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  1. There is no creative way to get around the need for new plants to add to your perpetual harvest. If you don't have the room for a second grow area then you have to give up the perpetual harvest idea. You can still grow, it just won't be perpetual. Reason being that you need two different light cycles. The plants flowering will be on 12/12 but any plant being prepared to go into the flowering area will need to be vegging which typically calls for lights to be on 18 hours instead of just 12 hours. The vegging area doesn't have to meet the same criteria as a flowering area. The plants there will be too young to have much of a smell so odor control isn't required. You can use simple fluorescent lighting. You don't have to worry about light leaks since the plants there aren't in flowering. All you really need is a small table, heck I've even seen people create veg areas in rubbermaid storage tubs. You're not going to need much if your flower area is so small you're only adding 1 plant per week.
  2. I think what happened with that was something like the telephone game where you have people pass along a message one to another and by the time it gets to the end the message is very different then when it started. As I remember it on Overgrow in the bit on curing, it said wait until the stems snap. Not snap in two, but I think people took it to mean that and so snap became break and next thing you know faulty info is going around. I typically end up drying my buds 7-9 days depending on the RH and I notice that when you bend the stems they won't necessarily break but you'll hear a snapping sound. So I'm wondering if the original advice of waiting until the stems snap meant snap as in make noise and not as in break in two?
  3. I'm not sure if you ever got the answer you were looking for. The question you posted as the thread title might have confused some folks because the question is very similar to a how to thread that was posted on the site Joker mentioned. That thread basically talked about how using a small space, a strain called lowryder (flowers automatically even under constant light and only grows about a foot tall) and a small light, to produce a regular supply of smoke. That idea is all well and good but lowryder is not a particularly potent strain and regardless of how potent a strain is, if it's the only strain you smoke for a long enough time, you'll get tired of it. Unfortunately that old thread counted heavily on using lowryder to make the plan work, you couldn't just switch up strains and have it still work unless the strain was also auto flowering and didn't grow more then a foot tall. What it seems like you're really after is the how to's of a perpetual harvest. Basically that's just a grow where the plants are placed into flowering at staggard times, so that they are harvested at staggered times. Most strains people grow are 8 week strains, meaning it takes 8 weeks to fully flower them (give or take a few days). Some go longer but those are sativa or sativa dominent strains and would be too big for a 2'x2' space. Anyway lets say you only grow 4 plants under that light, to stagger them evenly for a 8 week period you would place one into flower every two weeks. So every two weeks is probably the best you can do with that light because a light that small isn't going to effectively cover more then 4 plants, even 4 is pushing it. Then again a space that small couldn't take much more then a light that small or else you'll have major heat issues. I'd say in a 2'x2' space the maximum wattage you're looking at is a 250W HID. Anyway if you have 4 plants each two weeks apart then after the first one hits 8 weeks and is ready to harvest you'll have one ready to harvest every two weeks. All you need do then to make it perpetual is that every time you pull one out for harvest you put a new one in to flower. Now whether you will have 2 ounces every harvest depends on the strain and the number of plants. I'm doubtful you'll get those numbers. The older thread that talked about getting that yield from lowryder, counted on the description of lowryder that suggested one harvested plant yields a 1/4 to a 1/2 ounce so 1/4 x 8 = 2 or 1/2 x 4 = 2 but you can't always count on that, especially with a low wattage light. You could have a perpetual harvest where you harvest one plant every week but I doubt you'll ever get 2 ounces off that one plant. I've seen plants under a 1000W light not produce 2 ounces of bud per plant. Then again I've also seen single plants under a 1000W light produce over a pound. So it really all depends on what you're working with and how you go about it. The aspect of having a new one to put in might be a problem for you though if you don't have some other space and some other light in order to get the plants needed for flower started. There is no system of any kind, anywhere, that will let you grow and harvest a couple ounces of weed every week, that lets you start from scratch each week. So to do anything that will come close to that you'll need 2 growing areas, one for veg and one for flower. You'll also need to learn how to take clones because while it's not impossible it's alot more complicated to run a perpetual harvest from seed only.
  4. Hmmmm, Tangerine eh? The guy who had it thinks it's a really strong indica? Hmmm, I hear God Bud has a nice citrus type flavor, I wonder if Tangerine could be a pheno of that?
  5. Scone's bud is what a good swollen bud looks like. Based on the pics I think Scone is right and you'll be looking at going past week 10 if you want a nice couchlock like stone.
  6. I have to agree with Chino here. You did say it was heavy on the sativa side and sativas can take 90 days or longer. You could probably cut them now, dry them properly and end up with a very racy/edgy up high. Sativas tend to be an up high naturally and right now your looking at triches on the early edge of being ripe (mostly cloudy, no amber) at least that's how it looks to me. You hear alot in the forums that triches are the only way to tell for sure but that's not entirely true. You can also tell by the plant overall, have most of the hairs died off and changed color? Is there any new hairs and growth? If so is it alot or just one freak bud at the top of the canopy? Has the bud gone thru a recent swelling period, that all buds go thru towards the end of their flowering season? All these things typically happen first and in the days before folks could read trichomes these things having happened commonly lured people into harvesting too early. So a good way to go is look for these things first and then start watching the triches. Generally speaking I watch for the bud swell followed by most of the hairs dying off. Then I start my flushing routine of just giving the plants plain water and I watch the triches, usually in a week or two they are ready. Like Chino says, once you go thru it it'll be easier. Maybe for some it might take two or three times but it does get easier.
  7. Well you might not like what I'm about to say but, are you doing this because the Wife is threatening you or are you doing it because you yourself have come to see it as a problem and have grown tired of that problem? If it's the former then you might as well just let the wife and kids go now because chances are better then average they'll go eventually. Rarely do people successfully overcome an addiction thru fear of consequences whereas people who quit because they've grown sick and tired of being sick and tired, usually are successful at overcoming their addiction.
  8. Well the bad news is that they generally take about 45 minutes to an hour to start impacting you, so once you start controlling the pain I'd suggest not waiting until it's so bad you can't stand it. Another bit of bad news is those 5/500's I think are the weakest so the advice of taking 2 or 3 at a time is a good advice. I would say just take no more then 2 at a time. They can do a number on your stomach too and so it's adviseable to take them on a full belly or eat something right after you take them. Another thing about dental pain is that usually the pain is the result of an infection and typically they give an antibiotic as well as pain meds. It's that antiboitotic that will really take care of the pain in the long run otherwise the viccodin just masks it and the pain will keep coming back as soon as the viccodin wears off. So if this is a typical bad tooth and the doctor didn't give you antibiotics (usually penacillin or amoxicillin) you should see about getting some. The viccodin is really just for making things tolerable until the antibiotics can do their thing. Oh and here's a piece of good news, viccodins seem to be synergystic with a number of other drugs, I can only speak to weed and alcohol though. What that means is when you drink while on viccodin you will get a bit drunker a little bit faster and if you smoke marijuana you will get a bit higher.
  9. No matter what your beliefs or what you celebrate, I hope this holiday season brings each and everyone of us much joy and happiness.
  10. I would never cook with vaporized weed. Once it has been vapped all or at least most of the good stuff has been removed, which is the idea of vapping, that's what gets vaporized, the THC.
  11. I don't see how adding it to a joint or anything could make it "knock your dick in the dirt". Whatever is there regardless of how little or how much you vapped it first, is lower in potency then the weed that was intially used to vape with. Vaporizing doesn't magically transform the resin into something else. It vaporizes the THC and leaves behind all the non psycho active components of the weed. Now I myself don't vape much because it's just too different for me to get into and I have no health condition that requires me to vape but I do know quite a few that swear by vapping and they all say that what's left behind when you vape is useless and best thrown away. So to try to make hash or something from it is about like trying to make hash from the ashes of a joint. Actually it's probably a little better in that with ash there is nothing left but ash, whereas with a vape hit, depending on how it's packed and smoked you could potentially have some trace of THC left although it shouldn't be much. Since there is that chance though, you could potentially save it up and make ISO hash from it but you shouldn't get much and it should be far lower in quality then the original pot that the "poop" came from.
  12. No problem, but now to help you understand a bit better let me explain this. As I understand it, the friend you called initally from the number W gave you. That was one of the folks from Skype. Now this friend has been known to help get things organized for people in need. There was a member that had a health crisis a while back and this person played a key role in rallying support for that person. So perhaps that's why W made that person one of the people to contact? The problem though is that person is also friends with someone you interacted with under the name of Lionrose. That person that you as Lionrose interacted with felt you had decieved and/or cheated him and has expressed that opinion in detail to his friends that are on these sites. To protect them from what he feels is a person willing to lie to cheat people out of money. I don't know the specifics of all that, nor do I care to, so please don't try to explain to me how it was from your point of view. I'm just trying to explain why there has been all this drama you feel at the center of. So imagine if you will what you might feel if someone told you that there was this person out there that will lie and scam to cheat people and then this person, whom you never talked to before, calls out of the blue, telling you a good friend has been busted and talking about raising money to help said friend out. Had there not been this issue between you and that one person who has then passed on his opinion of you and what happened, I dare say the reaction to you and all you've done to help W would have been alot more positive and drama free.
  13. I just wanted to say I think entirely too much fuss is being made over the phone numbers issue. Yes they do listen in to inmate calls but they're not doing it to see who is called or mentioned so they can then go after those folks. The ones doing the listening usually are the jail staff themselves and they're listening for things like, arrangements to smuggle in contraband or arrangements for escape. If they hear you discussing actual crimes they'll pass that onto police for investigation. For the most part though they realize that people are contacting friends and family to either get them out, to get them a lawyer, and/or to take care of their things while they are locked up. It's not like they're sitting there listening and as soon as they hear a phone number they call police to go investigate the people at that number. Maybe if you call someone to tell them to call someone else at a certain number and warn them the police may be watching so they might want to tear down their grow operation, then perhaps Johnny law will come a knocking. Otherwise they'll likely figure it's someone to help with money or a lawyer. That's not to say it's a good idea to give out numbers over a jail phone but sometimes it can't be helped. As it relates to what we've been told here there is nothing about the exchange of numbers mentioned that should cause a great deal of worry. Although given that Advocate isn't rolling in money I'm kind of surprised WPW didn't suggest she contact people thru Skype which as I understand it is free.
  14. My quess would be it can't be considered proof that marijuana isn't schedule 1 until someone tries to enforce the patent and succeeds in court. If the patent were enforced to prevent someone from marketing a medical therapy based on the use of Cannabinoids and their anti-oxident properties then I think that would create grounds to challenge past court rulings based on marijuana being classed as schedule 1. So maybe what needs to happen is someone in one of the states allowing medical marijuana needs to try to produce a therapy along the lines of what is in the patent and then market it to try to get the patent holders to enforce the patent. If that gets to court and the patent holders win then a good lawyer should be able to use that to challenge the schedule 1 status, I would think.
  15. Well thanks, and I'm sure I'll get back to posting grow pics and such eventually.
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