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  1. Sannie and Knutsel ,you guy's did a great job on the madscientist x motherlode. I alway's grow the free seeds and can't say I have been disappointed, but these are real good old school stuff. The yield was good, and potency was great, thank's for this old school gem.
  2. 2gg, I just ordered SF again, you should be very happy with your choice. Keeper in my world. I have made several crosses with it. I think it is one of the best strains in the shop, good luck with it.
  3. Where did you buy these seeds,if you don't mind me asking.I am interested in buying some but don't a reputable place.
  4. Maybe a return of new blue diesel, that was good weed. Great taste, beautiful colors, good yeild,real good weed.
  5. dieseldog381 Those look great, looks like you will have a great summer, enjoy.
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