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  1. Mailman was here again this morning. No more 200g harvests haha I can't really put my finger on the smell yet. All I can say it's sweet
  2. Some pics just before the lights came on yesterday. Luckily I haven't seen more nanners appear
  3. Seen about 7 so far picked them off
  4. Nanners on 2 of my 3 Jackberry's. I'm so pissed off, sad & angry all at once.
  5. So a reminder Jillybean back left, Jackberry #1 back right, Jackberry #2 front right and Jackberry #3 front left. Jillybean Jackberry #1 Jackberry #2 Jackberry #3 Some pressed Hash got just over 20g
  6. Got mail today I also have 2 packs of Aztec Rain that I need to grow out
  7. Made some bubble hash from my outdoor trim today and a look at the tent
  8. My tent has absolutely no space for a dehumidifier but this is definitely something I will keep in mind when time comes to upgrade to a bigger setup. I have a portable AC with dehumidifier mode that is in the small room where the tent is at, so I'll look into running the portable unit during lights out as I definitely have high humidity during lights out but I haven't been using the unit to try save some on the electric bill. I've lollipopped them it's clean under the screen and I have a 23cm fan under the screen for circulation.
  9. I haven't done it yet. The only reason I'm looking into it is due to some powdery mildew in the previous round. I did have a fresh air intake coming from directly outside then but I certainly don't want any PM again.
  10. So all the clones rooted and are in small pots. Today is day 17 of flower considering doing a leaf strip tonight and putting in the second net. I've never done defoliation before so I'm a bit nervous.
  11. Yay half of them rooted. I have atleast 1 of each giving a few extras away to friends. I'll give the others a couple of days
  12. I kinda regret getting the DR90 should have gone for a DR120. Seriously considering either a bigger tent or to devide the room they in with drywall so I can have a bigger space
  13. I'll try it next time without cutting the leaves thanks. The plugs did get a bit dry ill be sure te keep them moist from now on
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