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  1. Hey all, Sorry it took so long to report back. I wasn't able to get to the last four seeds as soon as I had planned... Good news though, it's been just over 36 hours and already two tails are showing. I gave them a good scuff and into the paper towel they went. I expect the others will show some action within the next 24 hours or so. *Fingers Still Crossed* Twizz
  2. Glad to see that others are having some success. The six I tried were a no-go and eventually ended up in the trash bin. I do however still have four seeds left. I will try some of the tips mentioned here and report back later on how it goes. *Fingers Crossed* Twizz
  3. Thank you Cristalin! I have sent you an Email. I am still very much looking forward to the Ouzbekistan. And thank you Sannie for trying to figure out what kind of issues may be going on.
  4. Wow, it looks like I'm not the only one with bad luck... Going on 5 days now and still nothing. What a bummer. I was sooo looking forward to this one. Been waiting literally years for it to be released. Oh well, it is what it is. For anyone who is thinking of doing a card reversal - Please don't. I've been using sannies for many, many years now and I know for sure he will make it right. Even if it's just points to use towards something else in the shop, there's always plenty of other great stuff to choose from. Guss we wait to hear from the man him self. Twizz
  5. Looking nice and green in here, TSB! Chucky's bout to find some new brides to nut all over. haha Should make for some really nice crosses. Lovin' the look of those fat indica leaves on the jackberrys. (Jackberry x Chucky) sounds bomb. Maybe find a 6 week pheno.. lol Peace
  6. Nice updates guys...Thanks for sharing!
  7. Some lovely looking ladies you got there, drip! Glad to see you had a good male to female ratio... They look really happy to be flowering. You definitely have a nice harvest coming your way. Keep up the good work buddy! Peace
  8. Very beautiful pictures, e$ko! Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Looks like you'll be making some nice hash.
  9. e$ko, Congratulations on making your dream project a reality! I'm very much looking forward to the outcome of this project. Anyway, take care and happy breeding! Peace, twizzle
  10. Hey TSB, You must be happy to have flipped the switch...there's nothing worse than a empty flowering space. lol And now comes the hardest part of any grow - (Waiting for harvest) I definitely need to grab me a pack of sugar punch, heard nothing but good things about them. Anyway, thanks for keepin' us posted! Peace
  11. Me too... hope he's alright
  12. Nice show LaVie! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures. Peace
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