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  1. This is one crazy looking mofo... I want it... Looking forward to the smoke report... a lot... Greets BB
  2. Smoking herb isn't addictive but growing and chucking pollen is.... Greets BB
  3. Your pop is a man of class cbh made me a sannie fanclub member! Top notch dank... Enjoy Greets BB
  4. Welcome and good luck on your upcoming project. Greets BB
  5. Welcome hope you'll enjoy your stay and I hope your father will have a full recovery. Greets BB
  6. Welcome and hope you'll enjoy your stay and the fruits of your labor. Greets BB
  7. How's that blues holding up against the cheese? I'd call it exodus blues.... Greets BB
  8. Looks smashing mate can't wait for an smoke report on those beauties Greets BB
  9. Had a look around the shop and what do I see? A new strain that makes my heart skip a beat. Silverfields so sannie any info on this new strain? It looks epic. Greets BB
  10. Hope it will all work out for you sannie and iam glad your back Greets BB
  11. I've been rooting for this grow. Big congrats for bringing her home in such a innovative way. Greets BB
  12. Welcome. I'll look forward to seeing your girls Greets BB
  13. I'd like some space chocolate too and I hate chocolate... How did the hs fair? Great stuff as per usual Greets BB
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