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  1. That's exactly the method I'm using, I think it works better than an official propagator. The only thing I'm doing different is that I keep on the bag with the rubber to keep tight without holes for three days and then I just take off the rubber, but still on the cup, for another week and then I take off the bag.
  2. I was wondering if that can be done and still have productive plants. I'm planning to sow three clones (of the same pheno) in a 65 lit (18 gal) container, should I go for it ?
  3. How do you know which seeds are available as freebies?
  4. In any case u should have the option to choose
  5. So yes I was confused because I've seen the Mad kush at the Breeders choice section. We need a page dedicated to Esco's seeds. And also to cultivate (and breed) only feminised seeds isn't a crime actually...Amen.
  6. It's been quite a long time without any Escobar feminised seeds. Last gone the Mad Kush and now they are all out of stock. Does anyone knows if they will restock ? Peace.
  7. Ive just received my Herijuana with the Killaqueen x Bluehammer, wow! Sannie, respect.
  8. Sorry if I sounded rude, but I was waiting for those seeds to exist for tooo long..As far as I understand the SM is a rather landrace plant and such as she would perform far better in an outdoor cultivation. And from what I've read if esko approved those seeds to let go in the shop, then they should be ok. And I'm sure an outdoor growing will be only in favour for the SM.
  9. Yeah I also think that maybe Santa Maria is some kind of a landrace plant and would perform better growing outside, which I will eventually do. And yes maybe it should worth to take that risk, since SM is a myth..and also, from what I read, esko seems to be a decent breeder. I also feel that that the new thread that I started about that, is really unnecessary. Peace and good luck to all.
  10. Yes it's true, but if someone before you do this, then you will end up with less surprises. And that is the reason for me being here, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Peace.
  11. I was like crazy to make in time for having those Santa Maria free seeds and I did it. And then I read in this site a grow journal from lenx who actually grow this SM two times. Both of the times the plant hermied and the smoke was not good. So, are those freebies of Santa Maria I've got the same as lenx used? Also lenx said that the seeds of Santa Maria came out from a bag that said : feminised seeds... So, esko, could you tell me what's the deal with those Santa Maria freebies? I mean if the seeds are untested, I really don't have the time to run a test for it.. Ofcourse they were free, nothing to complain, but it really will save me the time and the effort. Peace.
  12. A question for e$ko: those freebies of Santa Maria are the same seeds that lenx used to grow? I'm asking that because in two different grows of the Santa Maria, the plant hermied and the smoke was not a big deal... I mean I want to grow the Santa Maria only if it's tested, I do not wish to run a test for myself, I really don't have the time for that. And that is why I'm buying seeds...
  13. Well the thing is that I was like crazy to make in time and have those Santa Maria seeds. And from what I'm reading those seeds in two different grows hermied and plus the smoke was not such a great thing. Also the seeds that hermied came from a feminised pack. So those freebies Santa Maria seeds was the same as lenx had? Then I guess they will be not good...at all.. What a pitty..If it's a waste of time why should I bother? I need to grow tested and trustfull seeds, not experimenting with those..
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