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  1. You may notice one hps more white than the other. This is a dual spec hps :) Best vybez og
  2. Week 2 Pistils forming more, stretch eully engaged. Left ph in the lower 4s until today. Just a waiting game now
  3. On other things, i smoked some mochi - gelato 47 recently and am now on a quest to locate this in seedform along with my second favourite smoke, stardawg. If anyone knows of any pure s1 and can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated :). Anyone who hasnt tried mochi yet, if you can find it, try it . Strangest smell and taste ive had to date. Pure purple dank. Subtle but just loud enough with a foul sweetness. Best vybez og
  4. Currently running, blue dough 1 week 12/12. 2 systems, feeding ionic. Flowering has truely begun as ph has dropped to 4.2 since yesterday from 5.9 and tiny pistils arrived overnight at new growth overnight. Plants enjoying low ph as its hormone induced. Tried correcting and plants readjusted accordingly.
  5. Hi og Im getting bad with updates lol. All went well. 10 weeks in total and still needed more. Will never run it again. Was a nightmare in aero. I took time out to build up blue dough numbers as i had 1 dying clone. Now i have way too much, which is a good thing . will post a pic of whats left of ihg royal silk. Lemony airy sativa buds. Very pungent but way to long in flower.
  6. Hi papa and hamme . Good to see familiar names. Hope you enjoy the show Week 2 So fast and healthy. Funs about to start. 2 system had 2 week veg, 1 system 3 day veg. Next update in 2 weeks. Best vybez og
  7. Next update in 2 weeks Best vybez
  8. Day 1 flo. Last pic a gg#4 bagseed
  9. Hi og Been a while. Hope everyone is well. Took a year break and am back on focus. A lil sneak peak. I'll post at significant intervals. Clones are ihg royal silk. 2 systems of clones, 1 system seeds. Mixture of blue dream, ogkb cross and some random indicas. Nearly lost blue dough for good. Have 1 barely rooted clone after 6 weeks in a cloner. Fingers crossed lol. Best vybez
  10. Dr Don Bonez

    Dr bone pics

    overall work
  11. Ive missed alot... hope to see shiva haze recreated
  12. Back in the drivers seat

  13. Santero beans will be a great addition to sannies shop. I'll have some pics soon. The lemon thai cross will go into flo in two weeks and i have a choc kush v1 girl coming down around the same time
  14. Thanks justcozz. These thrips been with me a while lol. I dont think theyre going anywhere lol. The problem, the hydro store keeps the soil outside... the bags are always infected. I may try nft for the next run or get a few more aero systems. Thats the only time i have no bugs
  15. They looking nice and lush . Full colour. The skunks will be monsters with so many arms/branches
  16. Loool i really hope those shitty ass gg4 is the shit. Good shit at that lol. But right now, they are some of the worst shit i ever grow. The thrips, man they might as well pay me rent lol. Theyre starting whole families, getting free food. They expanding their property portfolio. Theyre on nearly all my girls having chlorophyll sucking orgies. I should rain some neem on these bastards but im a bit far in flo now. Hope you get yours sorted mate
  17. Fake ass gg4. This clone i have is not gg4. It smells crap, looks crap. I will hunt seeds for phenos. This particular clone source has always been a real unreliable guy... again, please forgive the thrip and leaf damage. Some suffered more than others lol. I just take these things with a pinch of salt I will probably do a final update in 2/3 weeks when harvest should be near Have a good 1 og
  18. Ogkb cross 1 a: smells sweet and like fart gas with a mix of a stink bomb and liquid ass 😂 😂 😂 . It actually genuinely smells like a can of fart spray with some added sweetness. Not my cup of tea lol Platinum cookies s2 : bbq meat Platinum cookies s2 b: bbq meat with extra added funk. Tiniest yield i have ever seen. Will be crossed with Ogkb cross 2: second best smelling plant. Will need reveg. Smells like esko choc mix, lavender x cocoa kush pheno. Pine, lavender and a smell i only got from esko choc mix crosses. Please forgive the ugly leaves Blue dough Choc kush v1: from sanbro . My first girl lol. Shes going nice and strong . I have some cal mag issue you can see in the background that i neglected to correct. I have now added cal mag to the feeds. Oh yeah, and i have thrip lol.
  19. Dr Don Bonez

    Fake gg4

    From the album: 2017

  20. Dr Don Bonez

    Choc kush v1

    From the album: 2017

  21. Dr Don Bonez

    Blue dough

    From the album: 2017

  22. Dr Don Bonez

    Ogkb cross 2

    From the album: 2017

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