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  1. gregster

    Redman* new on opengrow

    Welcome Redman, good luck this spring outdoors.
  2. gregster

    Re-introducing myself!

    Welcome back AbuKeif.
  3. gregster

    Thoughts on mainlining in octopots?

    Are you guys using a recycling system or just octopots and solution in the bottom.
  4. gregster

    Christ's mass, A gift.

    Merry Chrstmas.
  5. gregster

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

  6. gregster

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Nice carper.
  7. gregster

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Never heard of either one of those, but they look great.
  8. gregster

    It’s been a while

    Welcome back Smilesformiles.
  9. gregster

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Thanks guys, and happy Holidays If I won it would be airborne jack x airborne jack gorilla glue x airborne jack G-39f3 pineapple x airborne jack, you folks throw a good party.
  10. gregster

    sugar punch

    Cinderella99, I have always run 1000watts in my 4x4 in fact I had a 600 watt ballast burn out on me last year in my 3x3 tent so I put my spare 1000 watt in there, it's overkill but it's what I had on hand,it has worked well but I wouldn't try it from June to september too much heat for sure.
  11. gregster

    A re-introduction

    Good to hear from you misterdirt, We knew you would come crawling back.Good luck on the new place.