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  1. looking forward to new santero strains. https://en.seedfinder.eu/database/breeder/Santero/ I guess/hope your priority is mainly the taste when creating a new strain
  2. High there Unfortunaley im used to smoke weed with tobaco as most europeans do but I wanna get rid of the nicotine addiction so I wanna start smoking my wiet raw. First question: should I buy some specific papers or will usual long papes do the job? I think raw joints dont burn as well like ones with tobaco so maybe better papers will help? Im using rizla blue for my joints with tobaco since they have the best taste. Any recommendations for raw joints? 2nd: Do I need to put more weed into a raw joint to get to a certain high level? I dont wanna waste the good stuff. Sometimes 0,3g are enough to get quite stoned but 0,3g in a raw joint is... soo little it will be hard to roll. I guess I will take replacement tobaco without nicotine for the bottom of the raw joints so I wont need to smoke to the filter to not waste the good stuff. Any other things I need to know?
  3. as already mentioned: time (2 weeks) time is also the best solution for spidermites and other unwanted guests to get rid off
  4. put it under a microscope and you'll know
  5. im thinking to place an order just to get those nycd f3 seeds... they sound very promising
  6. they actually changed it. At least the terra line because i used to use 1ml/l to get to 1,0ec and then suddenly 2ml-2,5ml/l for 1,0ec
  7. they definateley are "watered-down". Its about 4x less concentrated
  8. as a customer nobody will like a price increase but 5€ are justified if its needed to keep the whole shop alive. compared to sensiseeeds 100% price increase or serious seeds 50% price increase... 5€ seems to be nothing.
  9. does drying in one piece (before the actual curing process) increase smell & taste significantly? @sannie awesome ladys. They can win a beauty contest!
  10. choco rain fems are available imho boudica > chuckys bride but holy princess is a different story
  11. high all regular smokers know how the thc effect decreases over a period of time. Myself as a heavy smoker builts up the tolerance quite fast because I love being high from breakfast to sleep every day (i guess the breakfast joint is really bad for tolerance built up). Unfortunaley my tolerance gets this up after just 2-3days extreme usage that only the first joint and maybe the second joint have a little effect on me. After 1 week break without pot my tolerance is almost reset and a single joint from the same pot get me high as fock, a second/third joint sends me almost to sleep. Then again 2-3 funny high days and then nothing really kicks me again and i have to force myself... The problem is I find it hard to not smoke weed when i have some good stuff and time/oppertunity to smoke. Im weed addictive thats a fact so I cant say no untill its gone. After a harvest there are up to 600g till its gone. So most of the time I make a smoke break after those 600g are gone till next harvest. This means im just 2-3 days high after a harvest which sucks. How do you manage to get regulary really high and prevent your thc built up? btw any growers out there who doesnt smoke daily?
  12. I saw the new Los Andikush (kali kush x green manalishi) i guess you meant killa kush x green manalishi?
  13. Great action from you guys! This is the way to spread love to stoners ^^ crazyhigh
  14. rumors said the cdm lamp benefits are mainly for sativa plants while indicas are developing worse than under a hps. And buds should be slightly more leafy but frostier. Can anyone confirm it or is it just bs? edit: as much as I know a cdm gives more yield/watt than a hps. Ofc a hps with more wattage will produce more yield...
  15. they almost look too good to eat. Just
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