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  1. i have three amazing, distinct phenotypes all worthy of keeping, but not one quite like that. Nicely done. is that a side branch from a monster plant or what?
  2. hey guys, i was reviewing some pictures i took in the dark the other day and thought ide share. #1, 2 , 3, 4 starting from the right front to the back left, i think #2 is the best, most balanced pheno, but the short, heavy #3 looks pretty cool too. #1 is kinda thin but looks sweet as candy.
  3. lookin pretty awesome. also that one right in front of it looks nice as well. mine are looking really sweet, and have become much more distinct. i have 1 thats the shortest, with the fattest nugs that are already getting hints of purple on the tips and the hairs are also changing and buds swelling. another (from the earlier closeup) is a bit more lanky, much more spacious airy buds but full of crystals youde think it was a different strain, i think it will fill out nicely, and taste amazing as this might be the aroma winner when you rub a sugar leaf. another is about halfway in between these, and is developing BIG DENSE WHITE nugs that have no sign of changing hairs or slowing down. the last plant is the most sretchy and easily has the smallest buds (even though they already look swelled) so unless something crazy comes up ill let this one go.
  4. at least shes pretty big. i bet you will get a decent amount. i usually take my clones right after sexing, its not too late to take some more....
  5. im also watching with particular interest in those 5 i pretty confident all my recent ones were males, but i am not discouraged. I can't wait to plant more, i know they will be great. Your grow looks great, and it looks like we have similar tastes. Too bad I screwed up my first chuckys and lost the rest of them, and i can't wait to try the cr either. i think both will be on my next order.
  6. looking great urban. turns out all the plants i had topped were males, but i definitely should have done all of them. oh well, next time. 3 of my 4 plants now look exactly the same, and the other is similar height, and none look how i imagined the hk would, i might have 4 ccks, idk anymore. one of the clones (from the odd one) rooted in like 3 days without rooting hormone or anything its a new record for me, im sure the others will be fine too. ok here they are. the back three are super similar, the front one has a more rigid stem, and smaller leaves with a slightly different shape and is a super fast cloner. though they are all looking more similar by the day the front one im switching the bulb to hps tonight P.S. love your pots.
  7. best of luck to you, i ended up with 5 males from 9 seeds worst luck yet but it could be worse. think its 3 cck and 1 hk.
  8. yeah man, you will have nice sized girls. i, on the otherhand, have not harvested in months an won't until these finish. im chompin the bit on these and just hoping theyre big enough to last until their clones are ready. probably won't though, oh well close enough. found another male hk today, but have 2 confirmed cck females, and likely a third. 5 plants left. more hk seeds at the ready. dont think i havent thought about it. i cant wait to be back in rhythm.
  9. removed the large plant in front that was bent just before the picture as i could clearly see it was male today. also the two on the left side of the other bin are males i need to take out, both HKs
  10. That makes me wish I'd topped my ckks when i had the chance
  11. I know theyre really tight but im expecting some males. the center back and the 2 right ones on top are cck, and i think the 2 left ones in the front, but i mixed those ones up. the rest are huckleberry kush. cant figure out which im more excited for. really hoping for a ms u dom, having grown that before i really want some more and a little sativa because i know the hk will be stoney as a rock. excited to see yours
  12. I have 5 ccks that ave about the Same age as yours that I'm very excited about as well. I will be following closely... don't forget to finish your report! lol
  13. This is very good to hear, I have 5 HKs just starting flower now. Hoping very much that they are girls. Ive done the mt hood f2 freebies so kinda know what to expect and couldn't be more excited!! Thank You Prof!
  14. one of my jb/madsci beans didn't sprout, perhaps an upsidedown problem. The other one has been looking pretty rough and i didn't think it would make it, but so far its pulling through. its had twisted, wrinkly and offcolor leaves, but i think she'll grow out of it. super excited for her.
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