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  1. Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    Thanks hamme, i am going to look through your journal again now, how long do you take her for?
  2. Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    Day 15 12/12 Flood and Drain every 48hrs Calgreen 20ml per 100l A&B flower to 1.5ec pH5.5 Sensi Seeds super skunk for next grow i miss the old heavy indica plants these hybrids are not breed for the tent grower anymore so ive gone back to what works best
  3. Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    i use to do this also now i try a easier way i use to pick out all roots also but i know people just pull a plant out and plant in same hole and get good results maybe next grow il try Thanks Damar, Welcome to the show stay around hopefully this will be a good one we shall see
  4. Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Looking good Hamme i stick around for this one i like to see how yours turn out using one plant per crate good luck. Snydgrow
  5. Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    I prepare mapito from last grow this time i leave old roots in just break them up in crates, then i ph tap water to round ph5.0 pour over crates leave to soak 24hr take reading it came back like 1.5ec so i dump water then fill tank with fresh ph'd water and pour over crates ec came back 1.15 and ph6.0 this is ok to start in. i squeeze out and excess water from crates using a crates to stand on then use bit of wood to fluff mapito up then plant plants and water from top with grow nutes & calgreen to 1.2ec ph5.5 then the flood & draining starts 4-5 days later
  6. Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    Thanks lets see how we get on with this one Thanks lumatek i will try to include as many pictures as i can for everyone to see exactly how i do things. one plant per crate that will be supercropped to keep low as i can but this plant is a bit of stretcher so wee see. Welcome Baq, hope you enjoy the show. Some more pics for now.
  7. Attic Grow Cherry Gorilla Mapito

    Hello fellow opengrowers it has been awhile since i last posted but im still going strong so time to share what i have going now hope yous enjoy. Grow Room Setup: 2 x 1000w Gavitas 2.4 x 1.2 Budbox loft tent 1500m3 + filter 1000m3 intake Ram Fan Controller 12 Crates of Mapito 30l 2 x Tower fans for circulation. Nutrients: Shogun A+B grow & flower Biogreen Calgel Canna PK13/14 Ok now for the show to start strain i have is inhouse genetics cherry gorilla she is a bit stretchy so see how i get on with such small amount of height, some pics for now
  8. USC Cheestral & DNA Lemon Skunk Grow

    Nice grow gingerb made me want to purchase some lemon skunk seeds nice big colas on them, let us know if the citrus smell comes out with the cure. Thanks Snydgrow
  9. Pedro's small 4 per square foot SOG

    Are these all on the same flooding table? what happens when you pk if so? if its yield your wanting maybe consider having two flooding tables and run them 4weeks apart so cropping one table every 4weeks based on a 8week strain i have done this in the past and is nice having a good crop every month also might be a little less work for you just a thought and the video is neat Keep up the good work Snydgrow
  10. Snydgrow goes Coco....

    Hi Cloneman Thanks for stopping by and the advice is taken on board i dont have drip clean atm will get some in few days i no this is needed my water not hard where i live but was told it works wonders on removing salts so why not Do you flush the coco through the grow i heard this can cause problems? nice to no your views on it. Thanks for stopping by mindless, ha i hope so my friend all is going good so far but im sure my problems will arise being new to coco but aye thats the only way we learn i suppose. Some more pics of the girls at 2weeks flower. Tapwater 0.4ec Calgreen 0.5ec Aqua Flores a&b 1.4ec Superthrive few drops Total ec 1.4 pH6.0 The Rhizosystem has made my life much easier really happy this collects all the run off, i will get a group shot tomorrow any questions please ask. Thanks Snydgrow
  11. Pedro's small 4 per square foot SOG

    Hi Pedro Really nice setup you got going how often are you planning to harvest sorry if I already missed this? The time lapse video was cool you feed 5x day what strength is that at? Keep up the good work. Snydgrow
  12. Snydgrow goes Coco....

    Yea I have a worm bin on the go so on next run il add abit in when potting up Really the staff in the hydro store told me this was the best coco about lol no I add a small layer of clay pebbles to the top of pot to hold in the moisture straight below it roots are everywhere never seen this using any other growing media And strain is Blazing Blues (Blues x Casey Jones). Il bring yous all up to date later with more pics. Thanks Snydgrow
  13. Snydgrow goes Coco....

    Thanks Damar yea noticed there are far more posts in the grow report section then hydro, looks like I made the right choice