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  1. Sho! Been so sick and then busy busy.... Did no updates. Here are some Sugar Punch Bud Shots! What a beautiful strain Sannies! A real keeper... Sweet Fruity Rock Hard Buds coated in Crystal ! Sugar Punch is Beautiful..... Beautiful
  2. Epic Growing Islayhearts! Hats Off What week are your ladies currently on?
  3. wow! Sannie! Thank you, what an absolute Honor to have you comment here. I hope I can keep it up The buds are starting to come along now... Update The girls are now 26 days into 12/12! They struggled a bit thanks to me not paying them proper attention, but they are all bouncing back now after a light feed. In some of the shots I used the flash so you could see all the trichomes already forming at Day 26! Sugar Punch - Plant 1 Sugar Punch - Plant 2 Glo F2 This girl took a hard knock but is bouncing back well SilverFields x Boudica Glo F2 Male & Silverfields x Boudica males too
  4. Update NL 2nd wk 12/12 Group Shot, wk 4-5 The following 3 were moved into 12/12 yesterday (15/05) Glo F2, wk 5 Sugar Punch, wk 5 Silverfields X Boudica, wk 5
  5. Resin Seeds have high CBD strains.... Check out their strain "Cannatonic" has a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1
  6. Update NL - 1wk into 12/12 Cold & Waking up... Group - SugarPunch, Glo F2 & SFxB SugarPunch - 3-4wk Glo F2 - 3-4wk SilverFields x Boudica 3-4wk
  7. Weekly Update Sadly I managed to completely flop on popping the Kandy Kush & Purple OG, what a crap feeling. Not sure how I messed up, as the last seed run was a 8/8 success . The other girls are still growing strong NorthernLights strong tight branching - Happy swazigh! 1st round Glo F2, SilverFields x Boudica & Sugar Punch starting from the left Glo F2 SilverFields x Boudica Sugar Punch 2nd round Glo F2, SilverFields x Boudica & Sugar Punch Sugar Punch Group Shot in veg cab
  8. Thanks All for the warm replies, will do my best to please the high expectations! I cannot wait for the precious flowers, especially Sugar Punch, she has been on my list a long time
  9. Hello Open Growers Great to be posting a grow here again! Had a busy busy year start, tho now settled enough to share a grow again :ireee: The plants are vegging under a 250w MH, the DIY cab is 60cm x 60cm x120cm H. Cooling is a box fan blowing on globe, Passive Intake & Active Extraction (1 x 105m^3/h). The grow is 100% Organic using Promix, to this I added Mycoroot and a top dressing of Worm Castings. Currently only adding Water and EM Pro-Soil (Efficient Microbes), tho will soon feed with a dose of local organic plant feed called Vermitreat (high in Nitrogen). Currently I have the following strains: Sugar Punch (Sannies Seeds) Silverfields x Boudica (Sannies Seeds) Glo F2 (Magilla seeds "Cannazon Freebees") Northern Lights (Seedsman) & Popping: Kandy Kush (Reserva Privada) Purple OG #18 (Reserva Privada) NL Roots at Transplanting, end Wk 4 NL Wk 5 Sugar Punch, Silverfields x Boudica & Glo F2 Starting Wk 3 2nd Round of Sugar Punch, Silverfields x Boudica & Glo F2 Starting Wk 2 Group Shot, including Kandy Kush and OG #18 to sprout Weekly Updates to follow
  10. Here are some pictures, Mad Kush clones, healthy and ready to go Exodus Cheese The Roots....
  11. Howdy Anonymoose, I clone in coco under a desk lamp + heat pad, no humidity dome. Be sure the coco is fresh. I like to add biobizz biogrow to fortify the coco with nutes, otherwise I experience cal/mag deficiency with clones. Always great success with coco and cloning! Will be back with pics soon
  12. Wow ! Wonderful grow Dr Bonez, thank you for sharing it. Respect to getting the roots so healthy! What product do you use to add the microbes to the system? It has worked very well!
  13. Greets 435! Ready for take off, serious strains you got! KO Kush has a smell and taste that is heaven to me, pure smoking pleasure. The lovely green hue sure hints that they are going to go BOOOOM! Mad Kush looking real tasty in those pics too, glad you enjoyed
  14. Update Miss Universe Pheno #1 (40%) xmas tree structure, smells and flavors or pineapple/hashy caramel/haze with hints of berry. 9 week bloom, PM resistant, and tight inter-nodal spacing. 1x stretch.. Pheno #3 (10%) has the most stretch and longest bloom time.. Although she is more rare, I have grown her and love her! She grows foxtails/dreadlocks towards mid/late bloom... Expect smells and flavors ranging from cherry/pineapple/haze/vanilla.. 2x stretch Chuckys Bride
  15. Thank you all for the Feedback! Wonderful comments & encourgament, these forums have been a big drving factor for me. Been learning here for years now, happy to finally be sharing the experience All the Pheno's i got were similar in structure, good luck with the rest of your seeds
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