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  1. I feel bad for anyone who didn't get the seeds. This shit is ridiculous! Purple Indica, hazy greatness with knock out power. It's strong...
  2. Ok so this strain has a really strong Indica punch and is a little heady as well. The smell is stank and the smoke tastes extremely good. Very Indica leaning cross (at least the pheno i'm smoking). Extremely good potency and a strong effect and bag appeal for days. It makes sense why this sold out. I should do a proper smoke report on it at some point. Top Tier stuff e$ko!
  3. We need a NAW Indica, it's long overdue, Polder and crew please deliver us a strong Indica to your high standards!
  4. Dropping the line is not acceptable. Boudica is great too. Purple Storm sounds like it should have been named Hermie Storm from many of the board posts i've read on it. Scrapping well respected lines for stuff like PS is depressing. I would love to get an official clarification or statement from e$ko that these much loved strains are never coming back.
  5. Holy Princess needs to return, no reason for it not to. Some phenos are extremely racy and panic/paranoia inducing, but the strong flavor and high are amazing.
  6. Raze


    I'll cover some of those effects in my G-39 smoke report. You should grab a pack of it and Strappleberry! I would like to see the G-39 stay in this great F1 form, but I know they're dabbling with an F2. After finishing a joint I'm off to get lost in some music and soak up the good vibes.
  7. Sadly I don't have a decent camera, but if I ever buy a new one i'll post up pics in here and in my older threads of some of the stuff I still smoke. Chocolate Rain has good potency, it isn't weak, being a personal favorite of mine. It is mega crystal coated and a joy to smoke, but it is not super powerful day destroying pot, or maddeningly speedy. It is a well balanced, great tasting. happy high and is very much worth enjoying. It is popular here among friends and smokers of all types in a a legal state where there is tons of access to top quality weed everywhere. But i'm glad you enjoyed the smoke report and i'll be doing one for G-39 next
  8. I got some HOD yesterday and immediately noticed it's potent up effects. Today I decided i'd give it a shot as the first smoke of the day, then attempt to do a smoke report. Hammer of Dawn is crystal covered and breaks up nicely in a grinder for joints, which I like. The flavor is slightly sweet and the smoke is pretty smooth, with a bit of lung expansion. It smells a bit like sweet candy to me, but it's not an overly powerful aroma imo. The effect has a pretty rapid onset and is an up high, it isn't overly speedy, but you will find yourself either talking to someone around you, moving around in general, or spacing out and randomly staring at the computer, or tv screen. Very energetic stuff, my craving for coffee is gone, HOD took me up and is making it more challenging than normal to write up a smoke report and it's been over an hour since I finished the joint. Power level is pretty good as i'm really high still over an hour in. It stands up well with Sugar Punch, Holy Princess, and Huckleberry Kush in terms of potency, while being quite a bit stronger than Chocolate Rain. It can make you space out and be a bit of a mind scrambler a times. Even writing this smoke report has been very difficult and underwent several edits already. Overall i'd say the high is mostly in the head with a little body buzz, it hits fast and hard, has long lasting effects, can be distracting and gets you really high. It smells nice, smokes nice, and has a true head high and up effect. Very Sativa with a long lasting high that is nice and strong. I have had a hard time staying focused on this report and have had to take a few breaks to just randomly stare at the computer screen haha. There seems to be no burn out on the comedown either, so that's another plus. HOD is highly recommended for anyone that wants a nice tasting, sweet smelling, powerful up high, without the crash that can sometimes accompany strong weed. This is really motivating stuff and before you know it your morning is gone, like mine is today! So anyone looking for a sweet smelling, smooth smoking, excellent, clean, up high, with no crash or burn out on the comedown, and a bit of mental confusion and playful trippyness thrown in, HOD is for you!
  9. Ok so HOD has brought me back from my zombie like state caused by a pill hangover from the night before plus a powerful Hammerhead Joint wake and bake. HOD has nice up power, it tends to make me space out though and have kind of a blank stare at the computer screen for a while then I snap out of it. Proper smoke reports for these in the future, for now smoke testing continues! Now on to G39 which stinks strongly when I open the bag. I am not sure how to describe the smell, but it is extremely strong smelling, i'll try to get it figured out for a proper smoke report in the future. Anyways thanks for the quality smokes NAW!
  10. Yeah the Purple Sugar Punch I have here makes a mockery of that piece of "mids" posted above. The HOD that I got was crystal coated and not very airy and also looks better than whats posted above.
  11. Got my hands on some G-39 and Hammer of Dawn. I believe they were from organic soil and HOD has nice crystals all over it while the G39 has a somewhat airy sativa structure and smells quite nice. Rolled up a joint of HOD, but I smoked Hammerhead earlier and am still pretty high/stoned atm so trying to wait for it to wear off before I test these.
  12. I liked the effect, the potency on it was ok, but got outclassed by the other things I ordered with it. I do agree with you that the effect is very important, more so than just raw power with an unpleasant effect. It does have a good balanced effect and feels like some good dank. Ultimately it was a bit pickier than some things and not as powerful, so it stayed for a few rounds then was let go. Nice accurate smoke report, thanks for sharing
  13. Boudica is very good, I like it a bit more than Choco Rain I think. Holy Princess is of coarse excellent as well!
  14. Raze

    Where is Eskobar?

    Yeah i'm hoping to see Shiva and Shiva haze return, along with Choco Cheese in some form. Really regret not grabbing them when they were available
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