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  1. Azad

    Amnesia Haze x G13 Haze.jpg

    Yes sir that’s a beautiful cultivar. One that’s been sort after by myself for a while
  2. Azad


    Wow that’s a beautiful pheno
  3. Azad


    Very nice mate
  4. Amazing. Airborne jack sounds very interesting and look special too.
  5. Azad

    Hey bro. I’m azad from uk. Finally I have the A5 clone also the s5 I’d like to get some seeds(emperors haze) to find males to breed to preserve the A5

    . So if you can kindly share some with me I will in turn send you out a bunch of seeds from my attempts .

    let me know

    best wishes 


  6. Wow I'm loving the gg4 clone. It's fast growing and yields well. Don't miss out grab it Az
  7. Azad

    Black Afghani

    Nice to see the black Afghanis wow a blueberry pheno. I hope they restock this line soon.
  8. Abermectin and ivermectin kills em, so use products like, Plant vitality. Dr Schimmel or Harkers mectin to wipe out broad mites.
  9. Great looking buds^^ I missed this offering from sannies. I'm wishing more will be available in the near future.
  10. I think you may have broad mites on your plants. Check with 100x magnifier you will see them sacking the life out of your plants ivermectin kills em dead. Also plant vitality. All the best friend
  11. Azad

    Chem D.

    Mighty tasty looking D nug...enjoy
  12. I look forward to the next batch of ladycane seeds..All the best
  13. Wish the levendar and lady cane show thier face again.
  14. Good post friend !! The smoker of fine erbs,becomes a seeker of sorts like a sufi. but the sufi is not distracted from his path, untill it leads him to his celestial home.
  15. Azad


    Hello all at OpenGrow...Im Azad from the UK..It looks nice and bright in here... Happy to join the fun.......Stay well and grow strong!!
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