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  1. Hi BB, Thanks, indeed all I have to do is to pop them and hope to get a nice lady like yours This will be in my next run for sure, I like IPA's beer a lot, we get some nice ones here in Belgium, like the "Duvel Triple Hop" wich is a special edition of the Duvel with a different selection of hop every year, different taste each time with grapefruit, tropical fruit, citrus ... kind of taste, yummy! Vibes!
  2. Plop! Always stunning pics here! nice Killingfield, and omg BeachBud, this IPA is really beautifull (can you tell us a little bit more about this strain? ) Here's a Supersilverhaze x Superskunk (from Phuuu), a nice one I got on a 6 seed selection with nice citrus-spicy taste SSHxSS #6, grow from seed under 400w
  3. Hi! Little late but here's some conclusion and some sort of smoke report^^ My last session was a mix of different cuts i have in stock, with my favorite Chesseberry Haze and Cheeseberry keeped from the selection I show you before along with some other cuts (Dz, MtHH, C99, Amnesia...). It is the third time I grow the CBH#4 and the second time for the CHB#1, maybe best conditions this time, resutling in a better final product, so it's time for taste description. My favorite Cheeseberry haze is finally the #4, you can see her up on this thread, she was seeded the first time i grow her and didn't express all she can, i think this time she reveal her beauty^^ and a very good taste. I'm smoking this lady for the moment, with a proper curing she express notes of blueberry and blackbery from the jar and when you crush it, it is really intense, the taste when you smoke it is not equal to the smell but is quite present, the smoke is sweet, giving a nice high, not the strongest but enough, I really enjoy this lady, she is giving also some very nice coloration in late flowering and has a good vigor. I also like the #2 wich I keep for the moment, still have to do it again to be sure^^, I keep also the #10 but think I'll have to throw her because I need place in my mother room^^. About the Cheesebeery, the one I show you now is the #1 from a previous selection, just a little upside on this thread. I'll keep her also, it's a nice skunky berry mix in flavor, with a nice trichome coating and beautifull coloration also (I like beautifull coloration, who doesn't?^^), the bud structure is nice and the final product has a sexy appeal, I like her also a lot! They grow with a mix of 'custom mix' from gold label and some light mix, mixed with wormcasting, biosupermix from plagron, guano and good bacteria and fungus, water and later in bloom some organic nutes, under 400w hps. Cheeseberry haze #4 in the box CBH#4 bud Cheeseberry #1 Vibes!
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    Grow report #8

  6. Hi folks! It's been a while, sorry for the lack of news for this selection! I'm back for some report @BQ : very nice to see you almost back on the road! So this run finish well, it was seeded a bit as I said before, some more than others and because of that, the taste and potency was maybe not at his top, but overall I'm satisfied with this experience, and keeped 4 plant finally, 3 females and one male, the 3 females are the #2, #4 and #10 for a second test run. CBH #10 is the I think the most Indica oriented of the pack, smell and taste a little berry with I think a pich of cheese. CBH #4 is a pheno with Blueberry Influence, it was unfortunately quite seeded, but It smell really like blueberries, taste was not so clear but very nice smell, finish with nice colors. Cbh#2 has a nice trichome coating, finish with some grey mold, not much but I've to cut it a bit earlier. the taste is on the berry side with a hazy touch, nice potency. That was my first impressions, I'm finishing a second run with those 3 females, and put also 10 seeds of Cheeseberry, wich gave me 3 females (2 didn't make it after poping, and have 5 male, bad luck), and I put also some cut (Sd riri, Amnesia core, Chem and Mt Hood my favorite one #5), I'll show you that just beside First some shoots of the end of the Cheeseberry haze selection (ending late october 2013 if I remember well )the cut was at F+80+- ) Last family shot in the box CBH #15, quite good yield, not so fluffy and nice taste, should have keep it also but not so much place in my Mother box^^ CBH#2, first on top the rest of the plant after I chopped the head with some grey mold before it goes further, below the chopped head, cut one week to early but almost ready. Nice bud structure, and nice taste. The Mt Hood #7, it was a small cutting with not enough grow, that was here to fill the hole^^, but it finish not so badly. Rock hard bud with this nice rose/berry taste. CBH#14, didn't keep it because of the male flowers she gave me in the early flowering, sad because of her nice bud structure, quite dense and berry tasty CBH#10, nice yield, and a nice cheesy taste I think. CBH#5 CBH#4, the most berry of the pack, also the most seeded^^ And the #13 that I forgot to shoot properly^^, maybe the most hazy taste. After that run, I've make a cut only one to fill the jars^^ and after that one, another one this time with the 3 selected CBH and 3 Cheeseberry + some cuts and manage to do my first pollinisation with the CBH male I keeped.Like usual I didn't give enough N during the stretch, so it's a bit yellow, and sometime some leaves are already gone, but it's ok and better for the taste^^. Today it is at F+69, I'll begin to cut soon with the Mt hood, Chem, CBH #10 and maybe CBH #4 (maybe a bit early because of the senescence)folowwed by the Cheeberry and CBH#2, Sd and Am. Here's some photos : Overall shoot at F+59+- The CBH#4, this time it is very colored, very nice tones, and smell crazy blueberries, like a blueberry pie, very nice, I'm curious to taste it again this time. at F+67 CBH#2, no male flowering and a nice coating, want to taste it again^^ F+67 CBH#10, I topped her not the good way it seems, so she didn't stretch well and then the yield is average, she gave some nanners in late flowering, but nothing serious. F+67 First Cheesberry, my favorite, very nice bud structure and coating, nice berry smell also! F+67 Second Cheeseberry, this one stretch a little bit, more, is a bit more on the sativa side, nice smell also, less popcorn on the bud F+67 Last Cheeseberry, quite different, not my favorite this one. F+67 The Cheeseberry Haze male was flowering in another small box in the early flowering of the females, and his pollen hit the CBH #2, the SD, Amnesia and Mt Hood #5 for a first attempt in seed making. I didn't make a proper selection on the CBH males, no complete flowering before the choice, so I choose one wich I like, with more sativa leaves, and a little purple touch (maybe due to lack of nutes or cold^^) For the moment I think I was to shy on the quantity of pollen and I only see seeds on the CBH#2. Here's some shoot of him just befor I harvested some pollen and trash him away^^. I've make the pollinisation on some lower buds only, with the pencil method. +- F+26 The Mt Hood Huckleberry #5, my favorite, with the more rose flavors, really really tasty with dense nuggets!F+67 My first CBH F2 Sd riri on the left at F+50+-,and amnesia on the left at F+67 No more place for more photos on this post, just the chem who's not the most beautifull anyway Very happy with the Cheeseberry, particulary the first one, and impatient to taste it, also happy with the CBH and to test it again. Thanks E$ko for your work! I'll try to make some smoke reports after the chop, see you soon A bit long but hope you'll enjoy it!
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    Grow Report #7

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  9. Whooops Hope you can fix your ballasts asap! My fears are indeed cooled down, but I'm now embarassed for you^^ Anyway this HP x Shiva looks gooooood! And I'm asking how you will bend this Thai skunk, some exciting bondage to follow ^^.
  10. I take a chair, and will watch the show with great interrest! What a bunch of cool genetics! I just feel a bit worried about your ballasts laying on the ground under a big reservoir Vibes!
  11. Hoho this ColjamxMrsU looks fantastic! ... hope you didn't send the frame with the seeds, cauz it's not very stealthy^^ Cant' wait to pop it, even if my small room will be a challenge I think. Thanks again! Cheers!
  12. Hello! A big thank to Lavie, to all voters, participants and seed givers! Very very nice photo's exposed here. I'll try to report here my prize's grow as soon as I put it in the ground (maybe spring 2014) See ya!
  13. Hi! @E$ko : Hello master! thanks a lot for your comment, and of course for your work! The small problem I encounter with some male flower in very early flowering is maybe due to a little N excess I give to them, It was not much but the mistake I make is to let them flower to far without seeing them. I keep a cut of the 7 females and also 1 male for further selection in better condition, I think I'll give to all of them a second chance, I'm not good for choosing the right one^^. Don't think I'm not happy with your fantastic Cbh, I'm in love with all of them! @BQ : héhé I'm pleased you like it, will follow your Cbh! Concerning the MhH I keep 4 female phenotypes from 1st selection, I also keep a male for a while but as he made some female flowers in the mothers box, I finally didn't keep it (maybe a mistake^^) so no more F2 possibilities but I will surely try to make some cross later with the females (If possible^^). @MrGreenJeans and Foodstuffs : Thanks guys! I'll give you some news soon, the cut is close and will be made around F+75 something like that, maybe a bit more for some of them.
  14. Just in time, here's my try (hope it's ok, not too late) A Mt Hood Huckleberry 'Limited edition', second run for her, here at f+53 (+-).
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