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  1. better not answer to this kind of trollin , they do it for a reason. If someone types Disgusting tasting canabis in google , there is a LOT of chances that the searchengine direct him into this forum , and that is bad. Because a lot of this keywords has been involved in this convo. If I had to pick the main tag from this topic it woul probably be something like. Horrible taste , disgusting cannabis , sannie shop , herihuana (and all sannies strain) bad herb , shitty weed , name it This is what I think about this grtz
  2. 2 months cure gives a God's product indeed , but if dry too fast or bagged when still moist , it could lose its flavor forever
  3. You can do withouth dome for first day , but if you want to be sure to not lose one , dome them for the first 24h , its obviously better , even though they might dont die if you dont do it...u know what i mean if you dome , they stick to the rooting phase imediatly , no confusion. so you can start the flower like 2 days after the clone is plant. if you dont dome ..u can end up with fetal plant. It saves time when you dome I personally dont fuck with MH , 400w hps + two 4 foots t-5 for my veggin , works like a charm hey bro , you really should dip you clone in mycorizza spores before planting , its will makes a big difference too
  4. you leave a dome on em only the 24h after youve transplanted them lights 24h on for the 2 first days , with domes on , You wont lose one. with top watering (wet the plants) with only 400ppm of B1 (seaweed) for the first week. maybe a little rhizotonic also
  5. Its quite A myth were Im from , soime ppl say it works some ppl dont , some people do it while they aint sure but. Here is the myth : Leaving the plant in the dark for 5 day before harvest will give more arome/resin etc,,, I personally never tryed it. Me and my friend think its useless but who knows... The question to me is , Will the weed will be better if I trim after its dry , or before , I see american often trim after its dry. Where im from we always trim fresh , right after the harvest , maybe leaving the sugar leave on em will give more flavor! is someone have experiences with it?
  6. Personally I've tried once to have a lot of ambers and it did last forever. Havent seen no diff like reverant said. There was always news clear trichs poppin off , confusing the thing , and When I left a plant ONE MONTH in my living room after it was rippend , didnt see no difference with the ones I've cut a moth before , maybe it was more dense , thats it. I personally chop when I find the plant is at is Chunkyness Peak , When nits crispy and yopu clealy see the calyxes exploding ,my jean guy is suposed to finish at 65 , I left them until 75 days , without ambers so to me , fuck that theory , I see if the plant is rippened , In the eye of the tiger lol
  7. Ppl are so wrong thinkin Sativas willl hit em more soflty , to me , a real sativa like jack or jean guy will give convulsion and heart palpitations , indica is more gentle with my nervous system , it all depend on the patient Me i personally do like my grandfather does for tomatoes , when plants are fully rippened , I leave em totally dryed out for like 4 days , until they fall themselve , cant suport the buds no more.. To me it gives more taste and aroma , No scientif facts involved , but to me it works very great , I'd call this , The final stress grtz
  8. JeanGuySeeds

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    Wasn't aware bout the chat! where is it?
  9. better use normal water... mostly nutes are made for medium/hard water. If water is not hard , u got to add mag/cal
  10. I'd still dip my PH metter in her bucket
  11. lol another scientist to deny what I say , then confirm it later , oh boy I guess you should add cal/mag to your water if the initial ppm is under 100 , and it will solve the problem , but you got to analyze your water before , if its allready 120 and up , never use cal/mag it will do the opposit effect,. and also check the ┬ĘpH of course , analyze the run off water too . But its a nute lock for sure , can also be caused by rootbounds but its clearly not rootbound by seeing the pot size. So now its the right time to get in scientist mode lol Potassium help the root to asimilates nutes , if the potassium is not assimilate , your in troubles!
  12. Nutes lock , multi-deffiencies. It lacks of everything , check your PH , flush it , give only b1 for a week , sing her songs , tell her that you love her etc... why distlilled water? your water source isn good? Maybe distilled water lacks Mg and Ca like R-O water , and needs a suplement. but im not sure about it
  13. It could be a competitor that want to bring bad rumors about sannies products ...and troll on forums because He seems smart , He knows how to get your attention Beware the evil troll
  14. Using a good rootwash 5 dayz before harvesting is quite effective! I personally find every weed on the street is totally chemical and disgusting , makes my mouth hurtss , I know its awfull. But my weed is always sweet and no after taste , really clean . Im using canna coco ....ph with lemon juice , kelp extract , mycoriza , soil or coco or both , liquid muci acid , seaweed b1, molasse in soil... Im not growing that chemical! but I follow canna schedule , not less , a little more in flowring... I think Its a well balanced way of grow , half way between organic and hydro , best of both worlds,
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