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  1. boneheadbob

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Choco Rain and Holy Princess are my favorite strains. I grew a CR and one hit took me right back to 1975 Thai stick. A HP I grew had an amazing taste and stone. I am smoking first fruits of a CR grow right now. Planted my last 6 CR and made beans. When OG Goji first dropped years ago on Attitude I nabbed some and made beans. I grew some of these F2 OG Gojis with the CR and made CR-OG beans. Not sure what to expect from them. Next up is to grow my last package of Holy Princess unless someone has a better idea from these other strains Some more gear I have to grow. Esko gave out three strains of Blueberry(from Somas BB),,,,,,Blue Hammer,,,,,,Kinky Cheese,,, Cheeseberry haze,,,,,,,,Cheeseberry,,,,,,,,,Boudica,,,,,,Blue Hammer,,,,,,,,,Anesthesia,,,,,,,,,Purple Storm. I miss Esko and I pray all is well with he and his family.
  2. boneheadbob

    Wat is OG smokin on, NAW wants to know...

    That looks delicious and I love banana nut bread. Do you decarb the bud first or does it decarb while baking? Thanks Mr Goodfellow. There are two others I would like to try to.
  3. boneheadbob

    Wat is OG smokin on, NAW wants to know...

    I just looked through all NAW seeds and liked this one best. Then saw your post. Hello Rhino and Polder. Will TPR seeds be back in stock soon?
  4. boneheadbob


    I'm not sure smell or flavor predicts the potency of any bud, pretty much anything from NAW or USC ranks right up there potency wise. Thanks. I should have been a little clearer. I was talking about smelling or tasting earthy, maybe spicy. You should definitely give NAW a try. They tend to not have any of the Fanboy strains, but they are serious. Their strains already lean to the stable side and some are very stable. They would make nice choices for some breeding or chucking. I love all the different terpene choices and love trying them all. But, when it comes to smoke you'll always like, NAW delivers. I think I've only done 3 strains so far but loved them; Green Manalish f2, TPR, and G39. But, I have a nice stable full for this summer. I can't wait. Just give @RhinoCBD or Poldergrower a shout over at the NAW Test Center thread. They'll dial you in. Personalized service! Doesn't get any better than that. Best vibes peace mrG 10-4 I will take a closer look. Thanks.
  5. boneheadbob


    Just checked the usc seeds page. Way more choices then the last time. Good job. edit. Checked out NAW beans too. I would like to stay away from berries and fruits. I want something a little more hardcore.
  6. boneheadbob


    Hello everyone. I have stuck to Esko and Sannie beans but Eskos bins are empty. Time to branch out. What is the special? I like creeper weed and one hit weed and everything in between.
  7. boneheadbob

    Green thumbs?

    Hello Spring. It warmed up here and I started some seeds just now. I did not receive any of those heirloom tomatos. But I got some from the nursery today.
  8. boneheadbob

    Breed your own seeds

    Thanks for the great reply. I have arrested my problems. Maybe hot soil in some cases and cal=mag in others. I also started using distilled water instead of my well water which is great but it is hard. I have two moms from Holy Princess. One is shorter and bushy, more leafs. Other stretched a little more, less leaf and rounder buds
  9. boneheadbob

    Chocolate Rain "Extreme Sativa"

    I have one pack of Chocolate Rain left. I will make some beans and I was wondering about adding Peaks Northern lights to the CR. Any thoughts from the pros here?
  10. Today is day 88 for two AR's. Still foxtailing and looking good, one has lots of green leaves still. They seem to drinking less water last few days and I have them by a sliding glass door so they only get direct sunlight for a couple hours. As long as they are foxtailing let em grow?
  11. This looks like a good place to report on Chocolate Mix since I have no pics. I bought two packs years ago and I recently popped 10 and all ten germed. I got five females and they were amazing. They grew quick with huge fat buds, great smells, taste and potency. Amazing genetics, thanks Esko. Forgot to mention I have two AR's almost 5 weeks into flower and I will try boudica next
  12. boneheadbob

    Breed your own seeds

    I have a question bean chucking .I got some gogi og from Bodhi when it first came out. I took a male and made some beans. So are those considered F2's? When I grow them out I can expect plants that will somewhat resemble the mom and dad of Gogi. Is tht correct? As long as I am on a roll I would like to ask something off topic. I have a three week old plant on which bottom leaves are turning gray/blck/ashen and they crumple/disintegrate up when touched. I feed them some calmag and they perked up, look better. Thanks
  13. boneheadbob

    Chocolate mix

    I noticed the seeds can be seperated by examining them with a magnifying glass. I dunno which ones are which although I do know the NYCD is ultra gooey/frosty. Real nice smelling & tasting herb. Ready to try more CM beans but I keep buying other stuff and I try to always have some CR going
  14. boneheadbob

    Chocolate mix

    I notice Choco mix is no longer shown in breeders choice. Does this mean CM has been discontinued or will Esko make more?
  15. Maybe your cat is peeing on your herb. I am a rookie with a bunch of Sannie/eskobar gear and everything is dank, wonderful herb. Better luck next time!!