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  1. Best wishes and good luck If you should need an employee some day, send a mail to me Regards
  2. Thanks for your answers! Merry Christmas to everybody
  3. Hi opengrow, I have one buffertab left and don't want to feed with bottles this time, could I dissolve the tab in a few liters of water and feed the plants with it?
  4. Lovely pollen I love the taste Cheeseberry Haze, Shack, Jackberry x Mad Scientist , Soma NYCD - Hash 110 micron Only from trimmings, made with the pollenshaker
  5. This^^ The feeling of shrooms is nasty but nice at the same time. Try to eat fresh shrooms, and you'll have a heavy bodyload you cant stand. Knees getting very weak, as if everything of your body is made of rubber. Legs and arms look and feel like they are a few meters long. Patterns are moving to you and seem like they are vibrating or in higher dosages every colors will get into a big abstract painting. And the best thing; Go and trip outside, you will notice sounds you have never heard before. For example I was next to a intersection light and you are able to notice sounds that you would ignore in the daily life because it would be too much information for the brain at once. Or take some mobile phone or a simple spoon in to your hands, it will fascinate you on shrooms like as you have seen it for the first time. In the following days of the trip you will remember different scenes of your life you did not think of for years and it will feel as if the memory was from yesterday. Shrooms are teaching you to love the earth, your life and your fellas in some kind of way.
  6. Teufel


    Pakistani grown in morocco is my favourite type of hash. You'll get so stoned from it, that it challenges homegrown weed. If I just could get my hands regularly on this hash. I prefer the effects more than from cannabis. Usually the paki reminds me most to weed in smell, effects and smoking experience. It doesn't get much better than that in my opinion except for hash made from sensimilia from popular seed banks, like Skunk#1 hash for example but it seems like you'll get stuff like this only with further connections....Bring em the seeds, come again in winter and buy many kilos of it, lol. And the manali I tried was the best tasting hash ever. And I really smoked some different kind of hashes...Smells and tastes like pines, mint and wood with hints of the typical moroccan flavour. So sticky that you can't crumble it easily because it will stick to your fingers like charras. Very balanced high. Simply exceptional Make sure to find something like this or probably even better; Blonde creamy moroccan. Tasted very sweet and a bit like honey, smelled like flowers with that moroccan flavour, deep relaxing stone I would never experience from cannabis. Brick was slightly pressed, you could split it up by your hands I made the experience that the fewer it is pressed the better is the quality. Stay away from that stuff where you need knifes to cut it. The problem with hash like this is that it is expensive as f*ck. 9-14€ a gram. For this money you'll get the top haze's in the netherlands. But it's the price I like to pay for it because every hash tells a story. It's a different feeling of smoking it when you know that it travelled around the globe. I would LOVE to smoke some raw unpressed pollen. Try to get a big chunk of it
  7. I contacted GHS a while ago and got this response; "I'm sorry to read that you feel so let down by the first releases through Strain Hunters Seed bank and I can totally understand your point of view. it's taking longer than we expected to stabilise the varities to make them available and viable for sale. Franco and his team have been working hard on this as well as many other projects and they would rather have the quality assured than produce mediocre quality seeds. Also part of the purpose of the expeditions is also to catalogue and protect landraces and this is important to ensure that there genetics are not lost. This is all part of there work and its not only about selling to the public. I hope that you can understand that their motivation is genuine and not purely commercial. As far as the current releases they might not be pure landraces but they are proving very popular and Flower Bomb Kush for instance e has won many awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup 2012 and was 1st in a blind testing at Spannabis 2012 also. They may not be pure landraces but theory are quality genetics. Lastly I can tell you that we will be releasing pure land races in regular form later this year. I don't have any dates but there will be an announcement through our newsletter when they are released. I hope this gives a little better understanding of our company and that Franco and Arjan are good to their word." $$$
  8. Some time ago I have grown 3 plants outdoors to 40-50cm and tried to get them into flower indoors with a lamp, the result was that all of the plants died because of spider mites.
  9. Hi, the light was running non stop for two days and the filter isn't running when the plants sleep so it got very hot inside the box and a few leafs burnt I agree about the yields and plant sizes, you can see the differences Pictures are from today veg day 43, I think I'll start the flower soon
  10. HI, I think it's too hot in the greenhouse; This is how the plant reacts to missing ventilation and too high temperatures
  11. Edit; What I forgot; There are adapters for the first bong available so that you can smoke a regular bowl. I spotted it in the local headshop some time ago
  12. 18.8mm and you do not need to buy anything, of course regular bowls won't fit It wouldn't fit. 1. Link is a 18.8mm and the second is 14.5mm. Here's the 18.mm version; http://www.blackleaf...us-titan-3.html This would have the advantage that you can smoke weed/hash/concentrates in the bubbler^^ Makes sense
  13. I had a Blaze with the shape of the second one except for the percs and splash guard but with a diffuser. When the bongs got the shape of an erlenmeyer flask you need to drag the bowl out of the chillum like a "hollandbong", otherwise you can't empty the flask because of missing breath. I didn't like it and gave a bong worth 120€ to a friend.... I would buy the first one or a small bubbler with concentrates bowls but do you really want to order glass overseas? lol They should be much cheaper in germany because it's a german company Edit; You got it
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