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  1. Dreadly


    Whoops just read that all you were asking was if you could start flowering in there. I apologize. I hope you dont mind if I leave the info up. It bodes well for the 400 watt HPs as well. Good luck!
  2. Dreadly


    when I was 16 i bought my first t-5 setup off ebay. I vegged and flowered under it for a couple years before I was in a legal state and could fire up all my HID lights. I had a 4' four bulb T-5 with mixed bulbs. 255 watts. I vegged out usually 2 or 3 plants in 3 gallon containers. Like mentioned above, bend those tops and make your self a nice level bush. then trim the 1/3 away so you dont waste any light. 12 inches is the max depth I would recommend for light penetrations, keep your lights a mere inches from the tops. Just high enough no to burn them. If you can grow from clone or fem seed thats your best bet. Sucks when you veg a male for a month or two for no reason. a few things that will boost yield in that setup. 1. Smart pots. They allow more air to the roots and you get super dense healthy root balls. Not a mass of suffocating roots around the outside of the pot. Also help with overwatering as the plants dry out faster. Over watering is more common for loose buds than people assume. 2. well trained plants with thick tops and nodes. 3. organic living soil. yes you could achieve the same results with a strict chemical nutrient line, But common, its your headstash. Not commercial garbage. Soil loaded with microbes and a well rounded organic regimen will produce spectacular weed with flavors you could NEVER achieve with chemical nutrients. Gotta water with chemical free water though, Go to the pet store and get a bottle of de-chlorine and chromine drops if your using tap water. well water or reverse osmosis is good to go. No need to spend lots of money either. I can produce 2lbs of ganja with less than 30 dollars in nutrients. Be resourceful. compost and ferment your own nutrients. 4. EWC bubbled teas(hand in hand with organic gardening) bubble some earth worm castings in a bucket of water with an aquarium pump for 24 hours. This will be a decent dose of Beneficial bacteria 5. The best genetics you can get. Bag seed and males can disappoint heavily. Good luck! I used to produce the best ganja in my little home town when I was still in high school. ( I wasnt about to smoke swag, even if it was 50 bucks an ounce) I could get 4 ounces from my setup. most HID growers dont get more than 1 pound per 1000 watts(1/4 lb. per 250 watts). T-5's excel in small spaces where heat is an issue.
  3. lots of good stuff over here! although Id love to know about some of the Elite cuttings floating around europe. Thanks!
  4. many thanks! I especially like the trainwreck too. Its one of my favorite head stash cuts. thanks for the kind words!
  5. Here is a photo update. The trainwreck is at 7 1/2 weeks Chem 9 1/2 weeks Snow 9 1/2 Hope ya like! The snowdawg is fire. I harvested some at 8 weeks and have been enjoying a fresh smoke. kinda of a floral or fruity chemdawg.. I suppose.
  6. I wouldnt say never. There are a lot of people with these cuttings and even if you dont get Chemdawg D. Any of the others are just as dank in their own rights. Giesel can get straight down and dirty. probably close to my favorite out of the group. ChemD holds the top though when its on fire. Im gonna take down some top colas on the snowdawg today and thin out leaves. Ill post pics probably
  7. right on, Chemdawg is a homies names though. If you have seen it typed other ways, i supposed it just becomes misspelled down the line. I have run chemdawg D, 4, '91, and chem's sister. Also I have run two chem crosses, giesel and supersnow dawg. These are extremely common cuttings on the west coast, especially within trading circles. Chemdawg D and 4 are both perfectly healthy cuttings, I do know that chemdawg D needs a lot of calcium compared to its siblings. Chems sister can also get very unhealthy if specific nutrient requirements arent met. People often dont understand its a response to their feedings. I have seen in person all the chemdawg cuts ran for the past 4 years, and all of em can be grown perfectly. a fade in flowering is natural there is nothing wrong with the plant. If your plants arent dying by the end, you havent replicated a natural season properly and will probably have inferior cannabis compared to a plant that is flushed to damn near death. High nitrogen levels in the leaves makes for harsh grassy smoke. week 10 can be a very sad sight in my flowering tent. haha This is my first run going totally organic with chemdawg because of those hunger needs. Its been tough to keep her fed
  8. welcome man. Im somewhere in oregon, we might be neighbors! lots of good growers and fresh genetics here. Nice fucking killing fields. Fire! lookin forward to seeing more
  9. Thanks man. No chemdawg d is an original chemdawg cut. Anything spelled chem dog is either bunk or the person can't spell. Haha Its a guys name, so anything with ChemDawg in it, should be spelled DAWG. The D refers to the letter Chemdawg gave this cutting when he first started 4 seeds. ABCD. D was the keeper Weird leaves.. they are at 8 weeks flowering and I've flushed all the nutrients out of her. Do you try and keep you plants solid green until harvest? Any flowering plant but an evergreen should lose it's leaf at the end of its life. She is smellin fire though. at this point, the carbon filter doesnt even hold back the sweet sweet smell of fresh cannabis
  10. I have only ran here once before I moved back to Idaho for a year so Im not sure her prime window(s). Ill shoot for 9 weeks and start watching with a scope at 8 , see what the gland heads are doing. Shes just starting to put on weight and Im gonna need to stake soon but they are looking nice and fat. They have a good stink going on but its gonna develop more in the coming weeks
  11. Dreadly

    NYCD F3s

    Thanks Santero, i appreciate it. They are under a t-5 and I have to have it up a bit do to temps. Sometimes having the light too close will make them stretch as well in my warm room. My veg stays around 80
  12. Thank you for the kind words. THe snowdawg is a special lady. Im getting a little impatient my self waiting for a cured smoke of her. Im hoping the amount of organic P-K and sugars I fed them this round will really sweeten things up. Lots of fresh and fermented fruit juice, agave nectar, brewed teas loaded with benes and sugar. They are on the flush now, all those leaves are gonna be dropping soon. Thanks again for looking everyone!
  13. yeah blue magoo is definitely a clone only. Its a little rare, but slightly more common in oregon. you can find crosses that have it though! Thanks for checking em out.
  14. Got these ladies rooting right now. should have em in coco around 7 days. Probably only get a very short veg as I have to have everything finished flowering by june. I highly doubt the kush has any actualy kush in its genetics. It grows fast large leaves, and is a commercial yielder. The blue magoo and shiska should be headstash for sure. All organic. see ya in a week!
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