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  1. Finished trimming today they look real good have some seed here and there on the surface of some buds but nothing too bad. I hated the smell of #3 when trimming but after 2 days in a jar strong mango developing #2 had nice chocolate terps The jury stil out on #1 and #4. The best looking and yielding so far is #4 pictured here
  2. This nanner Jack that got chopped first is developing rather nice chocolate terps. Magnificent high too
  3. Day 86 first spot of amber so they got the chop. Also my Miss USA for the next run is starting to struggle in the tiny veg tent so needed to get the flower tent available. Just ordered a Rosin press looking forward to dab some of this sativa
  4. The last 3 feeds over 11 days were just plain ph water. I will feed another 1 or 2 times just water then chop.
  5. Day 80 no sign of amber yet. Think i see a seed here and there
  6. Removed the one that threw nanners it was much worse than i thought i hope all the others aren't seeded but i have a feeling that its going to be bad Day 70 started feeding ph water
  7. Here's how they look under the strips today
  8. Unfortunately this one pheno #2 threw some nanners. I flushed her today and will chop her in the next week, this plant also had mag deficiency early in flower. Im 8 and a half weeks in the others are looking good. Pheno #2 is back right. I got some nanners on a few Jackberry's too the grow in between Jackberry and sannies jack from other breeders i had no issues then again most of those plants were selected pheno's i got from friends. I have another 3 sannies strains in the mail so not giving up just yet
  9. Week 6 lockdown life is good
  10. About day 37 below you can also see a budshot of each pheno
  11. Started the next run today
  12. About day 24 of flower and they haven't stretched as much as I anticipated thus far. In 24hrs I'll go in lock down so lots of time to look after my ladies and 10g of rosin to help get through it. Stay safe all
  13. Here is the one that went outside. Showed her first pistol today
  14. The stretch has started
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