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  1. Would love to be a tester. Running some triple paki and uzbek now. These would fit right in the mix.
  2. I recently sampled these genetics from a plant grown outdoor northern Cali, harvested 2nd week of December, different quality of "high". The sample I tasted was extremely oily tasted of fruit and earth hinted on incense reminded me of hash the way it hit the back of the throat. Overall the effect is extremely long lasting mellow and cerebral. Beneficial for those seeking clarity and meditation. I do not know the phenotype of the plant I grew, the plant grew red burgundy stemmed christmas tree sativa yield was respectable I do not weigh but it filled a big jar. 100% sativa buds with fox tail throughout, a treasure of a smoke. Give thanks
  3. Lady Cane!!! Patiently waiting.
  4. ordered my shiva haze, waiting patiently. 7 week c99 x cheese hybrid sounds promising. Keep the variety coming esko! Respect
  5. Glad to see that it is back on a positive vibe. I juice hemp leafs and stem with watermelon rind. Very Healing combination and tastes good to me. I juice green leafy vegetables all the time and have been juicing hemp leafs for years before i heard about the "medicinal" benifits. Chlorophyll is the fastest way to achieve health. Juice more greens like watercress , dandelion ,kale , arugula etc I smoke herb most days and I juice fruits daily. If I had more plants I would juice more leaf however I prefer the smoke over the hemp leaf juice. For those who read and are interested in other healing aspects of this plant read about hemp seeds. HEMP SEED: THE MOST NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE FOOD SOURCE IN THE WORLD Part One http://www.ratical.org/renewables/hempseed1.html
  6. That blue Heron looks and sounds nice. Anything with Huckle B is nice. Had some from last years outdoor grown in Redding, Nor Cal Smooth berry taste and hints of landrace sativa high. I am looking forward to harvest time this fall.
  7. plants that are on a 24 hour light schedule go into flowering when put outside once they have a couple of dark periods, this happened to me before and I had early harvest mid july, buds were not as nice as october harvest but was still good smoke.
  8. Looking forward to these being available again! Next few weeks will be fun to watch.
  9. I have some durban poison right now... it is a nice upbeat long lasting high that after a few hours is just warm and comfortable . Makes trees look more vivid and alive. Initially after smoking it I feel very stimulated aroused and Alive. Smiles and introspective conversations follow. I would love to have pure durban, however where can 1 find this elusive strain in its pure form nowadays? I acquired an oz from a grower out here in CA he says he sourced his from s. afrika. Durban in its pure form has an anise/licorice taste and an overpowering sativa high. Great to wake up with.
  10. Thank You to everybody for the positive comment, yes those plants were so beautiful while the were growing sometimes I would just sit in the middle of them and burn a spliff watching the wind blow. Kingsbread x PTK sounds like a crazy hybrid. I love pure sativa and pure indica. Lambsbread is just one of those plants that has such a pure and clean affect that an indica may cloudy up the journey if mixed in. I can smoke 1.5 grams of Landrace sativa and be feeling the vibes all day. Some hybrids are classified as a whole different species of cannabis. Their strength , affect , and growing nuances make them in a class of their own. For example in california I smoked a sample of Diablo OG and it was the strongest smoke I have ever experienced. A 1 gram joint between 6 people and I was out of my body type of high. But a pure sativa always centers I and puts I in the right state of consciousness. Collie Weed was special.. wish it was still around. you can get those seeds from http://www.sanniesshop.com/colombian-gold-x-jamaican-lambsbread-en.html heres the strain description Underground Seed Collective Colombian gold X Jamaican lambsbread This plant is a pure sativa, F1 cross between two inbred lines!!These two lines give tall plants, which bloom in 14/16 weeks, the effect can be well balanced between the high and the stone, and it can give a totally psychedelic high for some phénos! The smell is quite spicy / hazy / resin / slightly fruity, according to the phenotypes!
  11. Jamaican Gum is very potent especially the "sticky" which is not usually shared or sold to foreigners... hand extracted/ pressed. some of the most potent sativa smoke i ever experienced was compressed ganja. compressed with gum and given to I by a rastamon it was dark brown and black with a few big fat seeds that were not viable due to the compressing process. i and i wife had to cut it up with a knife and we each a had a giant spliff. Burned as the sun went down.. The music was playing loud from afar over the hills and we just danced and laughed till after midnight. Some very surreal consciousness expanding herb. Clean and Happy with no anxiety. The best things in life are always free.
  12. out of all that i left them.. the golden tiger (malawi x thai) landrace impressed them the most. They say it is like the "collie weed" of the past that is now extinct pon the island. The extrema was rated to strong for day time use, the rastas prefer puro sativa. Providing meditation and motivation to keep 1 active throughout the day. Only downside is that they cross breed every blood clot ting. Keeping no pure strain... Looking forward to acquiring I n I peace a land and keeping all of i puro sativas pure. seeen. Next time i go i will give them vietnam black x thai and some other landraces. Cant wait to grow the Lambsbread x Col Gold from USC in JA also the Malawi will love living and growing in that natural environment. The future..
  13. Most in the west grow two month weed as well. I saw some broad leaf in the same fields with skinny but mostly hybrid looking plants. Beautiful plants with nuff variation. Open pollination with seeds from different sources makes for a melting pot. I left a whole heap a seed with some of I-dren. Chocolate rain , extrema, golden tiger (ace) , thai/haze skunk, and more... Every time i go nothing but smiles and good vibes.
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