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  1. It's going to be my rare treat Try some landrace sativas for some novels flavours. I regret not doing them before. Also made seeds.
  2. Can't take good pics. This is one of my zamaldelicas. Blew away my notions that landrace Sativas won't yield indoors. Smell like nothing else i've smoked. Smells like sesame seeds and chestnuts. Better pics to come.
  3. WW x SS Foul smell, kinda like dog shit. Sounds daft but true.
  4. White widow x super skunk Coffee and ammonia pheno
  5. Discovery by Le Rat. Cola kushy chemy on the nose. Resilient terps that really reek when burned.
  6. Bonsai zamaldelica from Ace. Unreal wood and chestnuts smell. No skunks or haze smells. Just "African." Plants not tip top due to this extreme cold snap.
  7. White widow x super skunk. Must be a US east coast super skunk rather than the Dutch type because it's quite chemy with a rich old school WW earthiness. Quite like sannie's mad scientist. Slight ammonia and garlic undertone. Pollinated a couple of lower popcorn buds with an early zamaldelica male.
  8. White Widow x Super Skunk by ripper - thought i'd try an old schooler. Smells like an earthy, lemony WW (kind of like Sannie's mad scientist with less funk) but with a catpiss/chem smell from the SS. Sour Ripper by Ripper: Grapefruits and chems galore. Super frosty and robust with good buds forming even in the shade. Discovery by Le Rat. Kushy cola smell with a fresh yet spicy watermelon note. Tall and hungry but mostly due to its vigour. Bonsai Zamaldelicas by ACE. Too small and young to know yet but smell subtle and understated like root vegetables and aromatic wood so far. Made seeds with a very early woody male and a more carrot smelling male. Worm casts and grass really seem to be making the flavours come out
  9. Can't wait for your mad sci. It's like the best pheno of heri but more nutty and funky
  10. Strange that all the stock is gone by 2 weeks too. Did something happen? Hope they are stay.
  11. They were just showing recent crosses. Is this still correct?
  12. Exited to try your new green manalishi. I recognised her crinkle of the leaf and the black green colour that look like too much N but is just a generic trait. Hope this GmF2 pheno (one in the pic) is still there her flavour is not complex but the smoking character is uniquely buttery, greasy and hashy - not merely in the flavour but the feel of the smoke. I wish I saved her and a green blackcurrant pheno of your blue hammer x durganchitral freebie. Elated the shop still has it. Along with mad scient nut pheno and a few of boudica phenos, it's the best weed I've smoked. ,
  13. - Blue hammer F3 - GG -x airborne jack - Mexican haze x airborne jack. Thanks guys
  14. The Green Manalishi F2 was one of the best all-round plants I've grown. The very best for dry sift hash. High surface area and greasy, buttery oil coats the huge foxtails. Wish I kept a mother alive. Glad to have you guys back.
  15. Lovely vigour!! How is the stem rub smell?
  16. l am scoping Cannabellas' Strawberry cream pie - which is an F2 of some Chocolate Rain strawberry phenos. I've only heard good things from them and they are not chasing trends with cookies or whatever is hot in the US at the moment; hell the fact they are breeding with Esko's genetics is a good sign because that implies they know quality when they smoke or grow it. . l hear ya. l still shake my head at the thought failing to re-veg a garlic smelling boudica pheno l had, though l did makes seeds with my best pineapple boudica male.
  17. l have smoked her for years but this is my first time growing with it. Didn't need anything special. Not fussy.
  18. lt was paler but l let it go for a bit longer. Some of the tips have even turned purple. Very gummy and sticky. These are the UGORG seeds. Very happy with the flavour. Like and older skunk and similar to the UK Cheese but more complex. Smells like berries, coffee, and has an earthy sweetness the cheese lacks. Sweet like chestnuts and earth but not candy or fruit sweet. Love it!
  19. l also made seeds with the pinapple boudica male and this herijuana female. Sorry for pic quality. Will loan a better cam.
  20. This is the UK Blues mother.
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