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  1. I remember having the test pack from when Esko created Cheeseberry. It was a 16 pack for a regular 10 pack price, 4x4 seeds containing "cheese x lavender", "cheese x cocoa kush" (not 100% certain on this one), "cheese x blueberry" and "cheese x buddha's sister". I really liked the latter, it was like silk in the mouth and so smooth, yum yum. Edit: Maybe he was creating Choc Rain, it's been seven years my memory could be faulty. Remember the pack though and being impressed with the plants.
  2. Huckleberry Kush x Killing Fields/Space Queen
  3. I have 32 girls in flower, 18 Silverfields and 5 Jack Candy in veg. and 5 males to work with in my current grow.
  4. Looking for a male to pollinate my ladies 1. Tall one - 9 internodes, 10th growing. Sweet smell, citrus/berry/candy 2. Short one - 10 internodes 11th growing. Hash, deep smell, some sweet in the background any thoughts? pic 1-2 #1
  5. and now... qwiso in the tray, going to smoke it tonight jars Close up Some finger hash, yum yum I hope you enjoyed all the pictures. I'll end the journal once I finished trimming everything. Toke on everybody SM
  6. Hi guys and girls Update long overdue, I've been busy and stoned. Good news and bad news... bad news first BAD NEWS: I lost an estimated 3rd of the crop to mold. One 5th on the field to botrytis and the rest to aspergillus. My whole basement and my guest room had been completely filled with drying branches, so I had to hang some 7-8 plants in the barn that were lost. 2 Soliloqueen, 2 Destar, 2 Blueberry Headband and 1-2 more I can't remember. I lost track of most the budz, some I had time to label, some I recognize by looks and smell. Minor problem Trimming is going to take forever GOOD NEWS: I didn't get busted I never had this much bud before I'm stoned The last plants were harvested Oct 19th Some pre harvest pictures
  7. +LIKE I have some Danish Gold in my garden Guerilla Gold x Danish Passion Oh yes, the people of Lolland are happy, they laugh so much that their flesh becomes tender. A culinary experience for man servers, kobe-mansteak.
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