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  1. It's supposed to have 24-28% THC, per claims by the breeder. No % listed for CBD.
  2. Planet of the Grapes is a pheno of Member Berry, so it's not surprising at all there's no buzz..........but how can something that looks this good HAVE NO BUZZ???
  3. I think I'm up to 10 Ethos strains now...... the best were their Chem OG and Zsweet in the Inzanity But numerous things I've done of theirs had no buzz, i.e. Apex and Member Berry which come to mind first. Everything looked and smelled great, but some things just didn't get you high.
  4. Ethos “End Game”..........
  5. Chop day tomorrow......... the last pic from 1/2 the room.
  6. Here you go, the gavita above is around 42 inches by 44 inches.
  7. Two 4 x 4 sq. ft. spaces, in the same room but opposite sides. I always seems to have to take a pic from above showing the LED to prove it. So many doubters, lol. I’m heading to the dentist, but I’ll put something up later today to prove it.
  8. A couple better pic's today........... both in a 4 x 4 space each under a single Gavita LED.
  9. Both sides of the room, day 43 in flowering. The buds didn't get as big as I thought they would, but that's because there's loads of branches............
  10. A dark room with a green flashlight,..........
  11. Another Member Berry...
  12. Can't remember which one this was...... LOL
  13. All one strain, Ethos "End Game"........
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