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  1. It was mites. It still is mites. In a few days the webbing was everywhere. I started harvesting what I can, culling plants with more than 2 weeks to go. There are 2 plants yet to harvest in a few days. I culled all my clones and all but 2 small girls ( spider bite ) in veg. I disposed the top 2" of soil from all the pots. I need to treat the 2 girls I am trying to save with something. I need to clean everything. Shiva is the creator & the destroyer, it must be accepted. One day at a time.
  2. Thanks people ! I read some more and found that mites live @ lay eggs on the bottom side of leaves like I have . Thrips were said to live on top of the leaves I will get photos tomorrow.
  3. You are correct gardenartus , there are bugs and bug eggs on the bottom of the leaves! They look like the images of trips from the net. Should I just shut this room down? They are in my veg tent also.
  4. Is this white powder mold ? It has been showing up on my flowering plants for more than a month. I have reused my soil for ever, using amendments. Recently I have mixed in "black gold" soil, blood meal, Epsom salts.
  5. I had a Huck/Kush keeper that was great, but trimming her gooey leaves was a bitch. I have a Spider Bite cut going for three years now, second only to my Sugarpunch cut. She has a lot of good traits, structure, dense sticky buds top to bottom , yield, Easy trimming and cloning, citrus haze scent. I like her a lot, yea, I just smoked some. I would love to try more Dynasty stuff !
  6. I have some of Indy's (UK Blues x Heri) going now, two of them at week 7 of 12/12.
  7. Here is a Madberry clone at day 65 of 12/12 and harvest.
  8. Here are some Road Trip x Huck/Heri and Skunk x Huck/Heri at week 7 & 6 of flower. Thanks to Bigun for the seeds!
  9. barney

    Barney's Tent

    I am still running clones of Sugarpunch, Madberry and Spider Bite. Also now I have one Road Trip x Huck/Heri at 7 weeks of flower. I have four Skunk x Huck/Heri at 6 weeks of flower. SKHH1 is a short branch pheno, the other 3 are more bushy .
  10. Sinister stuff fur trapper ? It looks very nice !
  11. Day 62 and harvest for another Spider Bite clone. I love the structure of this plant !
  12. barney

    Barney's Tent

    I smoked up that RTHH 3, about half of it myself. It was smooth and taste like cream soda. It has a strong mellowing high without putting me to sleep. I have one clone from her in flower now, she took forever to root & veg. ( 4 months ) Further attempts to get clones did fail. Now I have 5 Skunk x Huck/Heri at one month old. ( SKHH also from Bigun ) Thanks buddy ! SKHH 1 went into 12/12 three days ago and is showing to be a girl. Sugarpunch, Madberry and Spider Bite are still dominating the tent. Here is a Spider Bite at day 62 and harvest...
  13. barney

    Barney's Tent

    Here is Bigun's RTHH at day 62 of 12/12, she might go another week.
  14. This RTHH (Roadtrip x ( Huck x Heri ) ) at day 62 of 12/12.
  15. barney

    Barney's Tent

    Thanks OldSchool The SB has been a Keeper for me for about two years now. Her branching strong, she is slow in rooting and veging, smells sweet, strong haze high. I do not know if this pheno is common, I guess there are a few.
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