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  1. I have just started one that's almost 2 weeks since sprouting. Looking forward to growing this one.
  2. Wow. E$ko, you bring back memories for this old head. The strains you have "revived" were some of the better smoke in the late 60's, early 70's. They stood up to Columbian Red and Gold in those days. Much respect and big thanks to you and El Tibron. This could not have been easily done. I'm not familiar with Jalisco, but the other Big Three I smoked often when available. Younger people will have the opportunity to sample and compare these strains to the modern strains. That should be interesting. I only have grown Fem seeds since I started growing my own, because of plant limits (4), small grow space and my need to grow somewhat perpetual to stay stocked with bud. BTW, I have only grown Fems from Sannie's Shop, this includes your Fem offerings. You have me thinking different. I just might grab these.
  3. @ Balz......that and buy the noisiest toys for birthdays ..... payback. Grandude - Congrats to you and your lady. Also to your daughter, her boyfriend & especially lil Edison! Enjoy Gramps!!!
  4. TOP: I have great success with this system. I'm sure you will too. It's so simple and effective, and the end result is excellent. Good luck TOP! Hope to see you posting great things in the future....I'm sure you will. To answer about adding tabs later in the grow, yes, I have. Works great.
  5. TOP: 1 Starter Kit & 1 Organic Kit plus calculate how many extra Tabs. Grab an extra container of Mycos and Bacto. The Bloom nutes that come with the Kits should get you through the flower cycle. They're good size bottles. This would be for your entire 3 4 x 4 spot grow. Indicator gives excellent advice on using 1 tab per 5 gallon pot. I might still split the tab in half and put one half at the 12 and 6 o'clock positions of the pots, just to even it out.
  6. 1/2 tab per gallon of soil. You can split them. I use a hacksaw blade to score one side, flip it over and score the other side. Snap it in half. Tip: use a small piece of cardboard or newspaper to catch the dust/crumbs, add to your pots. Your Super Soil may be too hot to use with the tabs. I used FF Ocean Forest and it's too hot. Burning and clawing. I tried cutting the OF and still too hot. I switched to FF Happy Frog and it has been working for me. I add 1/16 tablespoon Dolomite lime to my 1 gal pots and 1/8 tablespoon to my 3 gal pots. I use tap water. The key is to use a light soil. No need for additional nutes. The tabs will do the job efficiently. Use the Mycos & Bacto & Bloom according to directions. Your results will amaze you. So simple and easy. You will be very pleased. Sannie's Shop world class genetics and his 4 step system = big, healthy plants dripping in crystals and smells and tastes out of this world! My suggestion would be to order 1 starter kit with your choice of seeds, one organic kit, extra tabs, extra mycos, extra bacto. The Bloom nutes from the Starter/Organic kits should get you through. The bacto will last longer than the mycos in my experience. All of this is based on my experience in my little grow space. I live in the desert SW, USA. I struggle with high temps, low humidity. Elevation here is 5200ft. Good Luck TOP! **you might run into a plant or two occasionally bucking the system. It happens. Out of approx. 40 plants using this system, I've had 1 KF, 1 Mad Shack and 1 Sugar Punch that did. They weren't pretty, but still produced a lot of killer bud.
  7. Yeah .... hey we'd welcome you to NM gladly. I'm thinking you have been around NM. If you have, by chance have you been to Corrales? It's a little town inside a big city....neat place. The winters are relatively mild. Pricey to live there though. Oh, it's on the north side of Albuquerque.
  8. Taos is one community that fits what you're looking for. Maybe a little bigger than you are looking for. It's still cold there though. Santa Fe of course...but it's getting big...and it still gets cold. Most places I can think of in Northern New Mexico do get cold. I know the little towns down south I'm familiar with, most are in the mountains and it still gets cold, like Ruidoso, Cloudcroft. Be sure to check the NM website for the MMJ program requirements. NM has very strict policies. The MMJ products leave a little to desire. Truth is you can get better on the street most of the time. I know for a fact what I grow is much better than any of the meds I've tried from MMJ shops. The limited amount available for the number of patients is a problem currently. A PPL (Personal Production License) is currently $30/yr. You are allowed 12 veg. & 4 budding plants. You can have up to 6 ounces of dried flowers. MMJ license and PPL must be renewed yearly with Dr. certification....meaning you must see your Dr. and have them sign & certify your application/renewal. Some qualifying conditions require a specialist certification as well (ex - Pain Management Specialist). Good luck
  9. Sannie's Shop fem seeds...Mad Scientist (white widow x Herijuana), Herijuana Fem, Candy Kush. You might even try Extrema before it's gone. I've grown Mad Scientist several times. Good smoke...strong. Extrema I've grown as well and is also very good smoke...strong. Extrema is ChemD x Herijuana I believe. I've not grown Herijuana yet. I just planted a Candy Kush so I can't help there. All of these are Indica dominant by the descriptions. Good Luck TOP.
  10. Native Roots


    I have zero knowledge or experience with LED grow lights. I have heard and read about Area 51 LED lights. a51led.com/store/ edit: kind of sounds like "but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night". Just offering up the website and brand. I have no affiliation with that company. I know nothing about LED.
  11. Edgar9: I put a Mad Scientist into flower on Mar. 1. It was 19-20 inches at that time. I just measured her and she is 41 inches from soil. I've grown Mad Scientist from seed several times. Most seem to double in height after flower stretch. Really like this strain. Nice smoke. Buds get big and dense. They get real frosty as well. My experience is trichs form as soon as buds start to form. Easy to trim as well. The side shoots tend to get long as well. Might need to support the plant later in flower. Can't help with the Candy Kush. I have just put one in soil. @GA....we think alike. I have Mad Scientist, Mad Shack & Mad Kush in flower and just put a Mad Scientist x JackBerry in dirt with the Candy Kush. Would like to have a run of "Total Madness" in the future. Good Luck Edgar....sounds like a great grow!
  12. @ LiL ACE....hahahaha....beautiful pics......am I the only one that noticed a the "screaming head" in the Shackzilla pic??? Is this a "self-portrait" after a hit??? Just kidding..
  13. Lexn: I've always enjoyed your grow threads. I hope you can sort out your problem(s). Below I copied Canna's info on your soil mix. The last paragraph caught my eye. Are you using Sannie's tabs? Terra Professional Plus CANNA Terra Professional Plus formula was developed to fulfill the desire of creating the purest soil mix possible and to obtain the best effects with CANNA TERRA nutrients. CANNA Terra Professional Plus is made up from raw materials each of the highest quality. Exclusive, high grade ingredients such as airy peat moss and different types of tree bark (as a substitute for perlite) are components of CANNA Terra Professional Plus. They have an antiseptic effect and increase aeration qualities. This has a direct result in promoting exceptional root development and formation of thicker stems, while faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure an increased production. CANNA Terra Professional Plus is enriched with special feeding mixes, containing all the elements plants need during their first week, meaning no additional feeding is needed at that time! The medium is also pH-adjusted for long-term control with a lime charge large enough to last an entire cycle. It has a mineral-nutrient starter charge that adjusts the initial level of nutrients up to a good beginning charge, correcting the ratios to work perfectly with CANNA TERRA nutrients.
  14. Just received my package today (SW USA). Left NL on 03 Mar., arrived in San Francisco on 05 Mar., left Customs in SF on 06 Mar. Excellent service as usual from Knutsel & Sannie. Ordered the Organic Kit, extra Tabs, 1 pack Sugar Punch, 1 pack Candy Kush, 1 pack Mad Scientist. Also received Mad Scientist/Jackberry gift. THANKS SANNIE & KNUTSEL!!!
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