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  1. What you listening too now?

    hey my friends long time no see! wanted to post our current demo which were using to line up shows. Long time a coming but we are ready to take it live. Check out our live demo .....basement recoding. One take approach to show live appeal. U can also find us on FB, under "corlaer". I miss the community and wish I was still A growin'! Keep it green guys.. how you enjoy the tunes. www.Reverbnation.com/corlaer https://m.facebook.com/CorlaerMusic http://reverbnation.com/artist/corlaer
  2. Killing Fields

    Gorgeous primopup! I haven't been on OG for about a year...good to be back after all this time. Had to comment, nice pics man
  3. Northern Dude's Feeling Fine For "09"

    Awesome Ndude! Hello everyone..it's been awhile..first thread I stumbled upon. A good one to watch...great work. Best wishes everyone!
  4. New Blue diesel

    I'm in...nice work fellas NBD? Have to check this one out.
  5. howdy

    Howdy fellow freaks... Hope you enjoy...show ender in Albany, 2nd night day after Thanksgiving. What a way to send us off...lol
  6. Music Clips/post Your Favorite Players

    some of you will appreciate this one.... http://music-mix.ew.com/2009/08/17/nickelb...ilty-pleasures/
  7. some of you might appreciate this one.... http://music-mix.ew.com/2009/08/17/nickelb...ilty-pleasures/ Edit: Oopss I put this in a new thread. Meant to leave it in the Music Clips...
  8. outdoor 2009

    ^beautiful and inspiring!
  9. Phish Festival

    www.phish.com Anyone on or near west coast?...see you there. WPW, I'll be seeing you at the roast, but my brother you HAVE TO make it to festival 8 in Indio. Phish festival in california in the fall.............
  10. Planet Ganja Down?

    Thanks, HC! FFC, you're right she's really fattening up! Looking great for a 250 grow without a doubt! Looks like PG is back...let's pick up the thread!
  11. Planet Ganja Down?

    Thanks, Mrs. Fly. That last explanation sounds likely. Maybe it's just because I'm used to site but I do hope PG returns. Either way if it does or not I still want to be more active here on Opengrow...
  12. Planet Ganja Down?

    FFC, this seems like a good place to call home...for now anyway. From what I've seen there's less of the bullshit you hate dealing with...by the way Friday came and went and we didn't get to see an update on "the white". Pick up the thread here if you haven't already...going to go see if you did... If PG comes back or not...either way I'll be starting a thread here for Blueberry, The White, and GDP. best wishes everyone
  13. Planet Ganja Down?

    Hey everyone...if PG does remain down, I'm always checking into Opengrow...c u around...
  14. 2009 North American Growers

    No power for 2-3 weeks? Wow, HC...sounds about as bad as the ice storm about a month ago!...the shelters were full that's for sure. I heard a story about a guy in Michigan on the national news yesterday. He was an elderly man who couldn't pay his utility bill and they shut his power. His neighbors found him dead with 4 layers of clothes huddled in his home. One would think he'd find shelter elsewhere but maybe his options were limited. Sad story...no one should go without heat when it's this bad! All the best everyone...stay smart and be safe everyone!
  15. Chaco's Black Diesel

    Umm...Chaco, brother. Wowzers...nice plants! Count me in for this show, gotta love it!