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  1. 4 x 4 ft. area under 1 Gavita LED............ IMG_1285.MOV
  2. Back just to say I generally like the Ethos stuff, except the Member Berry which looked great but wasn't potent at all. If you grow there stuff, look for Zsweet Inzanity or Mandarin Cookies.
  3. Interesting guess, might have been the one i guessed too. But if you could smell it, you'd know that's not right. It's from a U.S. based breeder out of Denver, it's Ethos Collective "Member Berry"........
  4. sshz

    Zombie Virus

  5. I know they are based out of Ireland and made up of a group of growers throughout Europe. You can go to Youtube and find some video's on some of them at various marijuana expos's selling seeds, manning booths, etc. They have a sister company called "garden of green". Some of the bigger seed resellers are now starting to sell their beans, and they are gaining traction with cheap prices and good quality. I have a few names and email addresses for some contacts I've made but don't know much else. The Sweet Zombie I'm growing is the 1st strain I've grown of theirs, very happy with it so far......
  6. https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_5949/gallery_7017_5949_23014.jpeg Exactly 2nd week of flowering today......very quick to flower, minimal stretch and a very easy grow.
  7. www.expertseedbank.com I already ordered their Gorilla Cookies for my next grow.............cheapest prices plus freebies are on their website but I believe Herbies, Attitude and plenty of others sell their beans too.
  8. Hey Gregster.......Thanks. I'll report each week with an updated pic. Thanks Smile......can't figure out how to do that? A bit more impressive, the larger we go!
  9. I was looking for a heavy Indica, feminized that yielded well and was done fairly quickly. Very uniform plants. I think I found it. 1 week into flowering, easy grow so far. 100% germination (25 seeds), at very fair prices for good genetics.
  10. My Chocolate Rain report from 2011........I loved this strain. ALOT. http://www.medicalmarijuanastrains.com/chocolate-rain-2/
  11. If I was growing just for myself, I'd grow 10 different strains, a couple of plants each. But commercially, having different heights, flowering times, nute requirements, veg periods, etc. only makes for a difficult grow all around. I probably don't even taste 90% of the individual plants that I grow. I keep a couple of main cola's off the best looking plants each crop, everything else moves out of the door. I'm sure there has been some fantastic pheno's of things that passed me right by. I often evaluate plants only by looks, and that can be a mistake. I once had a old kush from Sensi, years ago now, that was a skinny, little thing. Super well done at 48 days. Crazy potent, one of the few I wished I had kept. Poor yield, so she was destroyed. Ouch........ Didn't see any pic's Barrie.......
  12. People like variety.......I grew Green Poison for like 6 grows in a row, still didn't use clones. I know what you are saying though. It would mean having to keep mothers alive, open another room up, more electricity use, cloning process, etc. Been there, done that. In the 90's when i was busted, i had 1 supreme mother, a N.L. 5 X 2 plant that yielded me over 3000 clones. Starting from seeds is just plain easier these days. K.I.S.S. for me, in my 60's now, easier is better. I'd rather concentrate my time on the flowering room and keeping things healthy, clean, etc. My medical people want variety, they tire of the same stuff easily. Most can get dispensary items these days, my prices and quality have to be better. But they want a new selection every few months......
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