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  1. very nice fasten your seat belt these things getting huge good luck upcoming weeks
  2. Shake'N'Bake

    last days

  3. Hey polder thanks for replying, it was just below my air inlet . Im lucky it was just one plant i didnt notice at first . It looks discusting actually not a good thing to have .
  4. https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/152120-dsc-0500/ Does anyone know what kinda pest this could be? I dont know how to copy paste on a ipad so click the link ive provided, i found this on the last plant on the harvest ,just on one plant . I never seen this before .....would be nice if some one could chime in .
  5. Thanks rob, youre right . Thanks a lot its not a big surgery tho but its my first time ever so nervious as hell lol. Take care buddie
  6. Howdy esko , Thank you ,yes they were more or less ready but they were still drinking alot . i dont know the parentage . These cuttings came from my freind his fresh mother plants. They were almost all the same in structure smell .
  7. hi guys thanks for the kind words and positive feedback . yesterday i started the first part of the harvest , i cant and have nothing to complain about the weight and quality because they could have been a week longer . but i have this upcoming week a surgery so im a bit in a rush . from top to bottom they are rock hard and very easy to trim . from the 40 plants ive done so far i have a wet weight of 5.5 . so 26 % is dry weight. the last 14 days ive been watering with the hand because i wanted to make sure each plants would have been taking care for instead of overwatering . why they are the size that they are right now i dont know really never had them this small but i like what ive seen so far. its alot of manicuring the topped plants compared to to non topped plants . the sannie way and together with bac is a prooven combination and i will continue to work with this . forget all the boosters the less you add the more and harder the end product will be . i will upload some images when i find the time in a few days . thanks all for chiming in and good luck with whatever yall are doing
  8. day 56 . a lot of progress is been made in this last week ,i think 75-80 % is ready to take down besides the biggest ones, they keep adding white foxtails . the ones that are ready are good and hard same goes for the bottom flowers , didnt spot any airy fluffy ones. they still drink a lot around a half gallon per day. like i said before they just get plain tab water . most of them are falling down or to one side were there is more light . i have the same size size of this room on the same location but in a mammoth tent and without bio tabs just mineral nutritions and they are far behind like a week or so . some images of today.
  9. thx guys , yes they look like they need some more time .. the buckets are 3 gallon papa , the room is around 10 x 10 if im not mistaken
  10. thx dudes . day 46 or 47 . i started giving plain tab water since a few days and i will continue to do so up until the end. hope they will put some more weight to it up coming weeks because im missing the big fat buds in here , i have a lot of small rock hard ones .
  11. Shake'N'Bake


  12. Shake'N'Bake

    S5 haze

    good job T. enjoy the harvest
  13. no i didnt soi , wish i would bump into someone who has lemon haze cuttings . sugar punch would be nice too .two awesome plants that i like very much . when im moving to a small farm house that im looking for at the moment ,i will give it shot just for personal use.
  14. thx soi .. yes a full house indeed . have to take some words back in this topic . i didnt use aptus nor did i use ghe was planning too, but changed my mined. i stick to bac for now .
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