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  1. Does anyone know what is happening with the forum? also wietforum? it would be a shame for these sites to go down years and years off documented journals! if anyone is on the site still send me a PM. Snydgrow
  2. Hi hidro,

    I hope you are keeping well, i miss the old days on forums but opengrow seems to be going down witch is a shame some good content here. Anyway il check in from time to time as would be nice to know your keeping well.

    All the best.


  3. Hope you are well hempyfan!

  4. @RooftopStoner Yes i understand your thinking for me using it all the way through has been very successful normally gpw or slightly over i would yield some times i would stop using it round week 5 or 6 flower others i use all the way through. I've played around with salts and feeding like that but i think why change what works and works well :). your nutrient mix sounds similar to mine what brand of silica are you using the one i use needs to be added to water first then ph down to 7.0 then add nutes probably i have when have like 100ltrs left in my 700ltr tank and needs fill when add silica it makes like film type stuff in the water was looking for another brand because of this. Keep up the good work. Snydgrow
  5. @RooftopStonerbeautiful plants you should be proud hard work is paying off How much calgreen are you using if you wouldn't mind explaining your nutrient mix starting with your tap EC. ive always found calgreen to fix any calcium problems only calmag supplement id use after 10years nearly of using it i use it at 10ml per 100ltr of water sometimes 20ml for them hungry strains. Keep up the good work im currently putting a new room together have plenty of pics and will start a journal soon Snydgrow
  6. Looking really healthy they have really filled out to your going to have some big buds for sure Keep up the good work. Snydgrow
  7. @Sacred Plant Warrior Thats really high cbd content and still below only 1% thc its good to see plants like this on the market now. Taking this purchased in the states the sooner our law across the pond changes the better.
  8. @RooftopStoner Looking good brother i think another week they should fill out more then time for flower production What is your nutrient mix and ec/ph in & out. Snydgrow
  9. Froom the last picture of plants look like about a foot in hieght? All our praying towards the light and you have a good few sets of nodes on the plants i think they will be fine but yes good idea for next round getting high humidity for cuttings at the start works wonders
  10. @RooftopStoner Thank you for detailed reply you have a room to be proud everything is very neat and in its place I also use them pressure valves on my drippers thats good to know if i was to ever do a sog grow again it would be the way you do it. Hope this is a good one for you keep us all updated with pics cant get enough Snydgrow
  11. @RooftopStoner Good job adding the extra light im sure the girls will reward you for it Would love to see some pics of your pump setup if you get a chance please i also use pressure valves but mine are attached just before each dripper yours looks a little different tho you really have got me thinking of doing a sog grow again so pleasing on the eye seeing a canopy of buds your off to a great start clones all super healthy as you know thats the key to sog im with @ifish on that this will be an epic grow thanks for sharing Snydgrow
  12. @RooftopStoner Yes thats the only downfall about coco dtw use so much water your room makes me want to go back to sog growing i did that the first load of years of growing with great success i would use 400w lights with as much as 800w per sq meter with crazy plant numbers now family i grow trees and less numbers it works well but I hate the veg time. This looks like a gram per watt grow from the get go i think with the extra light 1800grams be easily achieved if all goes well and if your only at 60% why not What size pump do you use and how long are feeds do you feed until run off each feed?
  13. @RooftopStoner Your room looks super clean i like its all white How often will you water the plants on rockwool slabs? I would like to try this method out in future i used to grow in mapito (rockwool coco mix) flood and drain but now coco on drain to waste system. What are your min max temps? Normally in this space i use 2000w the 3rd light would definitely reward you yield wise especially since you growing sog il be watching this one for sure. snydgrow
  14. Does anyone know the laws of buying cbd clones in Switzerland if you are not a citizen of the country? In need of high cbd low thc seems best to just go there see what i can find. Any help appreciated. Snydgrow
  15. Some dry shots now time for the cure Alien Cookies aka (Predator) Jaffadawg Jaffacakedcookies This was all trimmed using this trimbag have to say im really impressed with it if the buds are dense with no stalk on them it will literally get almost every leaf off defo saves times and for £300 its well worth it Total yield was 99oz (2,772grams) the jaffadawg didn't weigh much at all very light buds but the aliencookies came in at nearly 6oz per plant i think this yield is ok for the damage these plants suffered from the thrips. Next grow journal coming soon keep eyes peeled 16 plants in coco dtw
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