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  1. Welcome fella. You say you want to start with good genetics ? Look no further. Sannies gear is some of the best fire out there. If you wanna start out with something easy to grow and produces some rock hard buds and will put you lights out, try his Herijuana.
  2. WoW... Just WoW, I cant believe how small this world can be. Whats the chances of running into someone from the same little shit town in such a worldly place as this....
  3. Welcome Aboard !! ( I need to drop in more often myself ) Hope all is well with everybody round these parts. Great bunch of folks`` Cob
  4. I have to combat it all the time too with my growroom in my old musty basement. All the usual precautions as mentioned here but I swear the biggest risk to those prone too it is just buds that are too danged big and dense. Funny how thats often what we strive for, but those of us with mold issues will most likely see it in those biggest most dense buds on the plants. Those big ole bananna buds make me wary of it all the time. Good to see you all again C
  5. This sucks ass big time, I dont know ya bro but we all feel a certain brotherhood in the cultivation family and its a hit to all of us. I wish you the best of luck and hope this works out as best as it can for you. Sounds like you've already made some positive impressions with some people and you never know when that will come back to help you. Good luck Cob
  6. Welcome aboard friend. Yeah, some solid looking SourAK for sure.
  7. Welcome to these forums. This is a great place to learn about and discuss the common interest and especially when it comes to Sannies wares. And yes, when it comes to Heri, most here will attest to its potential to move one from a vertical to a horizontal position !! Happy growing !!
  8. Yep, just say " I'm told I have a package to pick up" and nothing more. Its good, that means its made it most of the way !
  9. ...and they never recovered from that.
  10. Welcome ..and it sounds like your more than ready.. ...to grow some of Sannies gear that is !!
  11. WoW Theres some great strains mentioned here. I'm like the fat guy in the pastry shop thinking about it. I wish I could teleport myself and tour everybodys gardens. "MarionBerry" I wonder if thats a relative of the "Green Crack" I have in my nursery Happy Growing to all !!
  12. I'm excited about this Humboldt version of Blue Dream and Green Crack thats recently born in my nursery. Those beans were burning a hole in their container.
  13. Andy Griffith Show? Say....thats right up my alley. Welcome aboard.
  14. Oh that looks just lovely. Yeah Smokey this is my first try at it. The Humboldt variety of BD that is. I hope to let it veg and LST them a good long time.
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