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  1. Hey guys thought I would update you on how everything went it was great the method seemed to work best with NBD as I can honestly say it smoked like legit and only got better as I cured and continued to burp it and sampled every couple of days but sincerely after chop NBD was hittin on the lungs and is a certified keeper for me it gives my lumbar the ease heating pads can't always achieve for my back but anyways Anesthesia and the 2 others needed the full 30 day cure even w/ this method so for now NBD will probably be the only one I will do this with or even suggest trying it with for now but as I continue to gain more exp who knows what I or others will find w/ this..
  2. Considering NBD was so large (over 3 ft) I hung the main cola and like 2 supporting lower branches by the main stem but what was lower than that I cut off as a branch and did hang individually, I let Ana hang by the main stem fully due to it being half the size of NBD but regardless they all ended up feeling the same texture for me..I actually still have the NBD main cola hanging because I need to go buy another jar and it's not feeling as good as it was yesterday. I am glad I did start this thread and learned that others do not wait until the stem snaps this is poor information I have seemed to pick up and am glad to have it clarified.
  3. I agree w/ Reverand that environments are hard to replicate and what has happened for me might not be the same for everyone else thats why I just wanted to share this experience. I never did anything different, I started in veg watering every single plant every 3 days I didn't use nutes until I went into flower and when I did they were 1/4 the strength. I flowered in 6 gal pots and when I state deny water I mean give it absolutely none after you have flushed. For nutes prior to flush I used Dyna-Gro Bloom mostly until they were ready for the Fox Farm Additives of Open Sesame, Beastie blooms, and ChaChing. I can attest Chaching works both NBD and Ana were covered in more than enough trichs, and are still sticky when I simply touch or break them up for smoke. It's not harsh at all, I taste the diesel in my NBD and I expect it to get better with a longer cure I never changed my every 3 days water schedule, at most they missed 2 waterings by me denying them water for a week. The leaves never started wilting, I did keep a few sample leaves after harvest to find out if it was true trichs still continued to change color after you harvest and the leaves I kept out did shrivel up and die after about 2 days but that is the only wilting I experienced, I did get the yellowing leaves and some were crunchy but that is about all, the leaves that were still green were not wilting in the least. I wouldn't recommend going past a week though with this considering others have stated they have had bad results letting it go w/o watering. This may have just worked because of me getting them trained to expect water every 3 days..the pots were usually light and of course dry by then anyways. I also in veg established a good root system using Hygrozyme the lambspread plant after only 2 weeks of being transplanted into the new 6 gal pot was becoming root bound and had to get double potted.
  4. Hello everyone, I have created a couple of posts over the last couple of days but I finally reached the end of my 1st successful harvest and I'm already eager to begin the next round. Before I do however, I would like to share some of my experimentation findings with others and hopefully get a few responses. Everyone states you should hang your plants up until the stems snap but I have found this really depends on how moist your soil was prior to harvest. If you did like me and flushed for 2 weeks, and on the last week (or couple of days) deny your plant water, you can jump-start the drying process. I ended up doing this because my last 2 strains out of 6 were not ripe yet and I had came across a thread about this on another forum and I decided to experiment. It makes sense if you think about it, your plant begins draining all of it's stored life out of the remaining fan leaves causing them to yellow, add in denying water and it will begin utilizing it's stored moisture as well. I found after denying 2 strains water for 7 days, on the day of harvest I squeezed a bud from each prior to cutting and it was of course hard and dense but once cut and hung for a few hours you could feel it and it become a *little* soft and you could feel a LITTLE moisture in the buds, after 4 days of hang drying with a CFM blowing not directly on the plants but beneath them pushing the air up into the atmosphere I came back to check them and the stems are still bendy but now brown, not the light dry brown that is usually seen when the "snap" is present but brown never the less. I have tore open the stem branch and the main stem (hung entire plant) and felt it and it's dry as a rock on the inside and I know when I chopped them I could rub the main stem and feel a little moisture in it the day I had chopped. As far as the buds they are crisp on the outside and dry on the inside I have since smoked some from each and both burn great and does not go out like wet bud does. It seems like if you deny your plant water for at least one week (I did it for 7 days) after all flushing is done and let them hang dry for 4 days w/ some type of ventilation, your buds will be not only smokeable and not harsh but also ready to be jarred for the cure. I don't have a hygrometer but I do have a thermometer so I can at least let you all be aware my drying temps in the closet was at 74 degrees during the day and fell between 70-72 at night. I used a 6inch CFM inline fan for ventilation. I live in the south so the humidity levels have been around 54%-65% outside lately. I also want to add that the other plants were harvested prior to the last 2, I had to give them some extra time because the trichs were not where I wanted them to be but the others that were harvested normally I did have one that I jarred from that batch that it's stems was not snapping either but was dry like the 2 mentioned here, it has been in the jar for 9 days and I burp them everyday for about 30 minutes I just want to throw in that the stem can begin snapping AFTER a few days of it being jarred because mine are now, I discovered them snapping about 3 days ago, and that is a kush plant, I removed the stems from the others though so the kush one is really the only one that has stems attached to some of the buds but never the less my findings have concluded that they don't have to snap prior to jarring as they can also gain the "snap" after a few days of being jarred, they just have to be picked at the right time. No green or chlorophyll taste in any of them, kush is getting where it needs to be on inhale it tastes like regular but when you exhale you get a light kush undertaste. I have some regular bagseed jarred too so i know what to expect from it from what is suppose to have come from "Lambspread" batch and that is what is mainly a mix of hay/spicy I mentioned. This I actually decided to let hang dry the longest since I knew it being regular I wouldn't risk much thc and it hung up until the 72nd day I gave it 9 days hanging it was the 1st to be chopped and the stems never snapped but was feeling too crispy inner and outer for even my taste, so I understand drying is an art but from what I can tell I have everything correct my house already feels like a morgue when I let the AC run on 70 all day the rooms are cold, I also tried different parts of this specific plant in the best parts of the house that met permissible drying conditions and all had the same end result. It of course feels somewhat better after being jarred but this plant was more airy and I of course had low expectations for it to begin with but feels nowhere as good as the others mentioned and has the less bag appeal, I checked up on it throughout the 9 days and despite it feeling worse to me I wanted to wait as long as I could take it for the snapping to come about. The 2 that this thread about never lost their smell at all. (the 2 are NBD and Ana) I also want to note those 2 strains that were denied water & were hungry hungry hippos, NBD was a little over 3 ft tall and even during it's regular feeding schedule of every 3 days it was always the lightest pot out of the others and was the biggest one. So all of this could also depend on how much it takes up what your giving it too...I used MG Moisture control with 1/4 of FFOF, both feed plants for up to 3 months and I vegged for 2 and everything was harvested by 72 days of flower.
  5. Here she is at day 71, I had to prop the side branches up because if I don't they hang like they are going to eventually snap off from the weight. Does this look like a Sativa or Indica dominant pheno? Pic 2 is what makes me believe it is a sativa. If it's Sativa does the 10 weeks from sex still equate to being a long time for it? I checked it today and have noticed in certain areas it is beginning to turn cloudy but it's not many, I can still stand over it and see it glisten from being clear, pic 3 kind of shows how it's still sparkly trichs.
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    nbd 1st go
  7. Hi I forgot to add the sample from day 5 was the most potent and actually made me cough and put me to sleep for a few hours but it was dry all the way through and was in the solid nug form. It doesn't have a hay smell it just has no smell at all, it lost it after the 1st day of going into the jar. Thank you very much for your kind input Dr. Don Bonez, I believe you are right I have the sativa pheno, I was thinking that but when I went to the shop here and looked up NBD's parents I see the NYCD is mostly indica dominant as well, I couldn't find the BBI in the shop just BBS. I will be sure to take a photo when the lights come on tomorrow so we can make sure this is a Sativa pheno, the large fan leaves are skinny and narrow like Sativa leaves but the fan leaves that are around the bud are thick like indica leaves so I'm confused, since it's a hybrid does this mean it will show both traits?
  8. Hello all, I have the NYCD green pheno of New blue Diesel finishing up. It is showing all the correct signs of swollen calyxes, yellowing leaves (top near main cola are crisp and yellow), it's gaining that golden aurora, hairs have receded, and it's heavily leaning more as it continues to pack on more weight. All is going good at 10 weeks except my 30x magnifying glass can only identify clear trichs everywhere no hint of 1 milky or 1 amber in sight, and I have spent lots of time examining it each day. Not sure why this is occurring, it has been flushed and the only thing I have done different is deny it water as I heard this helped speed up the hang drying time, It had went up to 6 days without water after growing accustom to being watered every 3 days. I have since given it a quick flush yesterday so it has technically been watered again on yesterday on day 69. Should I let it go to 11, possibly 12 weeks? Is this healthy for an indica that hasn't displayed any signs of amber so far? And for the record I am counting after 2 weeks of sexing, today makes week 10. If anything I guess the best thing that this extra time will bring is the extra weight and terpenoid production for sure. :-/ I took a sample on Week 9 from the lower area and hung dried it for 3 days and cured it for today makes 5 days and the I can say I have tasted the difference along the way day 5 of cure being the best so far as it actually was hitting and put me to sleep for a couple hours. I never tasted a green/chlorophyll taste either but during drying it retained it's smell but lost it when I began curing, is that normal? Thank you to everyone in advance.
  9. Ok so I checked the last two today, (I've harvested the other 2) and I have my 1 and only Ana and 1 NBD remaining Ana is fine there is appearing to be more amber on her by the day but it's this final NBD that I have that is worrying me because it is the largest I don't even need the 30x scope but using it further concludes what I'm seeing from a distance and it's sparkly trichs upclose they are still clear, no milky anywhere but the leaves are all dying off on it and turning yellow, hairs receded, and it's leaning as well. Since the flush, I have been denying it water I usually would water it every 3 days and find it to be the lightest pot out of all so far it's 6 days past it's normal watering. (read denying water helps prepare it for not as long of a hang drying time) I can say ChaChing did a good job because it's frosty like I dumped a bag of sugar all over it, I plan to give this one another week but is it normal for NBD to take 11 weeks? I'm not too familiar with Indica Dominant Hybrids, I do know it's usually expected to finish at 9 weeks but I have seen a post somewhere where someone didn't harvest it until like 86 days which would put me possibly harvesting this indica at 12 weeks and 2 days if no amber pops up..I currently do not feel much off of the other NBD I harvested with little amber, I dunno if this is due to me still to be continuing to cure it or what but it doesn't pack a punch yet and it has no fruity flavor but NO chlorophyll/green taste I can say that. I have also decided not to freeze all my crop as I did more research on the subject, I currently just have a small portion in there, hopefully I won't lose any flavor or anything the idea is to "leave it and forget it" throw it in the jar in the freezer and leave it for 20 days but I will take it out ever so often to burp it still.
  10. Cool I really appreciate all the feedback, I'm going to cut the main colas and leave the rest of the plant, I don't think it will hurt in the long run I'll get a little more weight on the underlings. I'm not sure what to expect with Anesthesia but since NBD is described more as fruity that would be even better because it's gonna be awhile before I get my blue choclates going. I definitely have the NYCD phenos though none of them have the blue/purplish color that is shown I have the all green ones..I'll get that blue one one day though! I plan on freeze curing to help speed up the process, a lot of people state that the smell is better , more intense & the flavors are much better & make for a much smoother smoke when used in a frost-free freezer for curing. Rosenthal did some studies on freeze curing if anyone is curious.
  11. Aw man well I guess that sample got me stoned because I fell asleep since posting (didnt want to move or do anything) and before I started this thread I had meant to give you guys more details on the physical appearance not just the trichs so it must be doing something! All the brown hairs have receded and the plants have that swollen look, the main cola on one is leaning harder than the tower of Pisa from having so much weight. I see the seed pods too that I am suppose to see at this stage, it looks ready most of it's main fan leaves have turned yellow and crispy. I just wanted to get some opinions on the trichs because the full brown trichs is tripping me out I'm not trying to miss it's 7 day window but I would think there would be more amber than half amber half cloudy and then full ambers here and there. Then I have read some threads where some trichs never turned amber at all and just stayed cloudy so I'm a little confused but I'm out completely and most people swear by 65 days on indicas
  12. I have tried a sample quick-dry but it doesn't taste like Diesel, I have left Ana alone completely didn't want to sample her as I have never had it before and wouldn't know what to expect so I want to give her the dry and cure before I sample anything from Ana, are samples suppose to be potent like the real medical strains? I'm not getting any coughs or anything and I seem to get the nasty effects associated with quick-drying which is harsh taste (almost tastes like regular brick weed) but if I can make it through smoking a whole blunt of it then yes I get a light body stone and somewhat a head buzz. I notice if I'll let it burn out (ashes are white btw) and respark it and take 2-3 hits I'll cough then but still no flava or anything but from what I've read that comes w/ the cure quick-drying doesn't get you much but an idea of what is to come.
  13. Hello everyone, I just received a 30x jewlers loupe (not illuminated) I ordered today and It was hard to see anything under the HPS lights so I moved to underneath a soft white light and boy oh boy, I'm glad I ordered the magnifying glass but here is the issue, from what I can see there are alot of cloudy trichomes, here and there a ambertip, and there seems to be at least one FULL amber trichome here and there as well. I'd say it's 50% cloudy, 45% amber tip, and 5% full brown amber. Theres about 1-2 per leaf that are full amber all the way through, the rest on the leaf there are about 5-6 amber tip scattered about on the leaf and rest are cloudy. There could be more 30x is not that good to see as close as the pictures I have seen on here and elsewhere, I have to move the plant certain ways to see if there is a color to it but for the most part it's the percentages I've described. I am aware I want to not have full brown amber trichs (from bottom to tip) as this means the thc levels are past their peak and now degrading. I am also at 65 days of flowering, the lights are currently on, was I suppose to go ahead and chop or do I do that after the lights cut off for today? I'm working with New Blue Diesel and Anesthesia if it helps.
  14. I'm not having too much luck right now, trying to gear up for round 2 and none of the BC's I've dropped have germed except 1 out of 5 and it died today. I guess I'll order 2 packs of it to up my chances but right now not looking too good..
  15. Same thing happened to one of my NBD's in veg, I did what you did and stopped the nutes and began giving it strictly water, it's when I gave it water when it stopped, I actually ended up no longer using nutes in veg, as I was using soil that fed them for up to 3 months and I vegged for two so even though I did it at 1/4 strength it still caused issues, I left nutes alone and just watered up until the 2nd week of flower (true flowering after 2 weeks sexing) and thats when I broke out the flowering nutes (dyna gro,hygrozyme, and later fox farms trio of open sesame,beastie blooms,and cha-ching) used all at 1/4 strength and have had no issues since and I'm just a couple days away from harvest. Keep it simple bro and things will turn out good for them, nutes are great but depending on your setup I'm assuming your using soil, if the plants are in need of nutes they will let you know main thing it needs is N right now and if it was deficient of N we'd be seeing a lot more yellowing of leaves those curl tips we are seeing in pic 1 and 2 are nute burn. We will need more info on what you using in your setup, I did however do one other thing in veg when I got this issue and that was using Epsom Salt and I mixed 1/2 of that into the water every other watering, it's most likely a magnesium issue for the brown spots.
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