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  1. Sinteza , how often do you water the ones in approx. 5 gal buckets ? what are the avg. temps there in the hot parts of the summer-
  2. well i already knew shirty was gonna be the front runner , but had no i did he had such a huge freekin lead lol. congrats. honorable mentionin no special order : RIKIHUANA: el monstre f2 MILDERSTONERISMIT: hawaiaan snow X bc indica PROFFESORP: starship
  3. really wow, what other indica's have you puffed actually?
  4. SHOUT OUT! SHOUT OUT! SHOUT OUT! SHOUT OUT! SHOUT OUT! THX. I SENT AWAY G13/HP NEANS TO BE MADE THESE WERE CIRCA EARLY 9O's originals. dude didn't get it done and used another strain to pollinate. he said the 2 males he got were no good. frankly my thinking was wtf does that mean. u do what you are supposed to do if it is doable. the gense wil take care of themselves and contain the treasures we have to dig for if need be. not doing at all is fucking worthless inmho i sure hope your g13 x g13/hp works out well.
  5. hey clone man, dude i think you are on the right track with u already having the DH. i grew out next generations blue dynamite, which made me want to get the dynamite strain because of SPG backround of it. i also grew out pukebery too, maybe you can guess where i'm going with this by now lol. i wanted to get the dynamite to smoke; but also go back to the puke berry and try to reclaim some of the SPG genetics from the dynamite and see how he progeny would turn out. needless to say i wanted to be able to keep a fairly short flowering time that the puke made possible, exactly 42 days on the nose. btw that DH is beautiful p.s. i was only able to knock up the puke berry once with a male uranium cranium. be nice if some puke dominant pheno's can be easily identified in that cross once i can grow them out. that puke was a dream plant imho
  6. 1st. wow u have originals lol, wow u don't like the pineapple pheno, why not ? 2nd. i like indica's the most too and that knock down stone too. yet vigor is always a plus imho. or do you mean it's not vigorous enough ? i think power is easier to hold on to, at least compared to flavor. unless the plant in question is super potent gene wise with the ability to throw itself consistently. off question, what strains do you feel have males that are transparent in crosses or close to it ( adding very little of them selves to their progeny & do you actually look for males like that on purpose to help make your breeding projects easier. i'm not a real breeder or a commercial grower, but breeding turns me on to no end lol. i have raised the issue of transparent males while @ planet ganja b4 it closed, so wonder what somebody like you feel about the issue. i think not enough attention are paid to the males frankly, just like in the dog game where so many don't pay enough attention to the females. ( have said that b4 to lol)
  7. lol, yeah bro we are both hunting that dragon. i made the initial thread .
  8. damn, the bud porn is just getting better and better here. imho i need a rain check on the rom clones please, back to now where to grow again. do you know when they will finish outside, next year if my oasis spot is actually on point i would love to let the sun do them proper. i would most likely try to make bushes out of them, i don't want tall see-able monsters you dig. how would yall compare chemo to the romulan stone wise? i mos defintely want to find some good pure chemo. i'm hoping to get a few nice chemo dom phenos in a chemo cross i have in bean form. strider to you remember try comb & 1812345 from over grow/ pg . i always get confused on which one did the lemon chemo cross duhhh? p.s. fuck it i'm posting again lol. and will disappear later from this site for security reasons .
  9. just wanted to say hello, &glad you're still around.ciao

  10. Congrats stoners, i think all of yall are pretty cool. i still say that fellow uselss handle just don't suit him at all lol. if more folks were like him i think i would be puffing all the time lol. well,at least as much as i wanted 2.
  11. damn i never thought the smart pots would be unusual to water. hmmm bottom watering means you would need a medium that had a wicking type of effect i would think. i'm sure gonna pay attention to what your results are watering them that way feroce. thx. for sharing that 411.
  12. well, the dude finally returned my notebook. as i was talking to him telling him about how shit really is etc. someone stole his bicycle! there was a time i would have said to him serves you right. and laughed at him. i have grown up and that's not how i looked at it. he had his bike lock in his back pack , and worse is that bikes are stolen around here all the time and he knows it. i told him he made a conscience decision not to lock ity up and paid for it. i tried to talk to him about maturity, selfishness, and keeping your word. i talk to this dude like he was my son as i do with most young folks. he said it himself that he sabotages himself all the time. come to find out it's true , i told him as he left that he doesn't have to follow the same road and can choose another path; it's up to him. he said he wanted to find a way to compensate me for the time an effort i spent ... ; i told him it's no way he could really do that cause it won't change my situation or how i live now. maybe he will think about what he has done and not done and will wake up, i hope so cause he has a lot of potential . p.s. this will be my last post here. i have to change who i am now for security sake thx, yall
  13. yeah at times i have thought about using pro tekt my self, but economics prevented that. what i will do though is once i see how my coco nutes work , i'll do a comparison with same strin with and without the pro teckt ( or what ever brand i choose) don't hold your breath for test results though cause i'm not close anymore to growing. thx. yall for the info in this thread though.
  14. hey dude 1st. thjos trees lokk very nice. second is a question about this : passive wick trashcans how do you make them exactly. may be better and easier for me to do then making raised beds, i don't need to grow monsters in them either, 3-4 foot bushes are all i want. thx. p.s. can you explain it so a cave man can understand it please. pictures are cool if u have them btw. thx. a ton
  15. hey soopy, here's an off the wall suggestion that just might help you. use the product they called wilt stop http://www.pet-dog-cat-supply-store.com/sh...p-flypage-13175 I would spray the target clone donor down with it after the sun goes down and come back 2 days later to take my clones. always take them from mid plant outside with enough length so that you can have plenty of room to recut your stems before you clock them. now also even though you are a rock wool fan. i would make a cheap bubble cloner or just use rapid rooters, pro mix, or coco plugs to root the clones in. rockwool + mold = no surprize if shit isn't perfect imho. http://www.gokigc.com/Jump_Start_Coco_Plugs_p/ckccp.htm the wilt stop works well to keep those cuts alive longer giving them and extra bit of insurance imho. also good for outdoor plants that might be in an area that is known to be drought prone/dryer.
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