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  1. Started the next run today
  2. About day 24 of flower and they haven't stretched as much as I anticipated thus far. In 24hrs I'll go in lock down so lots of time to look after my ladies and 10g of rosin to help get through it. Stay safe all
  3. Here is the one that went outside. Showed her first pistol today
  4. The stretch has started
  5. Day 3 of flower saw the very first pistol on one of them. They got a bit dry yesterday but hey gave the roots a workout to go look for water I guess. Started cleaning under the net and I tuck every second day or so
  6. Thanks guys I was worried about the stretch of Sannies Jack. They started flower today I will continue to tuck for the next week or so
  7. Started tucking almost ready to flip just need to find time to clear under the screen first. #2 back right is showing magnesium deficiency but I'll just stick to what I'm doing as the other 3 look nice and healthy.
  8. First net is in. 315w cmh running 18/6 in the middle of that cycle I have 240w worth of strips running for 6 hours to give an extra push for them to grow.
  9. First net to go in this week
  10. Just thought I'll share my grow of Sannies Jack. I started a 5 pack of fems about 5 weeks ago they were all topped twice, I selected 4 out of the 5 to go into 20l fabric pots. The one I am going to move outdoors it looked more lanky than the others. Just gave them 3liters of water with some biobizz bio heaven and acti vera. I will be doing a scrog hope to not veg for very long
  11. Just thought I'll give a look at my current grow. Next up Sannies Jack I'll probably make a new thread for that run. Here we have 4 different strains day 49 no hermies this time lol Jolly Rancher Peyote Cookies Zsweet Inzanity Blueberry Indica x Heribei Safe
  12. Almost done trimming here's some jackberry nugs
  13. The end is in sight. Day 51 stopped feeding will do a good flush before the weekend. The Jillybean will go a bit longer probably 2 weeks.
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