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  1. Edar

    re stock soon

    that not the point in a forum , to ask hope they all get restocked soon thanks
  2. Hi Sannie Will the shop be restocking the suger punch , cheeseberry haze, mad scientist, fems & the heri soon ? what about the u.s.c dynasty and fusion beans that are out of stock thanks bud
  3. I didnt get any with my order ? just the kush
  4. Edar

    I got Busted

    good on ya kev , i got caught with 4 widows 2 weeks ago gutted
  5. the cb and cbh have been restocked folks
  6. checked tonight , no updates
  7. any idea when the shop/website will be updated ..
  8. nice one , got me thinking now buddy
  9. nice looking forward to trying some cb
  10. nice , what was the final yeild on it
  11. yeh good to see ya buddy , bunch of tossers over at uk420 . So this is a big buddah cross not the exodus cross?
  12. have read it , nothing on it . its about big buddahs cheese? you got any info on these sannie thanks
  13. hello all any info , smoke reports on the cheeseberry ? Is this crossed from the exodus clone ? thanks folks
  14. they look superb , well done .
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