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  1. MRT

    S5 haze

    day 61 almost harvest time.. maybe sunday and monday..monday and tuesday...we'll see.. Grz MrT
  2. nice garden! sexy leaves keep it up
  3. MRT


  4. MRT

    S5 haze

    thanx dudes:cool: Sativani: hahaha...not sure if that's a good idea...(maybe you buy a seccond couch and run een dubble flowering room, flipflap 2x12/12) using for clones: http://www.onestopgr...7.5-litres.html
  5. MRT

    S5 haze

    sativani nice reply man hahaha, yes now day 56 of 12/12 :cool Thanx for the commands Poldergrower..think that's gonna be a hell of a performer to cross her with JH. i think the cannabis plant in general is a very strong and if culturgated in a good way, it can do a lot of positive things for our planet. (nice described btw..7up) Thanx Hidro, we'll keep on surving :cool Astronomikl: thnx for your reply.. good luck dealing with those basterds. Hope you can rid of them..mites needs urgant attention, so dont wait to long . Day 56: 70 liter water: 70ml A + B 35ml Bloombooster 100 ml Enzymes the rest is the same clock 11/13 pics: some of the bigger buds: and..... for a new start.. mites free..new baby clones: thnx for watching! Grzz :grass MrT
  6. MRT


  7. MRT

    S5 haze

    Thnx SnB. Tommorrow i'll order some neem oil. thnx for the tip. :cool day 51 I gave them to much Nutrician (high EC), i think because i used quit alot of shooting pouder, that in combination with the health of the plants, it's to much.. I see some burned leaves, so i will give them 1 week low ec..and the last 10 days just clear water.. although the mites ruind my leaves, the buds are ok. It is not going to be the best round in my life, but when i open the flowerroom...a wall of smell hits the face.. it's almost unnatrual.. it's not chemical, but it's extremly present.. it's has a hint of fruit/citrus/lime/haze kinda smell.. dont know how to decribe.. the "bad" left side (although the left upper side had collepsed, need to get them back up with bamboo) 18 days left... the last 10 days the S5 is going to swell like a new one.. so lets lets hope it going to swell this time 2. thanx for waching! any tip or commands, just shout :lol :grass Grz MRT
  8. MRT

    Untitled Album

  9. Nice strains, good luck. Im curious what it will bring. Good info Rasta. Thnx
  10. the pics dont look so bad though.. how tall are they? Keep it going m8 Grz MRT
  11. holy shit guys.. this looks awsome!! well done and thanx for sharing lots of info :cool after seeing this, maybe it is time for me to change from mineral to organic.. just wow dudes. Keep it going. Grz MRT
  12. MRT

    S5 haze

    thnx for the replies :cool Normally you can upgrade your soil without any problems. If you live in een urban erviroment, with a lot of people, it can be "dangerous" to use new soil all of the time. Because sooner or later people see you shipping all the bags of soil..normally no ploblem, but if you do that 3 or 4 times a year... It has not my preferences. If you can upgrade your soil outdoors, it can work..if you can do it indoors, it's going to work also.. Just empty all pots, upgrade it with organic material, add some new custom mix soil, add water (and enzymes) mix it good and cover it with plastic for a week or 2...et voila.. but because I use big 65 liter (17 gallons) pots. i mix all organic materials in the pot, i add water and nutricians en mix the soil.. leave it be for a week..and than i'm ready to go. The changes that you get mites from outside..i think.. at least here were i live, is negligible. Normally mites (indoor) travels on cloths of people, or with clones. Normally you can fight the plaque, and you can go on.. but in my case, i cant get rid of them.. They keep popping up. So i choose to clean the room extreme.. new soil (becuase i think they retreate in the soil or something) i dont know..
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