend, we were all indica curmudgeons. We thought indica was relaxation and pain relief and sativa was panic attack, all mental. This stuff has got the 3 of us totally reexamining our attitudes toward sativa. We love it for daytime relaxation, pain relief, and uplifted mood. Smells like fruit/strawberry. Very impressed with NAW. These two plants were similar to each other and seemed to live up to the breeders' very cool vision/goal. Wonderful stuff. Special and unique. I would grow it again, and I would order most of their strains on the strength of this experience.
  14. Fwiw, I just received a reship from sanniesshop in less than one week to the US. He used a new method and it worked. Looks like he's back in the saddle. I'm sure this has been thought of: but it seems to me that the white number 10 envelope with a printed label is the most common piece of mail, in the US at least, and seems like it would be unstoppable because of its boring and ubiquitous nature. Another suggestion fromMaster of the Obvious, but I thought I would put that out there.
  15. Way to go! You persevered and are harvesting bud. The American Dream. This is a new dawn for you. As a pot smoker, you are now in control and you grow the pot that makes you feel the way you want to feel (or gives you the desired medical results). You are n longer at the mercy of a legal or illegal drug dealer who doesn't know shit about weed. Now you are the expert because you monitor that ganja from cradle to grave.
  16. kamut

    Kitchen Safety!

    Man, can you tell me more about this hand cream, link to recipe, whatever? I have never experienced transdermal pot, but it sounds interesting.
  17. That sucks. Whatever feelings people may have about Emery, he introduced a ton of people to grow pit and advanced the cause of legalization. Cannabis Culture started me on pot growing because all those strains in his catalogue sounded too good to ignore.
  18. These look great. Which seed bank did you get these from? I would love to experience an Irish Guy's idea of good pot.
  19. For afternoon: strawberry blues and madberry. Madberry has that indica body load, but functional in the pm. Strawberry is lighter feeling with pain relief and relaxation. Evening or night: shackzilla. My shackzillas have been real relaxing, not very energetic. Versatile for after lunch or bed for me. Maybe I harvested them later, but they are chill- with big yields. Bedtime: mad kush. I don't disagree with any of the other bedtime recommendations like ok kush and herijuana though. Same vein, herijuana cross. Morning: don't know what to tell ya. Not a big sativa guy until shackzilla, strawberry blues. Way more relaxing than I imagined sativa.
  20. What is the high/feeling like from this strain? I would love to see the psychoactive element more in your descriptions. Looks delicious. I harvested some strawberry blues plants recently that I am digging. You guys got me out of my indica box and enjoying more sativa-ish strains, and appreciating the more relaxing and pain relieving qualities of those strains.
  21. You're worth it, man. Strains are worth it. Customer service is worth it.
  22. kamut

    PPM/EC question

    I'm trying to learn a little more about hydro than just "following the directions" on the fert bottle. I've been just hackin' it out for a couple of years and doing pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn. The tap water in my area is 450+ ppm (Hanna), i.e. nasty. Most of my baby seedlings could handle that stuff fine at first with no additional nutes. Now I got my RO machine working, so I can do better. If I water my seedlings with RO water and fertilizer with total ppm's of say 275 or .5-ish EC, will they be happy (not burned) if they were happy with the 450 tap water? I'm assuming that if you lower the ppm's the plant won't burn. I'm a little confused about EC/PPM's when it comes to the content of the water. Every sample of water has a total EC/PPM, but the content of the water could be all nutes targeted to cannabis, or it could be calcium and other crud in my tap water, which is not targeted for anything other than barely skirting EPA regulations. Is it sort of like food where you have "empty calories" from, say, beer; or you have the same number of calories from a bunch of veggies and it's a lot better for you nutrient wise, but you still got those calories?
  23. To be clear: I am a lifer. Best overall experience with the combo of genetics and customer service has been sanniesshop.
  24. Fwiw, my recent experience over the past few months wth my last 3 orders is that the first two orders are still not here (sanniesshop reshipped the first one a couple of weeks ago), still waiting on the second one, which may ultimately need to be reshipped, and the third, most recent, order got here really fast, like less than 2 weeks from the Netherlands. I've had to ask sanniesshop to reship a few times over the years. I wait about 8 weeks, contact him, and responds to my email within 48 hours, and then reships because it's been 8 dang weeks. Sanniesshop has always communicated with me and reshipped, and I have everything I've ordered over the years, but there have been some erratic periods for shipping and this seems to be one from my experience. My money has always gotten there. It sucks for sanniesshop because I get reluctant to order more if I am waiting on more than one order.
  25. If we're talking C99, peakseedsbc has one that tastes/smells like pineapple and does the job described above. You used to have to ask for it because it wasn't on the site, but I think it's there now. The breeder is good at responding to email. There's gotta be something in sanniesshop that will work, but I can think of it. Maybe something from eskobar? Good question. I think the sativa growing pattern discourages some indoor growers. It's cool to focus on the most manageable.
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