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  1. Haha lets see what she yields like il defo be getting more cuts if its up there Thanks JetDro, yea she is something for sure one of them strains that just ozze thc Haha i understand now why its called alien cookies
  2. Plants got harvested today at Day 61 i will get pictures when all is dry can't wait for the next run 16 pot dtw in 12ltr pots of coco
  3. Day 60 After a week flush of ph water the Alien cookies is something else i hope she yields well as would love to run this strain again Jaffacakedcookies Jaffacakedcookies jaffadawg Alien cookies
  4. @DG2019 I like to do less plants now days so would go for the 9 with 3 week veg in 6.5l pots of coco this would work well. For me sog works the best from healthy cuttings all same strain and size when you start seeds always vary in size growth rate etc. So the veg compensates for this but both ways will work more personal preference https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?p=7929406#post7929406 This is my first grow i did in coco dtw i did 6 per 1.2 under a 1000w from seed veg was about 4 or 5 week from seed i think have a look might help
  5. HI DG, Ok so how many plants will you be doing in the 1.2 space? I would go for 6l pots if doing coco this will be plenty for small veg as its better to have more waterings in smaller pots in coco soil is the opposite. Setting up a simple dtw is easy done if need any help let me know. For me its more are the plants ready as many things can stunt growth in the start like over watering etc. If the plants are looking strong and about 8 to 10" and your doing a sog then yes flower
  6. Hi simp,

    Hope all is well with you still growing in mapito i hope :)


  7. Hi Kenoby No i use 1000w HPS the pictures i took there are under t5 lights. 1000w hps or cmh will give out the same heat and how many watts of light are you using? What are your temps of where you live this will all effect what size out take you need. I use a 3250m3 box fan for 4 x 1000w i could really use a 4250m3 out take so roughly a 1000m3 per 1000w light as summer temps here can be into early 30s sometimes on days like that il also use aircon. Thanks Snydgrow
  8. Plants ready for next round. Madd Farmer Genetics - Bi Polar Jackie Seedjunky Genetics - L.A Wedding Pop Sherburst (sunset sherburt x orange diesel) Space Gentix - Critical Glue Cookies
  9. New toy i have to say HM digital ph and EC pens have always lasted compared to other brands so i thought id treat myself to a all in one unit
  10. There's so many now days hard to choose but i see barneys farm has lots of new varieties and i never had problems with them also royal queen seeds has lots to choose from
  11. Good to see you posting Kenoby This are from an English breeder called Mean Beanz but i didn't start these from seed there where cuttings i got from someone. He said she dont yield much so il have to see if il run her again depending on yield
  12. Hows things hempy hope all is well with you Il head over to your site just looked through earlier today so much information Haha its rare for a mapito grower to make the switch i try to eat local and organic as much as possible and that mindset is now creeping into my grow room only a matter of time
  13. Thanks Hamme Yes i have seen some disaster grows doing no till but also seen some of the healthiest plants to its hard to come away from hydro after 10+ years growing this way
  14. Day 42 jaffadawg Jaffacakedcookies Aliencookies Doesn't look like it will be one of my best yields but some nice flower for sure and the thrips really did a number on these this time cant wait to clear room out and start again. My brother grows with me he decided not to go no till and go back to coco drain to waste i will test the no till method on my veg room before changing flower room
  15. Yes the jaffacakedcookies looks like she going to be the biggest yielder il get close ups of all them tomorrow they'll be week 6 then
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