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  1. I've been away for quite a while. My life has completely changed but my attitude is the same (some are smiling while others groan). When I was traveling, I wondered if I would ever get to grow again. My new location is legal so I'm going to restart my hobby. You can look forward to my amusing, low tech grows. It's the spirit that counts, right? Missed you guys!
  2. I would marry you if you weren't already married
  3. There is no need to chastise me. I have no association with this person other than being assigned to work together on a project. The growers who belong to this forum are more trust worthy than google. My question was merely to find out how likely it is that he may be telling the truth this time.
  4. It's an alleged outdoor grow in Colorado. He's claiming 15 pounds off one plant.
  5. I work with a pathological liar. He is claiming an unbelievable yield. I've never done an outdoor grow so I want to ask the pros, what is the most you have ever gotten from a single, outdoor plant?
  6. bobbiroo


    I was having trouble sleeping due to the weird work schedule that I was working. Plushberry helped quite a bit. It was definitely weird to be where it's legal. It seems I've developed a good reputation in my new field. I interviewed yesterday for a permanent position. If this particular position doesn't work out, there is a chance I'll end up in Arizona. Send positive energy and someone to help me unload my furniture when I get there!
  7. bobbiroo


    A man with a burning bush thinks I need a fake pecker..... I would give anything for Mr. Dirt to speak out on this one!! Buahahahaha!
  8. bobbiroo


    I've been gone a while and sure have missed you guys. Anybody miss me? Abput the time I decided to start growing again, I started working a temporary assignment that requires quite a bit of travel. I'm doing work that I love and have bosses who treat me with great respect. It is my greatest hope that this will lead to a permanent position. Here's the ironic part.... I'll be spending the next few months in a place where recreational weed is legal. However, the company still drug tests because of federal law. I visited a dispensary with a friend but can't partake. I can't risk missing out on my dream job. It's just not right! I wish Professor P was still active. I'm in his part of the universe.
  9. Scary that I understood what you said....
  10. Your picture wench has been gone a while but she's back. Text me what you need me to post for you. missed you guys!
  11. Take your time. Get to know yourself thoroughly before you try to get to know another woman. I'm just a pm away if you ever need a woman's perspective on things.
  12. https://www.opengrow...028#entry660028 San, please repair this post so the info is clear.
  13. I have not posted in a while but hear me out. Without a doubt, Indi has the knowledge and experience to predict and breed awesome F1 seeds. He has shared thousands with friends and Sannie's customers. His style is unusual and that's what we love about him. Chucha is asking legitimate questions about breeding stable strains. @Chucha - Look at eskobar's work. I believe you will be impressed by his breeding style. Santero is the man to talk to regarding genetic history.
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