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  1. Growing season is not over yet. Outdoor plants are doing fine, a little extra for the winter. Huxtrema (I think) plant 1 plant 2 Some random hippie's weed Autumn colors
  2. The last to get the chop. I had to end it now at 60 days, some plants I would have liked @70-80 days, but that's not achievable. 9 weeks is probably a reasonable limit, it all depends on the season. That's it for now. I'll be back with a final weight once it's dry. Mad Shack Des*Tar
  3. Yeah I trim sugarleaf in the pot where I can snip it to the petiole. The leaf thats too buried inside the bud to easily access is half cut at bud surface. The final trim I'm doing while holding the plant, seperated from the pot. I prefer to hang whole plants, mostly because of space issues and it's easier to keep strains apart. Scissor/finger rub will usually yield something like the dark ball to the right. I smoked some with a friend the other day, it was definetely on par with the one on the left, which is some high quality black market hash. Smoke on my fellow tokers.
  4. Weather has taken a change for some rather humid conditions, with no sun there's a constant RH 70-99%, so I'd have to really pick up the pace. Most plants from now on will most likeky be cut a week early or so.. Todays trim job, and some of the candidates for next year. Kinky Blaze 1 @ 8 weeks Kinky Blaze 2 @ 8 weeks Kaos 1 - @ 7 weeks Kaos 2 @ 7 weeks
  5. It's a sticky situation Next Fayaka @ 54 days it's taller sibling
  6. The first plant to get the chop. HK x Mandala #1 @50 days, about 80% cloudy trichs, a few amber, the rest clear or degraded. Half-trimmed
  7. Thanks saxo! Yes it's nice, lots of space...but the downside is mold problems. Had to do do surgery on a couple of the terminal buds and on one plant just below. I'm checking the plants all day every day. It was to be expected. Sugar Punch, Des*Tar, Katzu Kush, Strappleberry and Fayaka have had beginning Botrytis. Since I've discovered it early on very little was lost except the lost growth, they still have 1-3 weeks left. What I'm going to do next year is to only pop the beans from the plants that have shown great resilience. Even though I love to have some variation, mold resistance will be my primary criteria when selecting plants for the greenhouse. All plants have been pollinated on the lower branches. Fathers are: Kaos #1, Kaos #2, Huxtrapple, (HK x Connie Chung), Sannie's Jack. A bunch of pics, lost track of which is which.
  8. yummy yummy yummy I got love in my tommy, nice work bro.
  9. Unknown x Des*Tar Bx1, smells of wet forest, pineapple, peach, honeydew melon KAOS - sweetness in the making
  10. Buffertabs should have some cal-mag, it might not be enough. The best and cheapest solution on soil is to buy a bag of dolomite-lime, it will last you several grows. Also do 50/50 on your osmosis water, it's not really nescessary to do osmosis. Rainwater would be best. Get some molasses and guano in your juice for flowering, if you're not going for commercial organic liquid fertilizers.
  11. You're all welcome! Yes it's light deprevation/ force flowering with a tarp. I started July 5th with some plants, the rest entered the schedule up to 2 weeks later. Some ladies have reached close to midway, we're in the 5th week of flowering. Morning update sun Shackzilla Sugar Punch HK x Mandala KF x SQ HK x Extrema Kinky Blaze Strappleberry KK/KF x KF/SQ
  12. Here's what I'm working with. Growing this year was rather spontaneous, I've only had a few outdoor plants the last couple of years and this year was going to be no different. A friend then offered to lend me his 18m2 (3x6) polytunnel. We started very late, end may/start june. 79 seeds sprouted and 42 females remain. Kaos (Huckleberry Kush x Ace of Spades) male (chosen out of 25, started january in windowsill) right left almost ready to shed pollen, I'll cut it down tonight and keep a few branches. It has a deep Afghan/Hash smell, hope it's good has a great grow potential though. Lastly the greenhouse with ladies in various flowering stages. Plants are: Atomic Jam Big White x Heribei Fayaka (Nepal x NYCD06) PiPi (Power Plant x White Widow) Sannie's Jack F9 Shackzilla Sugar Punch My own crosses: Huckleberry Kush x Ace of Spades Huckleberry Kush x Extrema (Huckleberry Kush x Extrema) x Strappleberry Huckleberry Kush x Hericules Huckleberry Kush x Mad Shack Huckleberry Kush x Mandala #1 (Katzu Kush x Killing Fields) x (Killing Fileds F3 x Sativa Queen F3) Killing Fields F3 x Sativa Queen F3 Kinky Blaze x Kinky Blaze Strappleberry x Strappleberry Unknown x Des*Tar Bx1 That's it. I have great plans for next year, but that's another story for another time. No updates until close to harvest, september. Have a good one.
  13. 100 g a month is no task.. The pistils kept forming and no balls since, trichomes have started to appear. I think she's a female now and she won't show anymore intersex traits. I think what happened is that the plant had just reached maturity (preflower-stage) I started force flowering, the balls showed, and when I moved it to a less lit room, the change in light/nutrient uptake and temperature change made it want to be a female instead . I think it was down to environmental factors, I will still keep a close and post a pic once it's done, unless it has to suffer a premature death.
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