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  1. Yeah i know go across the border to cambodia and buy a pound of weed for a few $ but im not going there this time unfortunately. im more curious how others do when going to these countries i cant be the only smoker that likes it there And yeah i know likelyhood of getting busted is slim and so on be carefull and all but quite often read about random tests in bars/discos etc. And this in countries where you really dont wanna be tested. If i was going to the us or canada or some normal place (well relativly normal:D) i wouldnt think twice about it.
  2. Hey , smth just came to mind while looking for a destination for my next vacation. What if i go to say malaysia or thailand or even worse united arab emirates where theyl put you in jail for nothing. I mean its enough to get in trouble just from having thc in the blood = / so how do you guys do it ? Only travel to countries with where you wont get into much trouble ? Feeling a bit stupid atm so il explain a bit more im not gonna smoke when im there. But the laws dont care if i smoked at home or even in a country where its legal. If a random test shows possitive for thc they will take you in. Unless ofc you can pay them of.
  3. Ok il try and run the lights during night and have my exhaust fan off when they are sleeping. Yeah that co2 is just a little test nothing fancy or expensive = ) bucket of water with sugar and yeast that produce alittle co2 boost (the ones closest to it seem to like it) My humidity will stay close to 40% with exhaustfan and humidifiers off and at 50% with fan on and 3x humidifiers damn dry winter air. Thx alot guys now i can relax untill next problem Oh btw love your thread dequelo whish i could live in a simmilar place. All the best // Solstick aka uberlurker
  4. Hello and merry xmas all. Have a couple question for you guys The weather over here has been really cold lately -15c at night and im about to switch to 12/12 which would give me temps around 14-16c when lights are off, maby even lower. Can i run the fan on the same switch as my lights or do the plants need co2 during night aswell ? Guess i need a heater if they do. Have a bunch of sannie seeds vegging right now half of them for 5 weeks (recovery haze ,mix kush , Anesthesia , Mad-S) and the rest for about 10 days (Ko kush F2 , Jackberry F2 , Mix kush) Is it a bit early flowering after 10 days in soil ? they germinated in pitpots for 5 days before soil and are now about 10cm (the later batch, older batch is alot bigger = ) They are under separate 600w hps 24/0 from start. No pics yet but i will try and get some during flower. All the best // Solstick
  5. Hi all , im new to opengrow but i am a lurker on alot of forums. Im to old to join in on the bigger louder forums but i feel right at home here where i can sit under some bud trees and smell the flowers Im a medicinal user or will be as soon as my first grow is done. Have a depression to fight and some other issues , herb helps me thru those dark days when i have a hard time leaving my bed. Unfortunatelly im in a country that would send me on a free vacation for 4-12 months for growing medicine so il wont be very open about where im from etc. All the best // Solstick
  6. Hi and thanks Drdee Le light are those energy efficient lightbulbs that come in 10 to 300w bulbs and are used by some for growing , oh just rememberd ive seen someone use them in a thread here , https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=54 i thought a few of the cheaper once might be enough to keep the mothers going but perhaps not. I will for sure try some sativa dominant but ive preferd indica dominant even for depression the few times ive had a chance to try some quality herb and if it can help me sleep better thats a nice bonus.
  7. Thx for the warm welcome = ) ok sounds good then il start the first grow on 12/12 as soon as possible just to get some bud to keep me going untill the next grow is done = ) il spot a couple nice mothers to take some seedlings from so i can vegg them properly the second grow. Can i have the mothers under some 20-30w Le lights ? Might have to go for 1x600w if that 355 m3/h fan is on the small side = / budget is limited but i want some quality gear still. But perhaps i could take advantage of this cold as country and use some icecold winter air to keep the room next door to the grow around 15-18c and have a passive intake from ther into the growroom. 1kg automatic ABC-powder extinguishers sounds great but im affraid the only automatic ones there are here in afghanistan cost way more then 22,50 , more like 222,50 = ) have a great evening // solstick
  8. Hi all been reading alot here and other places on how to grow my own , i prefer to read on this great forum since people here are really friendly and im to old for those young know it alls that theres way to many of in some other places = ) Im ready to order some of sannies seeds and some grow stuff, lights ventilation carbon filter etc. One thing i havent figured out is if i can shorten the time from seed to cured bud by starting 12/12 cycle in early grow ? I guess that would lower my yield but im in need of smth for my depression among other things. And yes ive tried a bunch of meds but the sideeffects on those that did work are just to bad. Unfortunately im in a country that still think reefer madness is a documentary so i have 2 options. 1 buy some usless soapbar hash or 2 grow my own. Im planning on 2x400w mh/hps with 355 m3/h exhaust fan kit (400m3/h carbon filter) and a passive intake (might add intake fan later on) im thinking hesi nutes in a low ph soil 11-20 L pots. My growarea is around 170x190x210 temps around 19c 40-45% humidity (getting an air humidifier) also im trying to find an automatic fire extinguisher that doesnt cost to much any suggestions ? 1x sleep Anesthesia 1x Daytime Jack Berry F2 1x Good yield , easy grow Big White Any suggestions comments or ideas are very welcome since this is my first attempt. // Solstick Tired and stuff so might ramble on and spell kinda bad = ) Edit: Did i post in the wrong section ? mods pls move the thread if i did.
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