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  1. Hey guys i have a choc mix goin that i had noticed in veg had flat stems.Normally i would of just tossed this plant but due to lack of plants to fill a room this one ended up staying. Once it was switched to flower this is how it ended up growing. There are 2-3 stems and buds like this the rest of the plant is normal.I've done the research and know what it is just thought id share for anyone who has never seen it before. I think i better check for radiation in my grow area this my second mutant in less than a yr lol. The first was a jacks cleaner 2 that was growing mature popcorn nugs out of the fan leaves.
  2. Yup Jordan of the Islands im on a kush hunt atm looking for the one i will keep got a bc canada clone only pk cut, free kush, og and pk to choose from. .
  3. Nice job! Definitely interested in the solventless wax i've made lotsa bubblehash that was almost full melt and you could dab it on a nail although it left a bit of crust which im wondering if you can ever eliminate with ice wax since you arent stripping/dissolving the wax off the outside the trich heads. My only advice is get a good pressurized spray bottle and rinse and rinse in a nice cold environment. I work inside an open chest freezer this seems to help.
  4. Padawan

    Free Kush

    I only had 2 germinate of the 5 both ended up female and this was the nicer of the 2 . My only real complaint would be this stuff goes down like a thistle very rough but well worth the buzz. I have a few plants from another run hangin now that i used diff nutes and medium to see how it changes it if at all,hopefully can take some of the harshness out . Basically dropped all the fancy additives and went back to basics so far i'd have to say my skills are not up to taking advantage of them since this run looked much healthier all the way thru without the additives
  5. Thanks for the reply. It had been awhile since i saw the choc mix description i forgot it wasnt just cheeseberry but cheeseberry haze. I'll leave a bottom branch and stick it in the veg tent until the bud is dry and cured incase it ends up being something special .
  6. This isnt jacks cleaner the clone cut but jc2 a hybrid tga made just to clarify. As for the buzz that really depends who you talk to lol myself i love it although it is strange in the sense you can go from happy and carefree to wtf was that on a seconds notice. Anyone from the maritimes will get this reference. Like Alexander Keith's " Those who like it like it alot" but those who dont end up in the emergency room in a panic with a fluttering heart lol. Most of my friends wont smoke the oil and a few make sure to half dose their tokes when smoking the bud to avoid the raciness. While a bitch to trim and not an amazing yield it does smell and smoke like a lemony haze dream with a strong solvent/cleaner smell hence the name, kicks like a mule and finishes up in about 9 weeks .
  7. Here's a pic i took of the lone choc mix female i gave it a sniff test and i cant really describe it . It's is a light scent and on the sweet side the only other thing ive smelled like it is a cut of choc thai i got to smoke once that i fell in love with it was the most motivating feel good bud ive smoked in my 25 yrs career as a pot head. If this turns out to be like the choc thai i'll be happy but choked at the same time as i didnt take cuts of this to run again. I do have 5-6 of the choc mix seeds left but the chances of finding this same pheno in that few mixed seeds is about as good as winning the lotto you never bought a ticket for .
  8. To be honest i dont care for alcohol extractions much i tend to prefer butane i made this for a friend who likes to do bottle tokes off cigs and wanted the runnier texture to put it on a pin for wiping on the cig heater it was ok off the nail but nothing like the bubblehash or bho from the same strain it smells and tastes very lemony and hits like a mac truck. The same oil in the pic sent one guy to the hospital with a panic attack sure he was dying poor guy they held him 24 hours and were takin blood and doin tests and he was fine after a cpl hours but wouldnt admit what he had done so had to ride it out he no longer speaks to me and a friend cause we rode him so hard about it lol. I often forget most ppl around here at least dont do dabs let alone dabs the size of choc chips . Whoops
  9. Just started some new seedlings will try to follow thru with a grow report which likely wont happen i will show up in a few months with mid flower bud pics as usual. Put these in rapid rooters 2 days ago with some bacto on a heat mat. In my stoned stupor i apparently put 2 seeds in at least one rooter if not 2 lol
  10. Ive had a lot goin on lately and a lone Choc Mix female has been sitting in the back of my tent not getting much attention until i took a look at it the other day its shaping up to be a fine specimen i'll get a pic of it up tonight and let you guys weigh in what i got in my surprise bag as of the other night it had a very nice sweet tropical aroma kind of similar to a c99 i grew. Ive grown diesels and it has no characteristics of it so im pretty sure we can rule that one out im thinkin possibly the buddhas sis or cheeseberry cross. It's 55 days today and looks to be finishing up a few more weeks possibly . Maybe others that have seen all the crosses could shed more light.
  11. Thanks for the tips and encouragement im looking forward to this one alot !
  12. Check out my free kush post in sannies corner i tossed up a cpl pics and a bit of a description Thanks for the compliments everyone.
  13. One day i sat doing dabs off the TI when i noticed a fly circling the vile. He made the mistake of landing on it and voila makeshift fly trap!
  14. Padawan

    Free Kush

    Let's see unfortunately i didnt keep many records this grow my dog had been very sick and we just recently lost him but if my cloudy brain can recollect i started the seeds july 1st they went into solo cups under a small t5 from the the propagator then right into 3.96 gallon pots under 1k hps(Didnt have my halides for veg yet) until aug 31st when i switched the light to 12/12. I believe it can do better since i had 4 diff strains goin and a few of those had diff phenos from seed so i was blanket feeding not tailoring a specific feed schedule for each one. I know it will take a higher ppm and more cal mag. I have 6 of each free kush cuts to test this theory soon. The smell is like bubba kush dipped in turpentine . You get a strong turpentine burn in your nostrils initially with a soapy floral coffee scent in the backdrop, the coffee scent is getting more pronounced as it sits in the jar .This stuff kicked the shit out of my carbon filter.I posted up a pic of the BHO in the hashmaker section instant day ruiner lol
  15. Here is a pic of the Free Kush BHO vac purged at 140 degrees twice . I got the better part of 25 percent 7 grams off 28-30 g's of untrimmed small nug . Good luck getting anything done under the influence of this sap.
  16. Here is a pic of the free kush bubba pheno i took at around 45 days This pheno yields decent smells great, finishes up in 60 days and gave me almost 25 percent return when makin bho ! I will post some dried bud and bho pics in a bit when the camera charges Great genetics for free seeds !
  17. So it's been awhile and the free kush is dry and in a jar curing they both ended up female one a herijuana dom pheno and the other looks like a bubba kush plant. To give an idea i got 7 g's of bho from 30 g's of small dry nug untrimmed. Herijuana pheno got pulled around 50 days due to male parts forming on the underside of a few flowers and the bubba looking pheno went 60 being the better of the 2 in yield appearance and potency dept. I will get some pics of the finished free kush pheno up soon. Now on to the sannies jack f6. I ended up with one female of SJ . Even topped and tied down i ran out of space and had to raise my light as high as i could and turn it down to 600w from 1000w to keep from scorching the tops. It seems to have light bleached it a bit but its going strong and is 75 days in. Just last week it started to foxtail is this a common trait or due to my light being so close ? As of today 75 days the trichs are mostly milky a few still clear and the very odd amber if you look hard and long. How much longer should i give her if any lat all. A small lower clipped off last week was potent but short lived and had a strong lemon haze catpiss aroma even being quick dried over 2 days with a dehumidifier in a hot room with a fan. I've grown quite a few diff indica dominant plants that finish up in 65 days or less but this is the first time ive taken a sativa dominant plant past 10 weeks of flowering any info from other that have grown SJ F6 is appreciated. Here is a pic of at 75 days
  18. Excellent info i was just considering doing this for my brother since alcohol isnt an option and would dissolve the gelcaps i think, and here it is all in a nice concise process . Thanks.
  19. Thats weird Rev you told us it was amazing when you were smoking the finished bud we sent. Y'know the stuff you promised to trade kolossus and madshack bud for, glad i diddin hold my breath waiting . In fact you promised to send cuts of what you had for a cut of it because you could enter it in "the cup" it was so good . Seems you have the JC2 and we're still waiting for the cuts from you? To anyone who has been fooled by this joker(like i was) or was intending to do any type of trade/business with him be warned he talks a big game but thats where it ends. To stay on topic ive grown out the same JC2 and its always performed well for me and is my fave daily smoke.I've also grown out Jilly Bean it had many pheno's all diff and none outstanding while it was decent smoke i wouldnt grow it again.
  20. I grew out the dinafem diesel and while it did not hermi it was some of the worst smelling bud ive ever smelled in my life. It stunk like burning rubber !
  21. Hi dubs i looked through and didnt notice but you mentioned it wasnt very old before you switched to flower i have 2 here that are 4 weeks or so from seed just wondering how old these were before u switched.
  22. Thanks for the input everyone i topped the Jacks and Free Kush a few days ago after transplanting to 5 gallon pots i will likely top the jacks once more before i induce flower or pop it in the flower room early to have it finish in the same time as the rest next run. I still need to get clones off them to keep incase one is worth keeping around. I also put some choc rain choc mix and nycd x kolossus in the propagator my second failed attempt I think it must of not been warm enough since the first time i had condensation inside and the last 2 times none. I got one nycd x kolossus and 2 choc rain but they are barely above soil so they will have to wait til next one I love lemon and haze and i already have a jacks cleaner 2 female that is a lemon cleaner resin monster but its a bitch to trim and produces way too much leaf compared to bud to be a room filler but more so a headstash plant to grow a cpl of each run considering most ppl that smoke it experience extreme anxiety and paranoia something i dont mind in a strain . Although the anxiety qualities can be mellowed out by letting it go longer it will usually spit nanners if left past 9 weeks Just finishing up a run of Joey Weeds c99 and TGA;s Jilly Bean then on to the Free Kush and Sannies Jack. I will try to do a grow report but i tend to slack on anything that doesnt include actually looking after the plants Thanks again for the input and checkin out my thread.As always the vibe is just so awesome here.
  23. Damn man you had to lay it out like that now not only do i have xmas to look forward to but these as well. I only have 2 Sannies Jack F6 and 2 Free Kush fingers are crossed for females.Not sure what the prob is but my first time using the propagator i got 19 of 20 germinated and now the last 2 times i have only got 7 out of 40 germinated . I topped them all last night to try and keep them short i will be bending and training them as they veg to try and keep them low as possible. So no real difference in yield just one big and a few smalls as opposed to 5 or 6 more uniform size ? Or did the ones you topped yield less?
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